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    Web hosting or WordPress hosting - which is best?

    Planning to shift your blog to WordPress or another private hosting service? Get expert advice on which would be the better choice.

    I am planning to move my blogger blog to a dedicated host. I am confused which hosting facility I should choose. I will register a domain name and move to hosting, probably with Hostgator (my personal choice) or Go Daddy. However, the type of hosting confuses me. There are two types of hosting:

    1. Web Hosting
    2. WordPress hosting

    Web hosting is cheaper and certain hosting companies are providing unlimited bandwidth and disk space but am worried about the speed of the server. Whereas WordPress hosting has good speeds but provides a limited number of visitors per month depending on the plan we chose. I can still move my blog to WordPress if I choose Web hosting (not WordPress hosting) but am worried about the difference it gives. The cost also changes between the two, depending on the plan. I want to start with a basic plan and am confused which one to select. Please guide.
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  • Web hosting plan depends on your project choosing web hosting plan is always confusing. Plan features are never constant and their terminology never matches. Price also varies with plan length and their discounts.
    Web press specific hosting plans was before latest trend. But now most of the companies offer word press hosting plans. These plans also sometimes are good priced for their extra service or sometimes they are simply dressed up with feature's.
    Now about word press, in word press your account is shared with a server and other's. Resource usage is more constant and its predictable, it can be more specific also. It is very difficult to say who does what? It only if we observe PHP memory or NGINX or PHP7 then will know that they have made special considerations for an word press configuration. Some companies have strong bias word press in standard web hosting plan. This type of web hosting is better for a word press install than hosting companies for word press. Some companies only do word press installs and they are even able to customize their server's to force speed considerations at the global server level.
    As per my view word press speed will be 90% specialized, that to hosting plan on a solid with standard hosting account.
    Its always better to construct a house at our own plan with solid base to entertain the guest, than purchase a built house which is already furnished. I hope your clear with your confusion.

  • If you want to host your blog first buy domain name of your choice. Before buying the domain name and hosting you have to be clear what is the purpose of your blog and whether it involves media uploads. If your blog is content-centric and there is no much need for audio and video upload then simple web hosting will work, provided you should have the knowledge on building your website.

    Wordpress is a content management built on PHP, for using the capabilities of WordPress you don't need WordPress hosting. You can buy hosting from any vendors who will provide Cpanel along with it. Inside Cpanel, you will have an option to install and configure WordPress. You don't need to worry much if you are not using Mysql and Complex javascript on your website, simple shared hosting will work. As you said everyone will provide unlimited bandwidth but make sure they have a good uptime. If you are ready to spend at least $5 per month, you can go for self-managed VPS hosting offered by DigitalOcean. They provide Linux console where we can install the software needed.

  • There are many companies offering web hosting and certain domains are available at a higher price due to their catchy or common names.

    If you are going for basic web pages there is no difference where you hire the space. Those who are interested in high-level user feedback and complex page designs with multiple boxes and inbuilt chains, they may look to the specifications claimed by the web hosting service and accordingly select the one suiting the purpose.

    Please remember the content and usefulness of the site along with its easy access due to SEO techniques matter much as far as the traffic to the site is considered rather than the host where it is mounted.

    I have seen simple web blogs doing excellent as per the criterion of unique information and utility to the surfers.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Before you choose any host, make sure to search for the bad hosts such as one owned by EIG hosting company. Avoid those brands this includes bluehost, hostgator etc. Those brands are overselling the accounts. And it affects the performance of the hosting company.

    That being said, make sure to choose hosting on the basis of the uptime and the performance of the wordpress based services offers. For example make sure your host offers free SSL and also better price for the bandwidth.

    In that context, I have found following hosts good enough with performance.

    1. Hawkhost.com
    2. Siteground.com
    3. host9.com
    4. liquidweb.com
    5. digitalocean.com

    Hope this helps you find some of the reputable hosting companies.

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