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    Career scope of Travel Tourism Degree

    Planning to pursue a degree in Travel & Tourism? Know from the Ask Expert answers below the possible jobs which you can take up on completing a degree program in travel and tourism.

    I would like to know about the scope of Travel & Tourism degrees. Which are the job opportunities after having a degree in travel and tourism?
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  • India tourism is at a rapid growth in present years and will further increase in coming future. The percentage increase in travel and tourism has increased tremendously when compared to previous year. With increasing annual increasing every year in the tourism sector, it is a good career choice. Though this industry seems to be colorful, you need to be familiar with geographical, economical and latest news/updates. You should also have good interpersonal skills. The scope for jobs in the tourism sector is huge as well. If you have proper skill and confidence, there is no looking back.

    You can choose any course starting from diploma to masters in the tourism sector with which you can establish your future career. You should pass 12th standard for an undergraduate course and you can pursue masters once you finish the graduation with respect to the same. Depending on the degree you have you can get a job in various fields related to travel and tourism. Some of them are:

    Airlines - Ground staff or flight staff
    Tour guide
    Travel agents
    Travel Department such as Ministry of Tourism
    Food and Accommodation services in Hotels.

    These are some of the many lucrative careers in this industry. You can select any based on your interest. Some of the best colleges which offer graduate and postgraduate courses in this field are:

    Aligarh Muslim University
    Banaras Hindu University
    Dibrugarh University, Centre for Management Studies (CMS) - Dibrugarh, Assam
    Himachal Pradesh University- Shimla
    Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management- Delhi, Gwalior, Bhubaneswar, Nellore
    Institute of Management Studies (IMS) - Ghaziabad
    Institute of Management Sciences (University of Lucknow) - Lucknow
    Kerala Institute of Tourism and Travel Studies- Trivandrum
    National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management- Hyderabad
    Punjab University
    Regional College of Management (RCM)- Bhubaneswar, Orissa

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • The tourism in India is getting a big push and a lot of development has taken place and there is further scope for further increase. As such selecting a career in that line is a very good proposition and it will be the right choice also. But before deciding on going for it you think about your skills in maintaining good relations with people, good conversation and presentation skills and finally the interest in knowing the geographical and other related latest news on developments and changes.
    There are many courses starting from Diploma, postgraduate diploma, Graduation and post graduation in this line. These courses you can take up once you finish your +2 or Intermediate.
    There are many Institutions and Universities offering various courses in this line. You can select the Institute or University or college based on your place of residence and you can apply for a seat.
    Once you complete the graduation there are many jobs which you can apply. The jobs will be in air travel field, tourist places, tourism department and other related fields.

    always confident

  • The travel and the tourism are now going at a good pace in India. The government has developed various plans and initiative are taken keeping tourism sector in mind. Nowadays government started giving more importance to the tourism sector. Being Indian, it is a good sign. With the increase in the size of the tourism sector, the industry is also going to need a various tour and travel professionals, which will result in an increase in employment. The field of tourism deals with taking care of tourists, hospitality management, travel management, tour management etc. It offers diverse job opportunities. Not only in India, travel and tourism professionals may also perform the above-mentioned tasks abroad, where they may take Indian nationals on tours!
    In India, travel courses are available in these formats:
    Bachelor's Degree courses
    Diploma courses
    Certificate courses
    PG Degree courses
    PG Diploma courses
    PG Certificate courses
    You can do B.A., B.B.A, B.S.C in hospitality management, tour and travels, air travel management and also Bachelor of Tourism Studies and Bachelor of Tourism Administration at UGC level. You can also pursue postgraduate courses in M.s.c, M.b.a etc. Various diploma courses are available. Travel professionals may have bright future. Salary depends on various factors. Average starting salary is between 10-15k rupees per month.

  • Travel and tourism sector has gone well in our country and it is growing with a good pace. Not only the foreign tourists but the domestic ones are also increasing and searching for new sightseeing and fun locations. So the industry is growing and there are job opportunities also coming up with this development.

    There are many diploma/degree courses conducted by universities and other institutions which can be undertaken by those who are interested in making a career in this line. A graduation in travel and tourism will be the bare minimum qualification for entering in this career path.

    Airlines, hotels, travel companies, tour agencies etc are some of the organisations where jobs will be available time to time.

    Please remember jobs related to this segment are mostly outdoor and require a lot of interactions with the clients and involve a good degree of coordination and communication. So one should also examine ones aptitude and interest also before going in this line.

    You can get a suitable degree or diploma but after that what counts in this line is the capability of the individual for managing group movements and satisfying the customers within the available resources.

    Knowledge is power.

  • In your query you have not mentioned about your graduation. If its your interest and want to shape your future in this line then its a good choice but to enter any field in the recent generation scope is there , it only requires your dedication, hard work and seeking information from other sources who are experienced based on that particular topic. to be successful in that field you need to have few skills
    1) Ample of knowledge regarding that particular topic.
    2) Eager to learn new things everyday.
    3) You should update yourself in latest news, socio, economic trends and a strong geography.
    Courses that are offered in travel and tourism.

    UG courses travel and tourism management
    Bachelor in Tourism Studies
    PG courses travel and tourism management
    Master of Tourism Administration
    Master in Travel Administration
    M.A. in Tourism Management
    Diploma courses travel and tourism management
    PG Diploma in Travel and Tourism
    Diploma in Tourism and Hotel Management
    Diploma in Airline, Travel and Tourism
    The scope's for this degree is in wide range. Once you complete the required degree in travel and tourism then
    1) You can a part of tourism sector in public or private.
    2) you can apply for job's in tourism department if there is a call for vacancy.
    3) You can even opt in airlines department as air hostess etc.
    4) You can even be a part in hotel industry based on tourism department.

    Universities that offer Travel tourism courses all over india
    Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management- Delhi, Gwalior, Bhubaneswar, Nellore
    Himachal Pradesh University- Shimla
    Banaras Hindu University
    Aligharh Muslim University
    Punjab University
    Kerala Institute of Tourism and Travel Studies- Trivandrum
    National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management- Hyederabad
    Dibrugarh University, Centre of Mgmt Studies (CMS) - Dibrugarh, Assam
    Institute of Mgmt Sciences (University of Lucknow) - Lucknow
    Institute of Management Studies (IMS) - Ghaziabad
    Regional College of Management (RCM)- Bhubaneswar, Orissa
    These course can be taken up as regular. Suppose if your willing to go for distance education there are other universities which offer distance education for travel and tourism like IGOUU. Madhurai Kamaraj University, Annamalai University which are well known for distance education.

  • A.Scope
    Toursim is a everygreen field which always has a demand for people, we need to know whether you
    are enquiring about tourism in India or tourism globally. Either way the scope in this sector is very good depending on one's skill set.

    B.Job opportunities, the range and job titles are vast and varied.

    1. As a Stand alone
    Travel guide
    Travel planner
    Exterme travel co-ordinator
    Wildlife tour operator
    Unique trekking tour co-ordinator
    Hidden Nature tour operator
    Big Game Hunting or Game Fishing tour co-ordinator
    Birding Tour operator
    Deep sea Diving tour co-ordinator
    Religious trip co-ordinator
    Honeymoney National and International tour advisor

    2.As part of a firm or international travel house
    Travel Consultant
    Tour advisors
    Manager or financial advisor

    3.As an entrepreneur with your own firm
    Here you can cater to multiple strata of the public
    Local tour organizer
    National tourism package
    International short and long holiday packages

    C. Your Aptitude
    You need to be skilled in communication, handle money exchange, flight,cruise,road travel (car,luxury bus) bookings, trouble shooting, hotel bookings.
    The most important aspect in this industry is to be good in networking, have an set of excellent contacts in departments of corporate firms, visa offices, flight operators, cab/bus operators, hotel and accommodation people at the site. You need to have an outgoing personality and be approachable. You need to be able to offer good back-up support for the clients and this build your reputation.
    based on the above you can choose unique methods or clients ( Women's only, Elderly travellers, Cultural or Eco tourism etc) offer door to door package right from the time the client starts the holiday to coming back home, people are ready to pay for such packages where everything is taken care of.

    D. Degrees
    There are many certificates and PG courses available. Choose one that has a good reputation and gives you a chance to work in well known firms. Do you basic bachleor's degree is India and once you have a better grasp of the subject and the practical opportunities, you can explore the options of a unique course abroad that will give you a good qualification and also international exposure ( these would be expensive).

    For the basic course, you can think about Diploma in travel service management from a center like Thomas Cook which will have all the branches related to a tour industry under one roof. If you are a limited budget and want to stay local then choose Diploma in Tourism Studies, one year program at IGNOU and then start off.

    If you have the funds and are thinking globally, then for overseas Master's degree choose a place that is globally known for its hospitality and tourism (Please do proper research before enrolling for international schools)
    1.Masters of Management in Sustainable tourism, Switzerland,Sustainability Management School - 28 Rue Mauverney Gland, CH-1196 CH
    2. Masters in Tourism studies, Sweden

  • Tourism and Travel has a higher career opportunities. You can do certificate course and diploma of travel and tourism. Travels & Tourism industry gradually extended. Following colleges offering tourism & travel course :
    1. National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Hyderabad
    2. Indian Institute of Travel and Tourism Management, Delhi, Bhubaneswar, Gwalior.
    3. ICFAI University, Kolkata.
    3. Lovely Professional University .
    4. Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla.

    You can read reviews online of above colleges. Course fees of Bachelor of Travels and Tourism is around 30000 in govt. colleges and duration of that UG course is 4 years. After completion of the course, you can do job as tourism agent, tourism information center manager, holiday representative. Flight attendant, Airline check in clerk. Tour guide, resort representative,... etc.

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