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    How to stop increasing my eye power?

    Suffering from a headache and worried of increase in your eye power readings? Check this page to know few tips that can minimise the chances of increasing the power of your decreasing sight.

    I am 18 years old and my eye power is -6.00 . I am also suffering from frequent headache for 4 days in a row. I am not able to open my eyes properly because of the headache. And I think it has increased again. What should I do to stop my eye power from increasing? Also, can I go for the lazer surgery? I am also having frequent headaches.
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  • I guess you are developing Glaucoma associated with an Ocular Migraine. Though this develops at elder ages, there is no exception and it can even develop in youngsters and newborns. You must consult your nearest ophthalmologist and take his/her opinion. Go for Computerized Visual Field Test to know the exact cause and present situation. Since you are 18 and your condition is progressively deteriorating, you need immediate medical assistance.

    Another condition according to your symptoms is Astigmatism. Astigmatism is associated with blurred vision, frequent headaches, and sensitivity to light. Generally, people with Astigmatism are born with it and it is little difficult to diagnose.

    There are also certain genetically inherited diseases which show such symptoms at early ages. Some of them are:
    Corneal Dystrophy
    Sticklers Syndrome
    Lattice Corneal Dystrophy
    Retinal Dysplasia

    Check if anyone of your family members is having severe eye diseases other than age-related eye defects. The cause must be treated first. You might undergo several tests and regular checkups to diagnose the exact cause.

    Coming to laser surgery, the surgery is called Laser-Assisted in situ Keratomileusis (LASIK - Pronounced as Lay-sik) can be done with an exception that the damage is not to the inner eye lens. There is no minimum age limit for this surgery but many surgeons prefer the minimum age limit to be 18. Consult with the doctor and seek advice for the same. I would suggest you seek help to determine the cause of the progressive deterioration of your condition and get an appropriate diagnosis. Then you can plan for the treatment accordingly.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • You are 18 years with eye power or glasses of minus 6 with headaches. Most of us assume head ache to be related to eyes, It can be related to eyesight imbalance but also can be due to diseases of the sinuses (chronic frontal sinusitis) or the nervous system (migraine, increased intra-cranial pressure).

    On a priority basis, please seek the advise of a good ophthalmologist rather than an optometrists who can assess you first and then guide you further.They wold subject you for a detailed eye assessment, intra-ocular pressure, keratomety etc.

    If you are medications for migraine belonging to the triptan group, then ophthalmic surgeons would advise you to stop before surgery.

  • I will suggest you consult an ophthalmologist and take his advice. This can be possible due to hereditary also. Your power is increasing, it is generally common up to the age of 19. After the age of 19, your power will not increase at such a high rate. But do you have any eye problem? Do you feel the black spots in front of your eye? Do you have blurred vision? Pain in the eye? If these problems persist, please contact an ophthalmologist as soon as possible.

    Honesty is the best policy.

  • Eye pain with headache is most probably because of dryness of the eye, but it can be a cause by irritation of the eye, glaucoma, infection and foreign body in the eye. Any space infection in the eye like the vitreous hemorrhage or any other tumor in the eye. All these cause cause headache and eye pain because all these nerves are interrelated. It is pulling on the head and this pull will cause headache. If the eye is sticking together when you wake up in the morning then most probably it is the bacterial infection so you have to wash the eye. Do little hot or cold fermentation. It depending upon what suits you. First is go to an eye doctor, they'll tell you a lot more. They can recommend you eye drops and some exercises. Use milk, it contains high amounts of fat. It helps in reducing puffiness, strain, irritation in the eyes. Soak cotton in milk. Use cold milk. Lie down, close the eyes and do massage around the eyes with cotton soaked in milk. Do this remedy 1 time in a day. When headache starts immediately drinks warm water. It helps in reducing headache. Do not over use mobile phones and computer. Put brightness of your cell phone less. Blink your eyes for a minute. It helps in reducing eye strain. When you are using computer or mobile phones you should blink your eyes.

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