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    Will incorrect father's name in certificate create a problem for a Govt. job?

    Worried about your father's name being different in two different academic certificates? Get quick advice on how to make the requisite correction so that it does not create any possible future issue when applying for a government job.

    In my 10th DMC, my father's name is Subash Chand and in the ITI Diploma certificate, the name is Subhash Chand. So there is the difference only of one letter, that is, 'h'. I would like to know if in the future if this will create any problem when I apply for a Government job. Please guide me what I should do.
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  • You did not mention that which is the correct spelling, but based on your information here are few suggestions.

    Regarding your certificate spelling mistake, you may have two options.

    1] Correct The Original Certificate from University:
    You may contact to your university to update the certificate with proper spelling by providing your identity card - in which the correct spelling is used, such as, PAN, AADHAR etc and request the university chancellor to correct the spelling for your future requirements.

    2] Affidavit:
    If you find difficulties in Step#1 mentioned above, then you may need to do affidavit on a required amount stamp paper (in most cases require stamp paper Rs 100/- for affidavit, but confirm with your stamp vendor) mentioning that the person "Your (Misspelled Name) & "Your Actual Name" with proper spelling is SAME.

    You may also have other option to change your name as per your certificate if you want to, but make sure what is your requirement and what purpose you are using the certificates.

    The spelling mistake may have occurred due to typo mistake OR the existing name is carry forward IN ENGLISH from your School admission which had used by school registrar.

    You may also provide the necessary proof of the father name such as domicile.

    So, you may do the needful which is necessary for you.

    Good Luck!

    - Mahesh

  • Only spelling mistake. You can get it done by following up with your ITI institute. You can go to that institute and apply for correction of the father's name spelling. Your institute can get it done easily. As it is only a typographical mistake. If the name in your ITI certificate is correct and wrong in SSC certificate, you may have to go to the school where you have completed your SSC. If you have filled your father's name correctly and your board has done the mistake they will correct it with your application for correction through school. If you have filled wrongly also you can request them for correction with your request. But sometimes they may ask you for an affidavit. In such case, you have to contact a good legal practitioner in your area and get the legal document made as per the process and then you can submit the same copy to the board so that they will correct it. But only one letter difference they may not insist for the affidavit.

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  • As per details given by you it is apparent that one of the document is having the incorrect name of your father and the other one is Ok.

    Now any error in name is usually becomes a matter of interrogation at the time of document verification in future whenever you appear for an interview.

    So whichever document is having the incorrect name of your father, you apply to the concerned board/ university office for rectification and issue of corrected certificate or mark sheet whatever be the case.

    Please note that you will have to provide some reference document where your fathers correct name is mentioned. It can be his Aadhar card or Pan card etc.

    There is another approach to this problem. You get an legal affidavit made by a lawyer and certified by a first class magistrate regarding the error in the concerned document and legally giving undertaking that both the names belong to same person.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • 1. Please note that the name of your father as indicated in his AADHAR Card and PAN Card will be taken as his correct name.
    2. Now, check your documents and see in which documents there are discrepancies in respect your father's name.
    3. If you don't rectify the mistakes, you may have problem at the time of employment as well as in other cases like purchase of property, acquiring a passport, etc.
    4. You have to apply to the document-issuing authorities (separately to all of them) to issue revised documents indicating the correct name of your father.
    5. If the said authorities decline to issue the revised certificate, you have to sign an affidavit before a First Class Magistrate of your city indicating the correct name of your father and that some of your documents contain the incorrect name of your father.
    6. You have to issue similarly-worded classified advertisement in one English newspaper and in one Vernacular newspaper.
    7. You have to preserve the original affidavit and original advertisements permanently.

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  • It would have been better if you have mentioned which is the correctly spelled name of your father, in your DMC or ITI certificate. Irrespective of that, you need not worry and you can proceed to apply for government jobs. But before that, get an affidavit from an authorized notary stating the original name of the father. Notary will ask you required proofs for the same. Once you get the notary, you can apply to your respective board i.e, DMC or ITI for the correction in your certificates as well.

    They will charge you some nominal fees which you need to pay through demand draft (DD). The certificates correction may take 15 days to one month and the corrected certificate will be sent to you by postal mail.So provide exact residence address proof or enter correct details in the application form. Some boards provide a tatkal method of delivery where you will get the certificate in less than 10 days. Check if this service is available or not and the fees will be higher than the regular method.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • Its better to change your father's name in all your certificate's as per his records. Commonly there will be a cross check of name's. Follow these procedure to change yr father's name.
    1) Go the state government where your certificate is issued or to the school and and take the details from them.
    2) Fill a form for changing name. Other wise write a letter to the board regarding your query and requesting them to change our father's name according to his legal record. Attach his legal xerox documents attested by the gazetted officer.
    3) Need to pay nominal fees for this procedure to the board.
    4) Submit your previous certificate to the board to issue the new certificate with correct changes.

    Suppose if you have already applied for the government job and attending the interview in few days then get an affidavit from an authorized Notary, they will give you an oath letter which will be including the corrections that is required in your certificate. You should give some government ID proof to the officials so that to make them sure about your father's name. Then there will be some legal verification process for approval, which will be done quickly. Thereafter you can use this approval proof for your government job as temporary till your new correct certificate is issued or till you apply and issue a new one.

  • Not only for government jobs but also practically everywhere the name of a person is identified with his father's name. So, the correctness in father's name is vital. Since in any organization,schools,government offices there may be chances of same name and initials,it is becoming necessary to differentiate the father's name is important. It is highly advised to get the certificate corrected. For this you have approach the necessary management in person with the documents with correct name of your father.

  • You have an error related to your father's name in the 10th Detailed Marks Card and the ITI Diploma.

    Any Government job application or verification need proper documents as most of them are online. If there is an error in father's name or a mismatchm it would be a potential issue.
    Please use this opporunity to verify your other documents like PAN care, Aadhaar, Caste certificate(if any), Voter's card and Driving License. All these would also be important for a Government Job and if you find any errors you can change them too.

    Please verify your father's correct spelling and check his Aadhaar or PAN card. Then use them along with an affidavit from a Notary stating your father' correct name and initials. Once you have this done, the publish in the local language paper and any English daily, you can contact the paper offices locally, they would be aware of the charges and the process for this.

    Then, contact the certificate issuing authority ( DMC or ITI) for the name correction. Usually there would be a prescribed form similar to this one (http://www.punjabteched.net/ITI/Forms/Name.PDF) and fees to be paid.
    Some boards would need the application to be routed through the head of the institution where you have completed your ITI diploma course.

  • In all the circumstances, the name of your father has to be rectified from an authentic office. You did not specify which name of your father is the correct the former or the later. Whatever the case may be, the same is the be corrected from the office from where the mistake has been originated. You have to write an application and the same is to be forwarded by the head of the institutin from where you studied indicating the correct name of your father. Make a demand draft of requisite amount required for this purpose. In an envelop containing the self attested photo- copy of your father, the demand - draft and the application is to be sent to the office with a proper address. You would get a fresh certificate containing the correct name of your father within a short time.

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