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    How to post on different pages of blogger

    Want to purchase a domain and blog? Searching for the cheapest vendor to buy the domain? Go through this page and know the cheapest sites for a domain.

    I have created a blog of my school, Mohammediya, Rampura on Blogger. The link for my blogger is
    Whenever I want to post, it always posts on home page. Is there any option to post on different pages of my blog? If I want to purchase a domain, from whom would you suggest to purchase it cheaply?
    My friend has purchased a domain from Google at 860 INR per year and have attached this domain to blogger. Should I purchase the domain from Google or from any other vendor and how can I link this domain to my blogger?
    Please guide me as I do not have more knowledge of web hosting and blogging.
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  • Unfortunately, blogger blog does not support posting articles to different pages. The new posts you are posting will be displayed on the homepage which is a static page. In order to make your posts appear on different tabs (looks like pages but not pages) you need to do the following steps:

    1. Publish a new post.
    2. Add keywords/labels to the new post
    3. Go to layout in your blogger
    4. Add Labels gadget above your blog posts body and save it.
    5. If you have too many labels, you cn edit which labels to show. You can select the labels that are too frequent or label that has highest number of posts.

    In this way, your blogger shows labels on your home page and when users click on a particular label, they will be redirected to posts that contain the same label.

    Domain purchasing itself doesn't make your blogger into a website. You need to buy hosting as well. Hosting is a platform which hosts your new domain (ex: and it requires some technical skill to redirect users from blogger to your new domain. If you simply buy a domain without hosting, your site will show error. And there are basically two different types of hosting:
    1. Web Hosting
    2. Wordpress Hosting

    With webhosting you can migrate your blogger to any platform such as WorPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. After hosting this migration you need edit permalinks in your blogger and make your users redirect to your site.

    While WordPress hosting exclusively supports wordpress and has good server speeds than webhosting. You need to migrate your blog to wordpress and do the same steps as above.

    WordPress is most popular blogging platform and you easily migrate blogger with one clicks. Many hosting companies have separate hosting plans for WordPress. You can select according to your budget. the payment will be monthly, quarterly, yearly or for 3-6 years. Depending on the duration each company will provide certain amount of discounts as well. Higher the duration, higher is the discount. Basic plan may cost from 4,000 INR to 15,000 INR depending on the hosting site you choose. Some popular hosting sites are:

    1. Hostgator
    2. GoDaddy
    3. BlueHost
    4. BigRock

    Each company provides different bandwidth, space, RAM, processor, monthly visits based on the plan you chose. Since you made your blog for school, I would recommend you to go for GoDaddy Wordpress basic hosting plan. This plan is quite economical when compared to others.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • The posts you are posting on a blogger will have links on the Home Page and if you click on that it will take you to the concerned topic.
    There are many companies offering domain names. A few are given below.
    1.Blue Host.
    4.Host Gater
    5. 1 and 1 and of course Google is already there.
    In addition to the domain name, you have to purchase Webhost also. But there is no rule that both are to be from the same company. You can take domain name from one company and web host from other company,
    I advise you to keep the following points also in mind before registering your domain name.
    1. Select an established Registrar.
    2.Use domain name generator tool which will give you various domain name ideas.
    3. It is always better to purchase for 2 to 3 years.
    4. Don't go for auctioned names.
    5. Read all the rules and regulations correctly. They advertise as cheap but when you add up all the payables it will become high. So read all the conditions carefully and then decide.

    always confident

  • For writing under different pages you have to create new pages using label. First create new post and write title. There is an option of label at the right side. click on that and write the name of the label which may similar of page title. Click on done and publish it, View the blog and click on your label & copy the URL. Go to pages menu and select new page, under new page select web address write the title and paste the URL. Page title may same as your label. You can also create new pages by go to layout option then under cross column click on add a gadget then new window is opened, scroll down and there is an option of add a new pages then click on new external link. Save and click on view blog. Now page is created and you can write multiple posts on different pages just by changing the pages from one to other. you can add your youtube channel on label and post videos on youtube page in your blogspot. To add more pages go to layout and pages then click on edit option copy the URL and paste it there and save it. Thats it!

  • On the home page of the blog different labels can be created and can be arranged through layout utility. So that certain posts which you feel important can be shown in precedence.

    Whether it is a blog or a separate domain in the net the ultimate success of the site is through the traffic it generates. If certain important information are there, definitely traffic will be created in short time.

    Domains are now easily available from many sites ( like Google, Go Daddy, Sedo, Namecheap, Domain etc) on yearly rental basis and if you want a name of your choice then sometimes, it may not be available and you will have to suggest an alternative name for the same. Please note that domains ending with suffix other than .com are sometimes cheaper ( for example ending with .in). So this also can be kept in mind when going to purchase one.

    In my opinion, once the blog is fully developed and comments of visitors are obtained then only one can think of going for a dedicated domain.

    Knowledge is power.

  • If you use free blogger blog, you can create a label for each post in order to create a separate page of similar posts.
    Coming to your domain questions. You can buy any domain according to the need and features the domain provider gives you. I personally use Bigrock domain since 2012 and they are charging me Rs. 699 per year. Once you take the decision to buy a domain, choose the domain name and pay the fees for it. You can even buy a domain from GoDaddy, Host Gator or Blue Host.

    You will be provided step by step information from the domain provider. You have to call or write them. I am using free blogger as hosting space. I have not bought any hosting space. You will get plenty of information from YouTube search related to this matter.

    Dr. Paresh B. Gujarati.
    Mechanical Engineer.
    'I'mprovement always begins with 'I'.

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