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    How to change my subject from PCMB to PCMS in 2nd PUC in CBSE Boards

    Find CBSE boards studies difficult to cope with? Wondering what is the procedure to change the subject? Find suggestions from experts here regarding how to change the subjects.

    I am studying in PUC 1st year in PCMB combination but I am finding it very difficult to study biology. My main aim is to become engineer and this difficulty is also affecting my studies. So can I change my subject from biology to statistics in 2nd PUC. Will I be allowed to do so? What should I do to change my combination?
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  • It entirely depends upon your school or college. Normally subject combination can be changed till the names of the candidates along with their respective subject-combinations are sent to the concerned Board for preliminary registration. However, most of the schools and colleges (in some states) discourage the change of combination in the 2nd year/XII thinking that the students won't cope up with the workload. If your school/college allows you to change the subject, then you have study two years syllabus of Statistics in one year.

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  • You have not mentioned the board. It would have been easier if you have mentioned the board to give you a detailed answer. Anyhow, if you haven't finished the academic year of 1st PUC or if you haven't applied for hall ticket for the same, then you can approach your institution's head and ask them to direct you accordingly. Generally, the head will take the decision and it depends on him/her. I am guessing that you are still long away from the academic exams and you have good chances to change from PCMB to your subject of choice. But if you pass 1st PUC with PCMB as your subjects then there is no chance to change to other subjects in 2nd PUC.

    Always select the subject which interests you and what you want to pursue in future. Even subjects which are interesting to you may be difficult. So you cannot hop again and again if you find difficulty in subjects. Chose wisely. Talk to your parents and with institution management and take help of every person you can. You will surely get some ideas and insights about how to read, study and perform well in difficult subjects.

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  • Supposing that you are not comfortable with Biology, you may talk straightaway to the Principal and apprise him of your intention to change this combination with Statistics. However, it would be better to write an application indicating your desire.
    Your intention will be forwarded to the Board so that you may write your paper Statistics along with PCM but you should not make any delay in this regard so that your desire could be entertained.
    You have to ensure smooth preparation in the newly chosen subject within the limited time period. This would require sufficient time - allocation for your studies in the chosen paper.

  • The changing of a combination of subjects can be done basing on the availability of seats in that combination and the school administration's acceptance. The schools will be sending the list of candidates with their subject combinations to the board. This they will do in the first year of your study. If they have already sent changing may be a little difficult. But still, it is not sent the school can allow your change. So I advise you to contact Head Master of your school immediately and tell him that you are not able to concentrate on Biology and you want to change to statistics. he will do the needful. If you delay this the chances of changing will reduce. So better contact him at the earliest.
    The problem what you may get is the following the new subject in the school. To overcome that you have to do some extra homework and understand the portion already covered in the class.A little additional concentration is required.

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  • These types of changes are allowed by the school only during the first year well before the examinations. Once the registration with the board office is done then it is beyond the school authorities and board will also not change the options.

    So best course is to approach the principal and tell him your difficulties in pursuing the Biology subject. He may suggest some last minute procedure to get your concern settled.

    It is always better to choose the subjects of your choice rather than selecting them arbitrarily.

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  • The title says the query is related to CBSE, hence I take CBSE first.

    The CBSE registration for the XII board exams starts off in the XI standard itself. This is carried out around October of the XI year. If the subject change is done before the registration process is completed, the school authorities themselves can do it. You need to approach the principal for this.

    If the registration has been sent, then you need to contact the CBSE board with a detailed letter requesting the change. Subject change is easy rather than change of stream (difficult and not advisable at the CBSE).
    If the CBSE rejects this request, then some students choose the option to switch over to the state board for the 12th.

    Once you pass Class XI, then change is not allwoed
    In individual/rare cases, the CBSE chairman has powers to authorize a student to take a new subject provided it is done before 30th of August.
    So, I suggest that you and parents have a discussion with the principal first and then plan it.

    For the state board, please contact the principal first who can guide you and this is possible if planned before August (when the student is in XI)

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    If you haven't finished the academic year of 1st PUC or if you haven't applied for hall ticket for the same, then, you can approach your institution's head and ask them to direct you accordingly. The head will take the decision and it depends on him/her. Be wise when it comes to choosing subject.
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