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    How to manage a course assignment in MS office?

    Want to manage an assignment in MS Office? Searching for tips for this assignment? Here, on this page, get tips for learning how to use MS Office.

    I'm doing BBA from London and this question about my first assignment. I've never used MS office till now and I have a difficult task to do. So I need help for my task. Can anybody help me to manage my assignment in MS office? Our Professor has asked to use MS office for the assignment help. Can anybody share some tutorial or tips?
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  • Your query is very vague. Can you please give further details about the assignment and on which application of MS Office do you want to save your assignment. MS Office is not a single stand-alone program of windows and it contains multiple applications which have different functions. The various components of MS Office are:

    Microsoft Word
    Microsoft Excel
    Microsoft Powerpoint
    Microsoft OneNote
    Microsoft Visio
    Microsoft Access
    Microsoft Publisher
    Microsoft Project
    Microsoft Business
    Microsoft Outlook

    Apart from these, there are mobile apps for the same as well mobile-only apps such as Office Lens and Remote. It also consists of server related programs such as Microsoft project server, search server along with web services (outlook, forms, delve etc).

    Depending on the project and the need the application may differ or you may have to use multiple applications of MS Office. If you want to write a simple essay, you can use Microsoft Word and save your essay. But remember that you can't save your projects from one application to another. For example, you cannot save a powerpoint project on MS word. So if you want further guidance, respond here regarding your project and which application (of MS Office) you want to use for your project.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • Microsoft Office includes Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook, Access, etc

    For you to prepare your assignments, you may need to use Word/PowerPoint or Excel.

    Word is basically used to prepare huge documents and you can use different fonts, styles, and size, images, etc to prepare a document. Powerpoint is basically used for preparing presentations with short descriptions and relevant images/graphs. Excel is good for database applications and graphs.

    You can find different features in the top ribbon on each application like insert images, clipart, graph, etc.Options to change font size,styles,colour,etc. You can set the margin, orientation etc in Page Layout Option.

    You need to look for different features by clicking on it and see how you can use them to complete your assignment and give it a shape.You can watch some videos on youtube for some special queries

  • MS office software will have tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access. These can be used to create, present, communicate, and publish various reports. I feel you better you MS word document. You can open a new word file and you can type on that normally. On the top of the page, you will have various options like File, Home, Insert, Page Layout, References, Mailings, Review and View. By clicking on any of the above you will various options available and you can use as required. You can use help also in case of any doubt

    always confident

  • Most of the assignment is done by using office. Definately you complete your assignment in Ms - Office. But you have not mentioned the topic of your assignment so that I could assist you more in this. But I would give brief description's about MS-OFFICE so that you can choose which one is suitable for your assignment.
    MS -OFFICE should be installed in your system which includes MS- Word, MS-Excel, MS- Power point.
    MS - WORD :- After you boot your system in WINDOWS you will have an option MS -Word Application. You have to select and open the application. This application is a word processor here we can create, edit and print the documents. In this application you can create your document and format the text according to your requirements. You can use this application for any type of text writing in your assignment.
    After you open the MS-WORD window, You can observe the
    TITLE BAR: Title bar at the top, Where it displays the name of the document that you have mentioned. Before giving the name it will have taken temporary name as document 1. Which includes minimize, maximize and close button. I hope you the functions of these buttons.
    MENU BAR : - It is displayed below the title bar where it has menu options for editing your text in word.
    TOOL BAR:- This is below menu bar and it has a set of ICONS to perform different tasks and displayed as a set where you have formatting icon for editing your text, Drawing toolbar for any type of drawing that is necessary in your text or assignment. Standard Toolbar where each icon has particular functions to perform.
    RULER LINE :- Ruler is used horizontally and vertically in your text document page. It displays the margin , indents, tab positions. The ruler also displays the type area in your text.
    VIEW BAR :- This is displayed below the work-space that is below the document page. This bar contains 4 icons in it. Normal view, online layout view, page layout view or outline view.
    Status Bar : - The status bar is displayed at the bottom of MS - WORD window but above the task bar. It displays the information about the active document such as page number, section number, number of pages, insertion point position etc.
    Now few tips on creating document:-
    1. When your typing the text the right margin is encountered, the insertion point will automatically return to the beginning of the next line. This feature is called word wrap. Therefore don't use enter at every end of line unless you require a paragraph.
    2. To start a new line without considering it as new paragraph, press Shift + Enter.
    3. I hope you know about deleting character and inserting a character. That is commonly used in all applications the same.
    4. First you have to save your document by using FILE in menu bar---CLICK SAVE---SELECT THE LOCATION FOR SAVING YOUR FILE--- GIVE FILE NAME---SAVE BUTTON AT THE RIGHT DOWN.
    5. Once you save the document then after when ever you add or type any data in your file you have keep saving it in the same file by pressing CTRL+S. This will help to save the extra data added in your text.
    MS-EXCEL:- This application is used in MS OFFICE and all the window feature's are same as I have mentioned above in MS - WORD.
    Mainly this application has spreadsheets where it is used for all type of calculations that are required in your assignment. Here excel documents are known as work books, where intersection of column and row is called as a cell. Each cell has a name or a cell address where you can observe in name box just below the tool bar. But to perform any calculations you need to apply the formula's in the cell.
    MS - POWER POINT:- This application is used to create presentations. Where we can create our own designed presentation or select the pre-designed slide layouts. For our presentations. In one file you can add as many slides as you require for your presentations. Where it will help you to display automatically at the time of your presentations.
    The other options in the window is same in all application where I have mentioned above.
    This is the brief introduction about MS OFFICE. To learn in detail you can do some practice in each application and then learn better.

  • Generally, assignments are done in MS word until unless you have a financial or commercial assignment to be taken up in Excel sheet or a presentation to be made in powerpoint.

    If you have some basic computer literacy and interest in computers you can very easily learn the MS office components like word or excel or powerpoint yourself by using the help function available there on the top of the screen in the menu bar. I think for a person doing BBA it should be easy enough.

    Anyway, if you have some problem in grasping those things, I will suggest you to join a quick short course on these in any computer tutorial class in your part-time. This will also help you in future when you take up some course or job where computer awareness is essential.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Thanks Dr. V. Shashikanth it's about College Assignment and I need to manage it in excel sheet with professional style or layout

  • For managing assignments MS-Excel and MS-Word is generally used. You can learn MS-Office through youtube videos or you can join course of MS-Office through various institutes who teaching complete MS-Office near your area of living. If you make an assignment on MS-Word then firstly open Home menu then go to styles. Right click on normal styles option then there is an option of modify and click on that. Now choose fonts Time new roman. Choose size of fonts is 12. Click on format then choose single or double line spacing as per your requirement. If there is any heading then right click on heading on styles then choose times new roman and size is around 14 and choose Bold. Now you can start writing an essay, paragraph, article,.. etc. If you wants to add a source of the information then go to reference then insert citation then select create source. If you wants to add border in your pages then go to Design menu then at the last there is an option of page border annd choose the styles of border. If there is red underline on any word that means the spelling of the word is wrong. You can correct by right click on that word and choose correct word.

  • You are doing your BBA course, You need to handle an assignment in MS office and later you have added MS excel.
    Generally among the programs listed, the commonly used ones are
    1.MS word - to prepare reports, essays, briefs etc.
    2.MS Excel - to enter data with multiple variables that need to be collated later on. montly purchases, daily payments, values, cost break-up etc from which various reports can be generated.
    3.MS powerpoint - this is used for audio-visual presentation of a topic or a report to an audience.

    1.Example for use of MS Word

    In BBA, you would have Business Communication, if you have to write an essay on Barriers of Communication, then you would choose MS word. Once you type the answer in orderly fashion with heading and sub-headings, then you save a draft. On the saved draft you can use the tools of font type, size, numbering headings and items, then line spacing with justification to have a crisp clear flow of text. once you finish, you can use the spell check and grammar tool, finally see the text in print preview mode that will give you an idea of how the essay is going to look like.
    2.Example for using MS Excel
    If you have to write an assignment on finanical accounting a basic balance sheet of a company, then you will use the MS excel

    1.Assests held
    a.revenue for sales
    b.interest from deposits
    a.dues to creditors overdraft
    b.fixed overheads
    c.payments for purchase made.

    Open an excel sheet, you have many rows and columns for you to add the item name and the figure against it
    you keep adding worksheets for various items that fall under a common heading and save it.
    In excel once the entires are made, the figures (money or percentage or actual numbers) can be arranged in asceding or descending order, to total sum can be calculated and even a graph can be created and added to the page.For the above example you can have
    4 different worksheets, make the entires and create graphs for the same.

    3.Example for using MS Powerpoint

    If you have to make a presentation to the class or the teacher/guide, then you use MS Powerpoint, where in each slide can have few key points listed, you can add an image or a graph by the side of it. You can keep adding slides for each important heading and save them. Once you have the matter ready, then you can choose the font,colour, slide background etc. Here again you can save two ot three versions of the same presentation and choose which is good.
    for all the above there are online free videos, you can experiment with making each of the assignments and then save it as different files and then choose one and fine tune the way the content looks.

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