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  • Category: Security

    Sent email to wrong recipient containing documents attachment

    Have a query about sending email to a wrong recipient? Searching for advice online? Check out this page for responses from experts for your concerns.

    I had mistakenly sent an email attached with a couple of scanned copies of land documents to an incorrect email address. I haven't received any reply back too.
    I am worried if this could cause any problem.
    Can it be rectified?
    Please advice and give your opinions.
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  • 1.Once you send a mail, you cannot recall it or 'Un send it'. Sorry, you cannot rectify it.

    2. For future use, if you want to be safe, you can buy some time only 30 seconds of undo time. Even this is not fail safe as in reality, the sending of the mail is delayed by 30 seconds.
    Open your gmail account.
    Click on the setttings wheel icon in the right top corner
    enable the undo send, you can do it for 5- 30 seconds only.
    then save the setting changes.

    3. As long as it is not an attested copies, there should not be a problem.

    4.You can message the sender with a recall request and to delete the sent mail with attachments. I would suggest typing a disclaimer that data for unintended recipients would be invalid and it cannot be used by other parties.

    5. Be on the look out for any unusual activity related to the documents.

    Delete Attachment

  • No email service provider gives facility to recall the email that was sent accidentally to the wrong recipient. To be careful with next email, always enter the details of recipient's email address in the last after verifying the body text, subject of message and attachment. Follow this email etiquette next time.

    1. Body text
    2. Subject
    3. Attachment (if any)
    4. To field. (if required cc or bc field)

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  • Once an email is sent, it is sent and the receiver gets it after some time. The undo facility is for a very small time and it is unlikely that one can take its advantage.

    Anyway, the only recourse is to request the receiver to help by deleting it in his place. Generally, they will do it as no one wants his area to be crowded by unnecessary things.

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  • This happens sometimes. In the first place by receiving the documents the recipient can't do anything with those documents. But only the worry is our personal documents sending to somebody unknown is always worry us. That is why you should be careful while typing the email address. Sometimes we send technical data to the people concerned. If it goes to a wrong had it will be a problem. So after typing the complete matter and attaching the documents, you can make a password to open those documents. The password can be informed to the supposed recipient by phone or through WhatsApp or SMS. This will ensure that the documents can't be opened by somebody else even though you sent it by mistake. So you can ensure this as a security to important emails. For the mail you have already sent you can send again email to the person asking him to delete that email with documents from his computer forever. You need not worry much about it but you should be careful hereafter.

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  • You cannot recall your email. But to avoid any further complications in future, send an email again to the recipient stating to ignore/delete the mail. Never mention to him that "don't create a problem for me since you have scanned copies". This may give an unnecessary idea to them.

    Finally, since the land copies have owner name and legalized, there is very less probability that they can manipulate your land documents. You need not worry about it. Just make sure you don't commit such mistakes in future.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • 1. The facility of recalling the e-mail is not possible. So, the mail which was wrongly sent by you to another person/organisation can't be recalled.

    2. You can send another e-mail to the receiver that you earlier sent the e-mail wrongly.

    3. If you sent sensitive/important document(s) pertaining to your organization, it is better to intimate the matter to your superiors.

    4. If the document(s) is/are your personal documents, it is felt that scanned copy of the same does not have any legal sanctity.

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  • There are few things which can be followed to avoid landing the documents to wrong address and how to be safe even if it gets landed into some wrong email address.

    1. Always make the critical documents as password protected when you are using it online. In this case, share the password to the recipient only through an SMS or WhatsApp. Even if you send to incorrect mail, this method will prevent others from opening the attachment.

    2. For your case, what you can do is send a normal mail to the incorrect address again saying that it was sent by mistake and ask them to delete it. There could be chances that the mail id to which you sent does not exist.

    3. As a general advice, always double check the email address before you click on the send button. And the email id as a contact might help in some cases. Hope these details help you.


  • Better do not regret. What has happened has happened. You cannot do anything on that. You cannot withdraw the sent mail.

    Stay confident that nothing bad will happen. The recipient would have simply ignored and deleted the mail and attachment. Most of us commit mistakes and every one can understand the mental state of other one who would have sent wrongly. We ignore most wrong number calls.Only when it becomes repetitive we retort bluntly.
    What you have to do is be doubly careful in future.
    World is having more good people. So forget about the whole affair now. Be alert only if some unwanted spam messages comes from the (wrongly) sent address.
    If you know technical matters , secure your important messages and attachments. If not, try to know something about how to send messages and attachments secured. That can hep you in future.

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