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    My question is whether to pursue Bachelor's degree from IGNOU to get a job outside India?

    Planning to do a distance learning degree? Wondering if an industry experience of 3 years and this degree has scope for a job abroad? Scroll through this page for answers to yuor query.

    I was pursuing my graduation from Calcutta university, but in my 2nd year I failed because I had to support my family I got to do jobs too. So as of now I have joined Convergys, one of the leading brands in BPO Sector. So I was thinking that to shift to IGNOU from where I can pursue my graduation with low cost and not much pressure.
    Will a 3 years experience from Convergys and a B.Com Graduation degree from IGNOU help me to get a job abroad?
    It will be very thankful of you, if you can help me out.
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  • Convergys is a customer experience outsourcing group that has a global presence. Since you have a sound experience on customer service, why not build on it.

    The core skills desirable in any customer service sector would be good communication skills,leadership qualities,ability to effectively use computers, feed back etc.

    The other issue to consider is in Convergys which sub-section were you under - healthcare, travel, finance etc. This would also enable you to build a career oriented education.

    Here, you can consider, Human resource management, marketing, accounting, corporate net security etc.
    You can look into the options of
    Bachelor of Science(Hospitality and Hotel Administration).
    Diploma in BPO Finance and Accounting
    BCom with Major in Corporate Affairs and Administration (BCom (CA&A))
    BCom with Major in Financial and Cost Accounting (BCom(F&CA))
    and then
    you can plan your MBA.
    All the above are available at IGNOU.

    All this would take time. Choose a course that should help you with your desire to move abroad, if not, it should help you to enhance your present job promotion chances.

    Can you discuss with your employee counterparts places overseas and plan. Please also check for careers overseas listed in your firm itself and try your luck

  • The company presently you are working is a multinational company with its presence in many countries. I understand your experience is in customer service. So it is good that if you have a degree it will help better in getting a growth in your career. so it will be wise to complete the degree what already started through IGNOU. IGNOU is a good university with a good reputation in India as well as abroad. So as you thought you can complete your degree with IGNOU. Then you will a better chance to get a chance abroad. As your company is having branches in other countries you can take the opinion of your colleagues and superiors about getting a transfer to other countries after finishing your degree.
    After completing the degree you can try to a diploma course or a PG course in Customer relations and other related matters that will help you getting a similar job in other companies with higher pay pack and a higher position and chances of getting a foreign placement will also enhances as by that time you will put in good experience in the present job.

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  • I feel that in the present question, you have mixed up two different issues. So far as pursuing education is concerned, IGNOU is a renowned central university of India which is approved by UGC. So, the Graduation degree from IGNOU has the value as that of any other UGC-approved university of India.

    On the work front, Convergys is a known company with global presence. Working experience in this group will definitely be a positive aspect of your resume. But to get a good job either in India or abroad, I would advise you take admission in some Post Graduate Diploma course(s) which is related to the field of your work, after completion of Graduation. That would provide much better chance in lucrative jobs in India or abroad.

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  • You can do your B.Com. degree from IGNOU as that is a reputed institution. Regarding your experience in Convergys, it is also a good one in outsourcing business areas.

    Now even with all that in your hand it does not qualify you to get a job in outside countries. The reason is that the manpower charges in countries like India and china are minimal and persons for BPO related jobs are available here in plenty and in fact foreign companies are having their outsourcing offices here itself.

    So what can be done is that you have to do some specialised diploma or management course or post graduation after which you can try to apply for outside companies.

    If you have some sponsors abroad and you can afford to take education loan then also you can try to a course from a good institution there which can help you to get a job there.

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  • I think you have chosen a right plateform by joining Convergy's - a well known BPO company having its presence globally. The employer is always interested to promote their employees in the sphere of education. The only thing you have to do is to seek the permission of your employer in a written form so that it will be preserved in your personnel file.
    Now thinking about your B.Com course which you are currently planning to persue from IGNOU will ultimately enhance your career prospects.
    What is needed at this juncture is certain alignment with respect to time where both your involvement in job and persuance of studies in your leisure time is possible. You may discuss the same with your employer allowing you a convenient shift where your studies are sustainable with IGNOU.
    IGNOU is a well known university offering distance education course in multiple courses and moreover the university has UGC affiliation and as such all the courses persued from the same are accepted internationally. After your graduation, you may take up a personnel management course especially customer's relations or any course of upgradation of motivation of employees. In that way, you can have special edge in your job career.
    You may contact the personnel department of your company so that they may assist you in getting a job in a foreign country with the addition of Post graduate diploma in Personnel - management.

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