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    Want to start a blog but have no knowledge about it

    Interested in becoming a blogger? Searching for the detailed procedure to start blogging? Find ample advice from experts here.

    I am a student and interested in writing. My friends advised me to be a blog and I am interested in writing about relationship.
    Then I decided to be a Relationship blogger but I have no experience or knowledge about blogging. I want to know as much as I can about writing a blog.
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  • There are many sites which provide a space in it for a person to write his writings related to any subject or area. This is a readymade place and one has to simply register in it and one will have a username and password to enter here. This is a free space provided by that site.

    If you register in such a site there will be many persons already registered there and everyone will be writing his blogs in his space and everything written is saved as his work.

    Now if someone is surfing the internet for some information then the search engine can direct him to your site also if the relevant information is there. If the visitor gets what he wants he may stick to your site and note down his requirement. Similarly others will also be visiting your blogsite. If with time a good traffic is generated to your blogsite and it may become well known then more people will be using the information in your blog.

    It means that you should be posting or writing valued information and high-quality material in your blog so that people visit there frequently.

    This is the most difficult part. To make the contents of your blog attractive and knowledgeable. There are millions of blogs. Why one should visit your blog? That is a question one has to ponder while creating and enriching the blog.

    If a blogger is successful he can link his blog to advertisements etc through revenue sharing apps like Google Adsense so that he can make some revenue in the process.

    A successful blogger can have his own domain also which are available for annual rentals. This way he can have his own dedicated domain and can be more easily approachable by search engines.

    Some of the places where you can register and start writing your blog are - WordPress, blogger, wix, Tumblr, weebly etc.

    Knowledge is power.

  • I think you can have Google + account which will give you a place to write your works and it will give you a good platform to showcase your abilities. If you have a Gmail account using the same password and username you can create your G+ account. Some of the sites will offer free space to write your writings and you can try those sites also. Blogger .com is one such site. If the sites are good all your writings will become search engine friendly and all the people who will search for a similar subject will get directed to your writings. So try either Google+ and sites.

    always confident

  • It is a good thought to start blogging. I will guide you step by step about how to do blogging. Consider this as a beginners guide.

    1. Where to Start?
    The first thing that comes to every beginner is where to begin. There are various platforms that offer you a free blog. Free blogs are not dedicated websites (ex: but they have an extended web address which has their own branding. The two major free blogging platforms are:

    You can start with either of these but I would recommend you to start with Blogger instead of WordPress. Blogger is owned by Google and there is a good chance for your articles to appear in search engine rankings. So when you register a Blogger blog, your blog's address will be

    Since you want to write articles on relationship, your blog name should reflect the same. But make sure that the name is not too lengthy. For example, is bit lengthy, you can keep it short like This is an example, you can select the name according to your choice. Be innovative in selecting the name.

    Advantages of Blogger
    Free to use.
    a) Google Optimized.
    b) Simple and easy interface.
    c) You can monetize with Google Ads in future.

    a) Very limited resources (limited themes and plugins).
    b) It is not your site (entirely) because it is owned by blogger.
    c) Users generally tend to visit a dedicated website ( than a free blog through their search results. It means you may lose a certain number of visitors. But that is not a compulsion and you can attract a huge number of visitors with some tactics, explained below.

    So for a beginner, I would recommend starting with a blogger blog. WordPress blog also has similar features but is not popular in free blogging platform.

    2. Theme/Template
    Once you have finished getting your free blog name registered, select a theme/template. Remember the appearance of the blog is the first impression for a visitor which makes them either to stay or leave. Select a simple and beautiful theme. Also, note that there are a limited number of themes that are available in your blogger settings. You can choose according to your choice.

    NOTE: There are certain themes/templates which are designed exclusively for photography/video/media. I would recommend you not to chose them initially as you are about to write articles but not doing a fashion or photography blog. Also, note that you can add images and videos to your posts irrespective of the theme you choose.

    3. Content
    The main aspect of any website or a free blog is its content. Make sure which content you want to choose so that your future articles will be based on that particular 'content'. This is called niche. The niche of your blog must be reflected in your blog articles.
    For example, you want to write articles on relationships, your niche must be relationships. Most of your articles must be related to that. If you divert and write a topic that isn't your niche, your search engine ranking may come down. Of course, you can write on other topics as well but it will take a lot of time for your blog to crawl into search engine rankings. Focus on the topic which you have immense knowledge, later you can venture to different topics.

    Write articles with a good introduction, make it explainable and simple. Add images in between the paragraphs. Images in an article will add high content value.
    NOTE: Do not copy content from other articles or websites. Your website will have poor value if you have copied content. Some owners will take action too if you copy the content.

    4.Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    The major factor which drives traffic (visitors) towards your blog is Search Engine Optimization. All major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo have primary search results, where web pages and other content such as articles, images, videos or local listings are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users.

    In simple terms, if a person is searching for relation guide between wife and husband, they use any of the above search engines and will search as "wife and husband relation guide". The search engine will display results which are relevant to the user and according to the sentence (keyword) he used. Your blog or a post about that particular topic must appear in search results. There will countless websites with similar articles. So, what should you do to make your blog appear in search engine results? Read below.

    i) Add a good post title and avoid stop words (ex: A, and, etc). Make sure your title has less than 50 words.

    ii) Add the custom permalink to your post. Permalink is the link of your post with which a user is directed to a particular post but not to the home page. For example, your post is about husband and wife relation, add a permalink as This is very Google friendly and there is a high chance for your post to appear in search results.

    iii) Add keywords/labels to your post. A keyword or label is the central 'word' or a sentence which focuses your entire article. In layman terms, it is the word/sentence with which a user searches in a search engine (Google). You can add more than one keyword/label to your post. But don't add too many. Add 4-6 keywords.

    IMPORTANT: Make sure all your keywords are present in first 100 words of your article or in the introduction. This will again increase your search engine results.

    iv) Add good search description to your post. This will be generally same as your post title.

    v) Enable all robot header tags in your settings.

    vi) Insert jump break in your post, generally after introduction. This is useful to display a greater number of posts in home page when you write more articles.

    Finally, publish your article. You are done. These are the basic steps for starting a blog make SEO. There are plenty other steps which are mainly focused on driving which isn't required for a beginner. Write as many articles as possible, at least 3 articles per week. This will make your blog active and Google always recognizes active content providers. In future, you can monetize your blog with Google Adsense, but this is later part. Keep publishing.

    NOTE: I am attaching an image to this response which shows various options for SEO and I have given SEO examples for Blogger blog. For others, it will be more or less the same. Remember to share your posts with as many as you can. Share them on social media sites, share the link through messages with your friends. This will gain you, visitors. If any visitor comments on your blog, do respond to them.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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  • It is not very hard to start a blog without any knowledge. You can easily start a blog. I will suggest you start your blog with blogger. The stepwise process for the same is here:
    1. Make an email in Gmail.
    2. Visit and sign in with your Gmail accounts userId and password.
    3. Click on start a new blog.
    4. Select a good name for your blog which should be relevant to the posts.
    5. To submit your first post, click on the post. Select a subject and you will be provided tools to edit your post. You can attach an image, video, change font size, the colour of fonts, etc. It is very easy as we work in Microsoft word.
    Before starting a blog, first, decide on which subject you want to start your blog and try to collect all the data which you want to post.

    Honesty is the best policy.

  • You have the heart to write, now all you need is a platform to start and then build an audience. Many have already suggested that you can go ahead with blogger, there is one more by which you can start and that is

    Initially, you can start if for free and start publishing and get a hang of it. Don't write with the purpose of earning, get a hang of your writing skills, get to know your audience and then you can move your website to a paid one.

    Alert: In future when you will be serious about writing and would plan to move your current blog to a paid one, you won't be able to migrate it to if you plan to host it in WordPress. So use your free blog as a learning platform where you can learn more about writing articles and building your audience.

    The free has good features for new bloggers, they have very good themes and all essential plugin for any beginners. All you have to do is, choose a design and start publishing.

    All the Best to your Blogging Career.

  • For a beginner it is suggested to start with blogger .com. You can make consistent blog posts which may be original and which can capture interest of visitors.
    Blogger has the optimum facilities needed for a beginner in blogging. You may do more customisation and even start a new blog in some other platform after getting expertise and experience.
    Aftyer starting a blog the next issue is to draw visitors to your blog. For that your blog posts should be regular, consistent, attractive and relevant to target readers. You may also visit and subscribe, comment to others blog posts so that there can be some reciprocity and indirect publicity to your own. You may refer about your blog in your social media accounts in such a way that it looks relevant to the context and not a direct promotion.
    Slowly you can also add feeds and links.
    It will be better if you can acknowledge and interact with the visitors and followers.

  • When it comes to blogging you have to understand that not all people can be professional and expert on it. Some of the bloggers post the content as they learn things. For example, let's say I am into the carpentry. And I want to learn it. And I am documenting the progress. And as I am documenting I am learning. And that progress is going to be a part of blog.

    In your case you may not know a lot of things, so let's tackle them.

    1. Niche knowledge: You don't know how to be a relationship blogger. So start observing relationships and document it.

    2. SEO - You don't know how to do SEO. Read about it and apply.

    3. Networking - You don't know how to do networking with other bloggers. Join some of the blogger groups and find out how to network.

    4. Backlinks - Learn how to get initial backlinks and get listed and linked. You can learn through many groups out there.

    At the end the point is you have to learn as you apply. And that seems to be one way to learn things about lot of knowledge that you may need to learn about things around.

  • You can easily and freely register yourself on It is the biggest platform of sharing ideas and especially about teaching. Before start making a blog choose the name of your blog on the basis of the content you'll post. Type blog address in the box and see the availability of name. If the name is unavailable then try changing its domain extension. After your registeration, blog is hosted and it puts your blog on internet. Now you can choose and install themes on the basis of your liking. Now start adding content. There are many things which you can do if you are youtuber then you can increase traffic through uploading videos on blogspot. If you wants to add your social media links on sidebar then you need to download a plugin called Meks smart social widget. once it is activated. Go to widget and select smart social widget on the sidebar. You can also earn money through associating your blog with google adsense but it depends upon visitors, CPC(cash per click) and traffic. After approving adsense they add ads on your blog and you'll get paid only when any visitor click on that advertisements.

  • Your friends have suggested the right one. Blogging is one of the best way even to earn but blogging for earning needs lots of practice and experience. Since your a starter you need to keep and follow some points in mind.
    1) How to Choose a blogging platform, domain name, and hosting option : For this you must know about word press. Word press allows you to create your blog in the similar way like MS - Word. But in word press your account is shared with a server and other. Companies will have strong bias word press with standard web hosting. You need not setup word press page its a platform that we use. Your domain will do that work for you.
    2) How to Design your blog using a theme: Theme is the one which makes your blog better in look . You can design your blog according to your choice and visualize it more attractive. Even if your not a coder then also theme makes the design work for the user to attract your blog to have more number of tariff. Theme's are divided in two types Frame work and Child theme.
    Frame work: Frame work can be related to bones means the strength of your blog.
    Child Theme: This theme is related to beauty your blog . Main purpose is to design your blog in attractive method.
    3) How to modify our blog for the attractive appearance: Once we design our blog to domain, hosting, WordPress, and theme. We can install free Google Analytics to track our stats and valuable feed back . for necessary modifications in our blog.
    4) How to select plugins to our blog : Sharing your blog is most important to have higher tariff graph. So Face book, Twitter and other social media plugin buttons are necessary in your blog.
    5)How to write compelling content that adds value to readers: Your blog should have a content where it is useful to the readers. Take up a topic which is most discussed in the recent generation. As you stated in your query that you wish create blog of relationship that's also a good topic. But attract the readers by your topic, subtopic and link to internal pages.

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