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    Failed in 2nd Year Examination of B.Sc in Eco (Hons) at CU

    Have a query about degree from IGNOU? Wondering whether it is safe to switch from regular to distance learning degree? You can resolve your worries here.

    I took admission for B.Sc in Eco (Hons) degree under CU in 2015 but failed in the 2nd year examination. I am now planning to undertake the B.Com (Hons) degree under IGNOU.
    My financial condition is not good enough, so I went Delhi looking for a good job, because the salary received at Calcutta was not per my requirement. I have even got a job here in Delhi, so the thought of undertaking a degree from IGNOU struck me.
    Is it a good idea?
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  • As you want to pursue your educational goals alongside your job, the ideal thing for you is either an evening college or a correspondence course.

    Please note that whether you do a regular course or correspondence course you will have to do the same amount of hard work and toiling. Do not presume that being a correspondence course it will be easier. When it comes to academics one has to put a lot of efforts for studies otherwise one's performance in the examination will always be a matter of doubt.

    IGNOU is a reputed institution and many people are completing their courses from it. If you have interest in commerce you can definitely pursue it. There are good opportunities in commerce/ finance lines.

    As you are already doing a job trying to learn as much as possible at your workplace and do not avoid higher responsibilities if offered to you. Ultimately we have to learn the ways of completing a task in bare minimum time with good efficiency. This one can only learn in a workplace.

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  • IGNOU is one of the most economical institutes in India to get a degree by distance mode. It also has many satellite centers from where you can pursue you studies and weekend sessions. Since you mention about your financial hardships, you need to be focused and prepared to concentrate on studies while you work.

    Your choice of would be fine.Before you jump in please consider

    1.Your desire or choice of career. DO you have any course realted to that from IGNOU that would help you acheive your dreams

    2. Your current Job, is it a stand alone job, what the growth prospectus for you in that company and hence what education qualifications would enable you to move up the ladder.

    3.If the current firm has not much potential to grow, then narrow down the area of your work expereince which you would be showing on your CV and then narrow down on the course that your help you.

    For instance, if you are a customer care staff or a cash officer in a firm, then plan for your B.Com with focus on finance or IT skills and move up.
    If you have good leadership qualities and have a small team under you or you are good at human resources, then focus on a MBA after your B.Com

    So, your decision to do your graduation at IGNOU is good, please give a thought about your current job experience and choose a degree that is relevant to it so that you have a better chance of getting a promotion in the same company or apply suitably for a higher post in the same sector at other places.

  • IGNOU is a good university for pursuing your studies through open university studies. You can zero down on this university.
    You have not mentioned the present area of your work. You have studied B.Sc. Is the present job is related to that course or something different? You should always see that your experience and qualification are interrelated. That will give you a good scope of improving your chances of promotions in your career. Otherwise, it will be required to take select a course which is in related field. This aspect you have to think and decide. If your present company is good and you will have a better scope you can continue in the same Organisation and complete your studies to get a promotion. But if the Organisation is not a very standard company you simultaneously look for changing the job to another Organisation also so that you will have a better chance to get good jobs afterwards.

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  • Hi,
    First I would like to congratulate you for not giving up your studies In many cases when people get job they just give up their studies. But you still want to continue your studies apart from your job.
    IGNOU is one of the most prestigious institution among our country, which offers different correspondence courses. They offers various courses in a very reasonable fees structure. They also has a good number of study centers also.
    But be aware that although you study in a distance mode, you have to work hard to get good marks.

  • Yes your decision is right. IGNOU is an distance university where you can be honored with degree and even get an experience in your employment. Its just like achieving two goals at one time. But only thing you will be stressed more physically and mentally till you finish your degree. Two major task completing at one time is difficult, but not impossible. Don't discontinue or neglect the course . After your completion you can try for a better job. All The Best.

  • Your decision to continue your studies from IGNOU is a welcome step especially when you have undertaken a job in Delhi. However, you will have to take up a prudent planning where you can devote your time to both the assignments equally. Though IGNOU being a distance education course, it does not mean that the cirriculam being followed for any course is not up to the mark. Rather the courses of studies are at par with any regular university in our Indian set up. By continuing your studies in IGNOU, you are likely to get the following advantages-
    1) The fee - structure becomes more affordable as compared to other regular university and hence the expenditure is within your reach.
    2) This is a recognised university having its affiliation through UGC and hence you would not face any future complication in terms of recognition of your course being persued from this university.
    3) They do have contact - session programme where your doubts relating to the subjects are clarified by the the eminent professors. By attending such a session, you will have a better conception in the different module of the course.
    4) Being a distance education course, the timing of preparation for the course would not disturb with the timing of your job. You may concentrate on your studies in any convenient time after discharging your job.
    After acquring the B.Com ( Hons) degree, you may take up some management course from the same university which will accelerate your growth potential in your job- area. Your meticulous planning in relation to your studies will lead to success.

  • 1. You were a student of B.Sc (Economics Hons.) from the University of Calcutta. You did not complete your Graduation and you are presently working in Delhi. You want to re-start your education and pursue B.Com.

    2. You can take admission in IGNOU and pursue B.Com. degree. IGNOU is a UGC-recognized Central University and its degree is valid all over India. You will have flexibility, don't have to attend regular classes and you will be attached to a nearby study centre. IGNOU has another advantage. If you are transferred to any other place by your office, you can still pursue your B.Com degree from IGNOU, because IGNOU has study centres in all big and medium cities/towns of India.

    3. You can also pursue B.Com from Delhi University, either by correspondence or by attending evening classes after taking admission. Some of the colleges of Delhi offer the facility of evening courses. However, you would require Migration Certificate from the University of Calcutta in case you take admission in Delhi University. You have to discontinue your education under this university if you are transferred outside Delhi by your office.

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