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    Need guidance about NOC and resignation in switching government job.

    Have some doubts regarding a switching government jobs? Searching for information about acquiring NOC from the current job? Here, on this Ask Expert page find advice for all your queries.

    I have cleared LDC exam for state govt and I have qualified CGL 2017 tier 1.
    Joining of LDC is expected in March but CGL result will be declared in July. If I join LDC job then what steps
    should I take if I clear CGL exam too? I mean the steps regarding NOC and resignation from LDC job.
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  • You have qualified only Tier 1 of SSC CGL. It is a three-tier examination. So, you have not cleared SSC CGL till now. On the other hand, you have been finally selected for LDC in the State Government. So, I would advise you to join as LDC in the State Government. Immediately after joining, give a written intimation to the Administration (Establishment) Division of your new office about your candidature in the SSC CGL. In your application, you must state that in case of your final selection in SSC CGL, you will accept the job offer. Please keep a copy of your intimation after getting it duly acknowledged by the concerned officer.

    If you follow the aforestated procedure, you will have no problem in tendering technical resignation in case of your selection in SSC CGL in future.

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  • Normally in Govt service, a person should apply for outside job through proper channel so that it is in the knowledge of your department and there should not be any problem later for the relieving and other formalities.

    Now in your case, you have not joined your first job itself and the second one is in the process of examination and that too CGL which takes considerable time in the evaluation and it is quite far for you to join that in case you succeed in it.

    The best course would be to join your first job of LDC and immediately inform about your candidature in CGL to your office and give the copy of your application etc. This will help you in getting leave to appear in the remaining exams of CGL plus future NOC and relieving formalities in case you get selected there.

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  • You have applied for CGL before you joined in the new job. So there is no question that you have to inform the recruiter about your application. Even for government job also you can resign as per the conditions mentioned in the appointment letter. The CGL can't ask you about the resignation and acceptance of your resignation from the State Government Job as-as per the appointment you have resigned and obtained the relieving certificate. But it is a better option to give it in writing to the recruiter at the time of joining about the chances of getting another job which is in the pipeline. So that once you are selected there will not be any objection to relieving you.

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  • The Staff selection commission, combined graduate level exam is a highly competitive three-tier exam and you have qualified the first level only. We don't know yet whether you will be successful or not.

    The lower division clerk (LDC) is a job that you have been allotted. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. So, if I were you, I would join the LDC job with the intimation beforehand that I am already in process of SSC-GCL. Once I join the LDC, I would keep the authorities updated regarding the dates of the exams and the final result.

    If you are lucky and do land the job in SSC then you can always change over provided you have made your intentions clear in the beginning itself.
    While going for the other tier exams, please forward your leave application via the proper channel so that you don't break any rules.

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