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    Retirement from present job and joining the new job without NOC from previous employer..

    Have a query about changing a government job without NOC? Looking out for resolving all your worries? Find answers from experts here regarding the norms for resignation, pension transfer and NOC.

    Presently I am working in ITBP Force since 2013 as Constable (pay scale 21000 to 51000). On 2017 July I applied for the post of Security guard in BSNL (pay scale 10000 to 18000) wthout obtaining permission (NOC) from the present employer. Since somebody told me that you don't get NOC from the present employer because your salary is too low on new job. So I have not applied for NOC.
    I have cleared all the stages of exam for the new job and was also selected for the job. During written exam BSNL authority asked me: are you presently working in any central government job?
    Due to problem in getting NOC from the present employer I replied as' NO'. I am hiding my present employment details from the BSNL authority.
    Now I don't know what should I do. How should I resign from my present job? What will happen to my NPS account? How can I transfer my NPS (Pension account) account from present employer to the new employer? What will be the minimum time taken for resigning from ITBP force? Is there any problem for joining in new job? Can you give me all the valuable information regarding the above mentioned problem?
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  • It is a violation of the conditions of employment. There is no relation between the scale of Pay and NOC. When you are shifting from one governemnt organisation to other Organisation, you have to get the No Objection Certificate from the present employer or you have to send your application through proper channel. You have not done it. So it is a violation. You have to resign from the present job without telling that you got another job in another Organisation and then you have to join in the new job. The service so far you put in will become a waste and you have to have fresh NPS account. If you have more than five years experience, you may ask for diverting that amount into your new NPS account after opening this account from the new employer. But BSNL may not allow you to join saying that you have hidden the truths while applying for the job. Giving wrong information is a violation and you may lose your job if it is proved that your statements are wrong.
    So my advice is to continue in the present job. Wait for next announcement from any other government Organisation and apply for that through proper channel. That will ensure your continuity in the present Job. If you resign now and afterwards if anybody complains to bsnl, you may lose that job also. A bird in the hand worth two in the bush. So please continue to the present job.

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  • If i don't wish to transfer the amount from the previous NPS account to new NPS account then the BSNL authority don't know about my previous NPS account and allso about my job. Is their is any chance for happening this... You said that the BSNL authority open a new pension account for me is it confirm and my yeras of service is under 05 years...

  • If you are not interested in transferring amount and you don't tell about the present job also there will be a risk always. For government jobs, they will conduct police enquiry before releasing the appointment letter. By any chance, if they get the information you will be in problem. It is never advisable to join into a job in a government organisation by giving a false information.
    One of my relative who belongs to other castes obtained a false certificate as a Backward class and obtained a lecturer job by producing that certificate in the BC quota. After 8 years of service, somebody lodged a complaint and it was proved that it was a fake certificate. Immediately he was terminated from the job and imprisoned for 3 years for providing a wrong certificate. So one should be careful in these matters.

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  • Now what i do sir, According to your opinion i have no chance to join the new job. I am allso selected in FCI WATCHMAN POST But due to some court case the appointment letter not come yet but for this job i am applied for NOC but the authority don't give NOC. What i do two jobs which have 100% confirmation to get appointment has been go away from me. Is their is any chance to join in FCI WATCHMAN POST. The situation in this case allso same in the BSNL job which is No NOC or hided the present employment details from FCI authority... What i do ?

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