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    Prior permission while applying for SSC

    Have you applied for a government job? Wondering how to get NOC from the current employer? Scroll through this page and get advice regarding how to get NOC, joining rules and legal action if needed.

    I have been working in a bank for last one year. I had applied for SSC CGL 2017. I informed my managers about this and gave an application for prior permission/NOC. I didn't take it's received signature. The application was later sent to RBO for permission through competent authority.
    A month later I got a call from RBO that for applying you need not take NOC,but when you will take the exam, you need to take the NOC.
    During tier 1 of CGL, I gave my manager in written that I am going to take the exam but they didn't send the letter to RBO. Now I'm about to take tier 2 exam.
    My query is that if I'm finally selected, and SSC asks for NOC, will my bank issue me the NOC? if not, what are my legal resources?
    However, in CGL 2016, SSC didn't ask for NOC. If I am finally selected, and before joining the new organisation, if I tender my resignation, will that suffice?
    Is there any guidelines regarding the NOC by DoPT or GoI or any court judgements?
    Kindly guide me taking all permutations and combinations into considerations.
    Thank you.
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  • You have already informed your present employer that you are applying for SSC CGL. But they told you that NOC is not required for application but it is only required at the time of tier 1 Exam. Again when you are attending the tier 1 exam again you applied for NOC. Now you are attending for tier 2 Exam.

    What I suggest you apply for NOC again now in writing and take the acknowledgement from the bank. Keep it with you for future record. You can then attend the tier 2 exam also. If the bank is not replying anything, from your side you are clear. You need not worry.
    Once you got finally selected you resign from the bank and get the relieving certificate. There will not be any problem for you to get the resignation letter as already number of times you have informed them and asked them the NOC. Once they relieve you they will give you the relieving letter. With that letter, you can join in the new job. There will not be any objection from SSC CGL also as you have already had resignation letter and relieving letter with you.

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  • 1. You have been working in a bank for last one year. So, it can be presumed that when you applied for SSC CGL -2016, you were not in service. So, there was no question of applying through proper channel/prior intimation. But, you could have intimated about your candidature to the office immediately after joining. But you have not done so. So, if you are selected in SSC CGL-2016, you have to resign and you will not get the benefit of technical resignation.

    2. Now, let us come to SSC CGL-2017. In this case, you have followed proper procedure. So, if you are finally selected in SSC CGL-2017, there will be no problem in tendering technical resignation, and you will be relieved by the bank. The bank has already acknowledged receipt of your application (although indirectly).

    3. Please note that there will be no interview for SSC CGL. So, there would be no requirement of NOC. NOC is generally required prior to the interview.

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