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    Want to know best Post Graduate Diploma Course after BSc

    Planning for higher studies after BSc? Searching for various options other than MSc? Check out this page for various other higher education options and plan a bright future ahead.

    I am about to Graduate this year in BSc( Chemistry). I am not looking for MSc anymore. I wanted to know what could be the better PG Diploma Courses after BSc that can get me a job very soon?
    I am more inclined to doing Hotel Management Studies which is out of my field but I am readily available for other courses too.
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  • After B.Sc, there are many courses which will fetch you good jobs.
    As you are interested in Hotel management job you can go for postgraduate diploma course in hotel management. B.Sc chemistry graduates are eligible for this course. There are many institutes offering this course. You can search the following links for knowing the details of courses offered by various institutes.
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    These sites will give you all the details of different courses. You can select goo course as per your interest. You will have more job opportunities.
    Another option is to go for B.Ed. After completing your graduation, if you admit into teacher training course the chances of getting teacher post in any government school is very high. As a science teacher, you will have a lot of scope to earn money by offering tuition to students in your free time also.
    Option three is preparing for competitive examinations. Many banks and other organisations are employing many clerks, officers and executives with degree qualification. The selection will be through written test and then interview. You can get admitted to a good coaching centre and get trained for this competitive examinations. You can try class III, Class II posts in state government jobs also with your qualification. Your preparation can yield any good job in this category also.
    Another option is there are many private industries in which they employ B.Sc chemistry candidates as chemists and Supervisors. You can opt for them also. While working there you can improve your qualification through open University study. There is an Institute called Institution of Chemists(India) in Calcutta. They offer a course by examination to people who are having experience of 2 years after B.Sc. They Call it as AIC. This certificate will be awarded based on your performance in the examination. For all practical purposes, this course is equivalent to M.Sc. It will give chance for your career growth and better jobs.
    You can choose any of the above options. But try sincere,y and try to get maximum benefit out of these examinations so that you will have a better chance of getting good jobs.

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  • Apart from Hotel Management course you can do MBA/Post Graduate Diploma in Management/Marketing etc.
    If you are interested in teaching you can do B.Ed to get job in schools.

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