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    Incorrect name in 10th and 12th marksheet

    Facing a problem with name wrongly printed in few marksheets? Worried if this issue will create a problem in document verification? On this Ask Expert page, find advice from experts for your queries.

    I have a query that my name in my 10th and 12th class marksheets is written wrongly and does not tally with that in my graduation marksheet and all documents(adhar card voter id, etc).
    I am going to join a government bank very soon. So I want to know if this incorrect name in documents can create any kind of problem in document verification part while joining the organisation? In case it creates a problem then what can be the possible solution?
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  • If there is a mistake in your 10th and 12th class certificates how you have waited till you complete your graduation. When you have submitted these certificates to college administration for doing graduation how they have given you a certificate with another name. You might have got it corrected immediately after seeing the certificate. What type of mistake is it? a spelling mistake or a different name. These details also you have not mentioned. Another point is the mistake of the wrong name is committed by you or by the board authorities. These points are also important for deciding the procedure to be adopted. But the difference in the name will create a problem definitely. I don't know whether they will give time or not forgetting this mistake corrected.
    If the name is wrong they may cancel your application also. So start working immediately for correcting the certificates. Please remember to keep some xerox copies of the present certificates when you apply for new certificates. Take an acknowledgement for the application you have submitted for the name correction.
    Immediately you contact a lawyer in your area and discuss with him about your problem and he will get the affidavit made and get it notarized. You may have to give an advertisement in one local and one national newspaper about the change of name and keep those papers with you as the record. Then you have to apply to the respective boards for a change of name through the school or college you have studied. The administration there will guide for applying for the same. the fees payable and attachments will be informed to you by the school administration. Do accordingly. Please do these actions at the earliest and personally follow up at the board level for getting the things done fast.

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  • YOu have found a mistake in your 10,12 markscard. Please check the correct spelling of your name, initials and your father's name and take this chance to check on whether it is just these two marksheet or other documents(including caste certificate if applicable) also have spelling errors.

    Earlier, most jobs used to accept the degree certificate and class written on it. Now many jobs have a cut-off of 55% etc, hence the marksheet becomes more important. Most applications would be online and employee roll also would be online in most offices. It is relavent that the spelling and other details (date of birth) etc are correct so that you have no issues at a later date.

    Now, for changing the certificates, you first need to make a affidavit with your correct name done by a Notary. Once this is done, then you need to publish your correct name in two newspapers ( one English and one vernacular language). Preserve the originals of both.

    Then apply to the state board with these evidence along with a covering letter stating your request. This application/request is forwarded through the school pricipal to the relavant state board. You may need to pay a small fee that would be applicable as per the state board regulations.

    If you have erros in your other documents, please get them corrected so that when you join the bank, you will have all the details in order.

    You mention that you are due to join very soon, if you have cleared your bank exams and are waiting for your document verification, you can explain the truth to the authorities as to the oversight of the mistake and the new documents can be produced.

  • Kindly check in which documents your name has been spelt incorrectly. Thereafter, you have to go and sign an affidavit before a first-class magistrate of your city indicating your correct name and mentioning the incorrect names which appeared in different documents. Thereafter you have to give two classified advertisements in two newspapers, one English and one vernacular. You have to keep the original affidavit and original advertisements permanently.

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