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    Different signatures in academic certificates

    Is there a signature mismatch is academic certificates? Will this create a problem in future? On this page, check out responses from experts for all your queries.

    I have done my graduation in 2010 but few days ago while I was going through my academic certificates I found that I had put different signature in all three yrs of graduation in my admit card. Also in my 2nd yr of graduation I put my sign in Hindi in admit card. Since then I am worried thinking about the different signatures.
    Can it pose problem for me? Please give your valuable advice to this.
    Do one has to sign in the same way as signed in the admit card?
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  • You need not worry. But now onwards in all the documents you put your signature in a specific way only. Don't change it again and again. When you apply for a job, when you open an account in a bank, when you apply for advance courses use the same signature. When you are signing anywhere for any purpose use the same signature. Then there will not be any problem. They check your certificates, and other related documents but not the signature when you join a job. But you have to use the signature in your service the signature what you have used when you apply for the job. All the best to you.

    always confident

  • Generally, the signature is verified at the time of financial transactions in the bank/other financial institutions and after joining employment. However, nowadays, candidate's signature is required in the Admit Card also. So, it would be better for the candidates to develop their own signature and use it everywhere.

    As you have signed differently in different documents, you are anticipating problem in future. I can assure you that this would not be a big issue because everywhere authorities know very well that during the younger age, people don't develop their signature and write their names in different style. However, I would advise you to stick to the signature which you used in the third year of Graduation, everywhere in future, to avoid any complication.

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  • This is not a serious issue though it is advisable that one should try to be consistent in his signatures. If the authorities have doubt on someone's signatures then they can ask you to reproduce it to them and people who are changing their signature signatures often may not be able to do it properly and the authorities will be unnecessarily doubting on them.

    Anyway in financial transactions signature is of utmost importance and one must be very attentive there.

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  • Sir, I am using the signature which I had used in last yr of graduation but in 2nd yr I used hindi as signature and to rest of the places I used my english signature only in 2nd yr admit card I used hindi signature.
    Can it be accept or valid?


  • For future references and transactions, government/private companies and firms will look for the signature that is on your PAN card. Your signature for future applications (especially finance-related such as banks, accounts etc) must be the same as on PAN card. Other than that you need not worry about different forms of signature on different academic certificates. If you don't have a PAN card, apply for PAN card and sign on the application which is most comfortable to you. Once PAN is issued, you can follow the same signature for future transactions.

    Note that it would be better if you follow a single pattern on all government-issued identity cards such as Passport, Aadhar, Bank Pass books etc and make sure the signature on all these documents match to the signature on PAN.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • For all your transactions in the Banks or any signature required for the official - purpose such as LIC, Insurance - mediclaim your signature should be as far as uniform in order to avoid the future complication.
    Whatever the case may be, by putting the signature in the similar pattern for all the purposes would help you to remember the exact pattern of your signature. You may check your Aadhar-card, PAN and other Bank - accounts and see if there is any discrepancy in such documentations. In case of deviation, you need to correct them in such a way so as to have uniformity in the pattern with respect to signature.

  • I m worried as different signature in admit card in hindi in 2nd yr and in attendance sheet in english signature be considered as cheating as both are different.

  • Mr. Rajiv: Before answering the question, I had read the question in details and fully understand your apprehension. Whatever you did in the past, can't be changed. However, it won't be considered as cheating or impersonation. All the people who take decision know that the students don't develop their signature until they get employment.

    So, I advise you to learn the lesson, bring uniformity in your signature and start using the signature which you used in the third year of Graduation.

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  • Its not an issue at all . You need not worry about it as people are aware that we would not be conscious while signing those documents in our graduation or educational period. Further, ensure in all your documents specially bank, property or any commercial documents you mention same signature.

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