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    Diploma in mechanical engineering

    Planning to work in the oil and gas sector? Confused whether diploma from a UGC approved college is valuable for job in this sector? On this page, find ample advice form experts.

    I want to know if UGC approved college is valid in India and abroad?
    I am a safety officer having 3 years experience in oil and gas sector. I have done BCom, one year diploma in Fire and Safety and few global recognised certifications like IOSH
    and NEBOSH IGC. But nowadays companies are asking the candidates to have technical background.

    Is Mechanical engineering diploma from UGC approved college is valuable in India and abroad?
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  • Definitely, diploma in mechanical engineering from an approved college will be useful for getting a job as a safety officer in oil and gas field in India and abroad. As you have already done safety diploma in safety the chances of getting similar jobs are high with diploma course. But some good companies ask for graduate engineers than diploma holders. So initially you have to complete your diploma and join a small company and then improve your qualification by doing AMIE or part-time BE course. Once you complete that and by the time you will have 6 to7 years experience you will have better chances of getting a very good job in MNCs.

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  • In oil and gas sector generally, safety officers are taken from mechanical or electrical discipline. However, in graduate engineering selection, the company can select any engineering discipline candidate for this career line.

    As you have got experience in this line you can pursue a diploma in mechanical engineering from a UGC recognized institution and after completing it you can definitely apply and try to get your dream job.

    In such cases, you will have to keep a watch on advertisements for sorting out the one which matches with your experience. It will take time but with hard work, patience and persistence you can achieve your objective.

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  • Doing a diploma in Mechanical - engineering from a recognised institution having approval for the UGC would serve you twin purpose the first being a tension- free mind with respect to recognition of your qualification and the second one being an appropriate qualification for the post of safety officer in oil and gas - sector.
    However, find out your scoring in class ten and this must match with the requirement of the Institute where you want to continue studies. Sometimes such Institutions arrange for the written test to scrutinise the candidates. The other impediment you will face is the continuation of your present job in regular shifts since your session for diploma will run in day- time.
    The practical solution lies in joining an institution having its affiliations with UGC and running their courses in the evening thus enabling you think go ahead with your assignment.
    Once you acquire the diploma in Mechanical - engineering, make an attempt to complete AMIE with the same stream in order to widen your job- prospects.

  • respected sir
    if you don't mind i want ask that UGC approved diploma is valid for government sector or not . INDIA government have only SOME college of CLI AND RLI . I have to do RLI for being a safety officer as per FACTORIES ACT 1948. thats require a safety officer should 3 year diploma or degree in engineering background after that he have done one year diploma in RLI OR CLI .


    Thanks & Regards
    Shatrughna kushwaha
    Safety excutive-CCEL

  • Please remember that the Polytechnics which offer Diploma courses are not affiliated to UGC. Only Universities in India are affiliated to UGC. Polytechnic Colleges offering Diploma in various branches of Engineering are affiliated to All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). Please check whether your Institue from where you have obtained the Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, is approved by AICTE, or not.

    Diploma in Mechanical Engineering is definitely a technical qualification.

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  • Diploma will help you to get job ( at lower positions) and in smaller companies.Diploma alone wont help you in long term.
    First you can do Diploma ( Part Time) from recognized Polytechnics while working.
    After your Diploma you can do part time B.E/B.Tech.
    For promotion or good salary B.E/B.Tech is mandatory
    You need B.E/B.Tech for better career growth and getting job in abroad.

    Dont do AMIE as most of the private companies in India or abroad wont recruit people with AMIE.

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