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    Who is best doctor in Pune for hair transplant?

    Interested in knowing about hair transplant? Searching for the best doctors and details about the transplant procedure? Find advice from experts here.

    There are lot of cases where hair transplant did not have good feedback after transplant procedure. It is a very tough decision and money involved in this surgery is huge so it will be good to know feedback of your doctor in advance. There are very less videos on you tube about post hair transplant medicines needed or not. So there is lot of dark area.
    Can you please tell me who is good doctor in Pune city for Hair transplant? How long should patient wait to see hair grown after transplant surgery?
    My friend just did 3 months back but he is sceptical since there is no hair growth.
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  • The following ten are the top ten clinics in Pune. You can go through their websites and decided on the best one.
    1. Dr.Batra's
    2.Adhi India
    3.Skin City India
    4.Dezire Hair Transplant Clinic
    5.Natural Hair Transplant Clinic.
    6.Dr. Sashikanth Doshi
    7.Richfeel Trichology Clinic
    8.Perfect Hair Transplants
    9.Asia Institute of Hair Transplant
    10.Dr. Parag B. Sahasrabudhe.
    You can choose the best one as per your interest and reach.

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  • Hair transplant is an area where it is based on some manual transplant methods along with application of nutrients which may be acceptable to some degree by the body or may not be depending upon many medical factors. Though it is being tried by people left and right but complete success is not guaranteed. The transplants may remain in their place for some time but may also not sustain growth and nutrition.

    Doctors will make tall claims and in some cases, it may work satisfactorily. Until unless the medical technology reaches a firm footing in this area it is difficult to predict the results in the individual case.

    However there are good surgeons available in big cities and Pune is no exception.

    Some reputed names in Pune are Dr Pushkar Despande, Dr Kshisagar, Dr Niteen Dhepe, Dr Suresh Sanghvi, Dr Hitesh Laad and Dr Viral Desai.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Hair transplant is a surgical procedure in which a dermatologist surgeon ie "dermatological surgeon" transplants hair on the bald part of the head. Surgeons usually take hair from the back of your head and transplant it into the bald part of the front or middle of the head. Surgeons usually perform hair transplants in their clinic under local anesthesia. According to experts, the cause of overdose baldness is genetic. The remaining cases may have different reasons, such as your food, stress, illness, or the medications you take.

    Hair transplants in India typically cost between Rs 30,000 and Rs 1,00,000. But what it will cost you depends on many things. The most prominent factor is the technique of hair transplant. First of all, you determine which technique you want to undergo treatment.

    The treatment of the first FUT technique costs you about 20-40 rupees per graft. If you get treated with the FUE technique, then it costs Rs 35-75 per "follicles". DHI is one of the most advanced and advanced technology. Micro-surgical tools are used in it, due to which there is no pain in surgery. The cost of treatment through this technique comes to around Rs 2-3 lakh.

    Deciding on a hair transplant can be difficult for you and an even harder decision is the choice of clinic. Even if the price of hair transplant is an important issue, do not make the mistake of finding the cheapest clinic, because they may not have the most modern technology. Therefore, first, get a good insight and decide after thinking. Make a list of the best clinics and then find out how many discount offers are going on in these clinics. With this, the same treatment can be provided for a small cost.

    Some expert names are -
    Dr. Suneet Soni - Medispa.
    Dr. Gaurav Garg - Dermalife.
    Dr. Satya Saraswat - Saraswat Hospital.
    DHI - Direct Hair Implantation.
    Dr. Kapil Dua - AK Clinics.
    Dr. Arihant Surana - Alvi Armani.
    Dr. Sunil Arora - ALCS.
    Dr. A's Clinic - Dr. Arvind Poswal.

  • Hair transplant is a surgical procedure in which a doctor hair graft in that area where hair density is less or bald. In this surgery, hairs grafts are taken from the back of the scalp with the help of an extractor and implanted to the donor part of the bald scalp. This surgery is done to treat the baldness. Transplant is also done for many parts of the body such as eyelashes, eyebrows, beard hair, chest hair and pubic hair.
    The hair transplant cost in India ranges from Rs.15 to Rs.30 per graft + tax. Each graft contains 1 to 3 hair follicles.
    When the no. of grafts are taken into consideration the cost hair transplant is between 40,000 to 1,00000.
    As Pune is a big city. So, there are many good doctors available for this surgical treatment. The best doctor available in Pune for hair transplant are as follows:-
    1.Asia Institute of Hair Transplant
    2.Dr. Parag Sahasrabudhe
    3. Dr Sajid Mughal - Zayn Skincare
    Skincare clinic · Plot No 28, Flat No. 7, Prithvi Garden Building.
    4. Dr Sunil Arora - ALCS.
    5.Dr. Kapil Dua - AK Clinics.
    It would be better to go personally to that clinic and take all kind of information regarding treatment. And then choose one of them accordingly.

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