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    How to get a job after B Com?

    Confused about the career after pursuing B Com? Please check this page to know few suggestions from our experts.

    I am a B Com graduate, I wanted to get a job in UAE. Which course helpS me to get a good job, I am interested in the teaching profession, but after B Com I believe it's not possible. What I can do
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  • If you want to become a teacher you have to do your B.Ed after B.Com. Earlier days B.Com students are not allowed to go for B.Ed. But now all graduates can go for B.Ed. To become a teacher you should complete your B.Ed. So if you are very particular about becoming a teacher you can join in B, Ed and after completing the course you can try for a teaching post in UAE also. Meanwhile, you get your passport ready.
    You can get other types of job with only B.ED even in UAE. A clerk post, an Administrative officer post. an accounts officer post in various companies in UAE also.
    While trying for a job in UAE please be careful. Don't believe the job providing agencies and don't pay heavy amounts to them. You will be cheated and you may lose your money. So before giving money to anybody please check the credibility of the agents. Their people who are genuine but some are deceivers. So please to genuine people or give money only after you get the job and joined in the job.

    always confident

  • In today's scenario, commerce is a better discipline as regards to availability of jobs. Finance Assistant, Office Assistant, Clerks, Accountants etc are the career lines where a commerce graduate can apply. You have to keep a close watch on job portals and newspapers where advertisements pertaining to your qualification appear.

    Regarding teaching, without BEd, it will be a difficult proposition. However, you can try in some private coaching center or tuition center for the same.

    Please do not go to agents and brokers for getting a job in gulf countries rather go through the job portals and newspapers and apply online wherever you see an opportunity. You have to keep your passport and VISA formalities also ready so that if you get an opportunity, you can move fast.

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  • UAE is a group of Persian/gulf countries which are governed by respective monarchs. The UAE constituents are Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al-Quwain. There are several other countries that are in Arabian peninsula which do not come under UAE. Example: Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Jeddah etc.

    Jobs in Gulf countries must be dealt with extreme caution. There are many people who got cheated by fake/fraudulent consultancies. Beware of such scams and I will pen down some important steps before you proceed with your career in the Middle East/UAE


    1. Make a list of companies that are genuine and have an official website.

    2. Make a list of consultancies that provide every detail of their company such as official address, contact details etc.

    3. You should have all your certificates from your respective universities Get your marks memo's, original degree and transcript.

    4. Middle East countries request you to get your higher qualification certificate to be attested from Indian Embassy as well as the particular country's embassy (the country which you are applying). This can be done by yourself through the web or from a third party agent. Check the link below

    5. Your passport must be ready and you should be clean without any legal issues, FIR on your profile.

    6. You must also undergo a health checkup before you fly and this will be done only after you get the job visa.

    7. Create a job profile in all gulf portals such as Gulf Monster, Naukri Gulf, and Bayt. Bayt is more popular job portal for gulf countries because their head office is in the Middle East.

    8. Make a colorful CV. Middle East recruiters like more colors.

    9. If possible learn any other certified course such as Tally, SAP - FICO etc. Additional certifications will give more advantage and adds weight to your profile.

    10. Keep applying to all relevant jobs which appear in your job portal. Create an alert so that you get a new mail as soon as a new job is posted.

    1. Never give money or any processing fee in lumpsum amounts to any person or agency for your job before cross checking everything. The Internet is your aid.

    2. Avoid fake calls that say you are hired and will send call letters without any interview. They finally ask you to deposit money into their bank accounts.

    3. Never give sensitive data such as passport copies, certificates to any unknown persons on online who claim to be the recruiting agency. Cross check their address/web address and contact details as well.

    4. Beware of fraud consultancies who are even in those job portals. Yes, there are few consultancies who appear to be very genuine in the forum but are a total fraud.

    Finally, it is little difficult to get a job in Gulf countries, many Indians are suffering and leading a miserable life there. Proceed with extreme care and don't get yourself into a trap.

    Coming to teaching, you need to finish your B.Ed after B.Com. After finishing B.Ed you must appear TET exam. (Teacher Eligibility Test). After clearing TET you will be called placed in government schools according to the respective state's notifications. You can apply to private schools as well. But present days, even private schools are looking for B.Ed qualification. You can proceed according to your choice.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • You have ample job opportunities in this country itself. Many nations are bringing laws and reforms mandating and reserving jobs to the local people. Even when on job, to change a job also requires some compliance like going away from the country and then immigrating afresh. Many countries are bringing restrictions to general jobs and welcome people with special skills and special higher qualifications.
    Being a BCom graduate you can get jobs in banks, finance sector organisations, accountant's jobs etc. You can also get teaching jobs in schools or any other general job.

    However to have better chances it is suggested you take up some additional courses like MBA, BEd,Special financial post graduate diplomas or degrees.
    You may read major newspapers in your area .Many papers have a special page for overseas job advertisements, mostly they come on special days like Thursday . However please take precaution not to be cheated by tricksters. There are governmental agencies which help overseas job seekers, so that you can verify the credentials of the overseas recruiters and/or their local agents.
    It is also advisable to have experience in the relevant field here itself, which will help you in eligibility for your overseas job also.

  • If you are interested to get a job in UAE then you have to keep a watch on the newspaper advertisements as well as internet job sites where these things are given categorically. After B Com, you can apply for office accountancy or bookkeeping or clerical job and there is a continuous demand for such jobs in India as well as abroad.

    As per your interest and aptitude for teaching, you can get a good teaching job only after completing your BEd. If that is not possible then you can apply in private schools where though remuneration may not be much but you can start your career in teaching. After getting some experience, you can try to apply in other schools where salaries are better.

    Please note that teaching job also requires a lot of preparation as students feel that teacher has all the solutions of their syllabus problems. It is not an easy career. If you get the opportunity to teach in some private tuition school, you will understand it better.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • I find the question is of general nature. You have not specified what type of job do you prefer. If you want a job in the teaching profession, you have to complete B.Ed. first. For getting a job of clerical nature, you have to know computer typing and various other useful software like MS-Powerpoint, Excel, etc. For working as Accountant, you have a thorough knowledge of accounting and various other accounting software.

    At the same time, you have to get your passport ready and contact various recruitment agencies in Gulf region. You have to be very sure about the genuineness of such recruiting agencies as there are many frauds happening relating to employment in Gulf countries.

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  • To get a job as a teacher in UAE Dubai after, firstly you have to complete B.ED(Bachelor of Education). Without B.ed degree you cannot apply for teaching job. You can do other jobs like in as a accountant. Create professional CV if you wants to get a job in UAE. Upload your CV/resume in naukri,com websites. You need to be very careful with scam and fake agents.

  • UAE is one of the few countries with the majority being migrant employees working across a range of sectors. Working in the Gulf countries is not as easy at it looks (except for specific sectors where the demand is high), apart from satisfying the work permit needs etc, you need to be prepared to lead the life of a migrant employee with many unwritten rules as the locals would be given preference fist.
    There were problems with the economy with the oil dollars drying up and the construction sector going down, this had ripple effects on other sectors too.
    So, do your research before you plan to shift bases. In the teaching sectors. UAE has a good number of international schools in the Middle East, around 40% of children attend private schools. So browse through the links, check for the supply and demand for a particular subject or a language and then focus on your additional qualifications.

    It is not easy for a fresher teacher without the right qualifications and experience to get a good job.

    For instance, if you want to teach English. One of the requirements you would need in your CV is a TEFL certification. (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

    It would be relevant to know that the two important educational agencies in UAE, the ADEC- Abudhabi Education Council and the MOE- Ministry of Education have merged to be in line for recruitment. Please read the link about the life of a teacher(pay, travel, accommodation, contract,etc) in UAE(

    For example you want to be an English teacher, Some place in UAE would prefer for the English teacher to have a QTS - Qualified teacher status for English or a SACE accreditation ) South African Council of Educators) or a CELTA ( Certificate in Teach English to Speakers of Other Languages).

    So, my suggestion is plan properly to work in UAE but also prepare to be employed in India, if this does not work

    First, try and complete your B.Ed for a reputed recognized college. Along with this see if you take some language course with a good level of certification and proficiency that would be helpful in your CV for UAE (Arabic, Hindi, French). Once you are midway through your B.Ed see what other things would help you. For instance, if maths is your core skill, then you can get a certification to become a proficient teacher or Kumon, Abacus etc.

    Then start working in a good school after appearing for the Teacher Eligibility Test so that while you are searching for your dream job, you are also gaining work experience that is important.

    Please be careful before venturing to contact recuirtment agencies you can potentially fleece you for money.

    See if you can contact some one who is working already in UAE to help in your preparation. For instance the Delhi Public school society that has schools in India and branches in UAE and middle east.(,

  • UAE is one of countries believing in the recruitment of best available - resources in the areas of Engineering, teaching, Nursing, Fitter, Welders, Doctors etc.
    First of all, you need to acquire your B.Com degree which needs better grasp of all the chapters provided in your cirriculam and a better percentage in your final degree will help you in landing a suitable job in UAE. For the job of a teacher, B.ED is the essential qualification to be earned after your graduation. It would be better to produce a working certificate indicating the length of services ce of three years of any recognised school preferably a high school.
    Now to get your dream finalised, you need to look out some leading dailies where you would get classified advertisements of the different posts required by the employers. Here you may find different agencies claiming that they would find a job for you, but you have to be cautious in this regard and look out for the government agencies to get additional information and help.
    Life in UAE is tough in nature and you have to adjust accordingly. You will have to provide the best help to the pupil so that their problems are sorted out amicably.

  • To get a job in UAE experience is not required; they always look at your attitude towards your career and simply understand you by your resume and cover letter. If you're a fresher to travel Dubai you need to register on gulf website for job searching and to be successful. Most of the gulf website's are mentioned above by author's
    Follow some important tips before joining for the job in UAE.
    1) Confirm your ticket/visa is appeared or stamped by board before you reach Home country airport.
    2) It's better to take a 3 month visit visa instead of 1 month tourist visa for job searching, because 1 month is not enough for suitable job hunting.
    3) Make sure of your finance for your regular and necessary daily routine like food, stay and travel during job hunting.
    4) Take your Laptop if you have.
    5) Be sure about your stay in UAE before leaving.
    6) If you're going for job hunting then its better you have your stay near metro stations, because it is convenient for local travelling and even time saving.
    7) Be sure about net connections, where you're staying.
    8) Don't forget your resume, certificates and other legal documents which are very necessary.
    9) Have a duplicate copy of all your documents for safety reasons.
    10) Its better you get UAE sim number before you're arrival.
    11) Update your resume with UAE mobile number and have enough copies of your resume.
    12) Cover letter with your resume is always appreciable.
    13) Start hunting for job from day 1 and manage your time.
    14) Have patience because employers may take time to reply.
    Preferable ways to get job in UAE
    1) If you know anybody there then update your resume to them, so that they can give you information about vacancy.
    2) Have a regular check in gulf news paper advertisement.
    3) Register and update your resume in gulf employment advertisement with correct contact details.
    4) Business towers are always best for fresher's and to have a better experience.
    By following these methods you will definitely be employed soon.

  • If you are looking for teaching job in school ( upto 10th standard)you can do B,Ed and want to teach in 12th or college you have to do M.Com and later PhD.

    To get job in abroad you have to gain experience.Without experience you will not get job.
    You can also do M.Com,MBA in Finance or CA/ICWA etc and gain some experience and try for job in UAE

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