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    Information of govt. jobs eligibility criteria

    Aspiring to get into government service? Wondering what is the eligibility criteria? Here, you can go through the responses by experts and understand the minimum eligibility criteria.

    I have done T.Y.BSc degree in Computer Science. I want to apply for computer operator job in Maharashtra state govt. Is graduation required with diploma or degree in computer applications? Am I eligible for this post or not?
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  • You are in the Third yearB.Sc. Computer Science. After completing graduation course you can apply for Computer Operator Job. When the advertisement comes you can apply for that post. If you want to have a better chance of going for higher posts you may have to do MCA. But it is not essential. Basing on your interest and position you can decide.

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  • Match the advertisement published in the paper. If they are asking for a graduation degree, you are perfectly fit for the computer operator job. if you want to have an additional post graduate qualification like MCA, the same can be persued with your existing qualification. Initially, it may prove to be an impediment but ultimately with a good score in MCA from a reputed institution will certainly enhance your value in terms of job -prospects.
    However, if at all, you want to have the job of Maharashtra- state, you can apply for the same.

  • 1. I could not find the specific advertisement of Government of Maharashtra. However, from my own experience in the Government sector, I can state that, in case of the job of Computer Operator, no specific Degree or Diploma is sought. Graduation in any discipline with adequate knowledge of MS-Word, MS-Powerpoint and MS-Excel is generally required for such positions. Good typing speed in the computer is also desirable.

    2. As you have completed B.Sc. in Computer Science, you will be easily eligible to apply for the post of Computer Operator under the Government of Maharashtra, subject to not crossing the upper age limit specified for the post.

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  • As you have a degree in computer science you are eligible to apply for computer operator or data management personnel or data entry operator in Govt organisations.

    You have to keep a watch on job portals and newspapers in this respect so that whenever there is an opportunity you can apply.

    Sometimes registering in job portals also helps as depending on your choice they will inform you by an alert in your email.

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  • B.Sc in Computer Science is sufficient for getting Computer Operator job.
    If you want to work in Industry join MCA as it is mandatory.This will enhance your career prospects.Since you are doing your graduation in Computer Science you can get direct admission to 2nd year MCA in most of the universities.
    If you want to work in teaching/academics ( in future) you can do either MCA/M.Sc Computer Science and later PhD

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