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    Is the landline telephone service of Tata DOCOMO closing down?

    Have a query about the migration of landline telephone service of Tata Docomo? looking out for alternative service providers? Find the information you are looking for on this Ask Expert page.

    I have a landline connection Tata DOCOMO walky in my house (Bangalore) since one year. Yesterday I received a mail stating that I have to surrender this phone and they will issue new mobile connection. Otherwise, I can opt for other service provider. The reason for this change is that they are migrating from CDMA to GSM. This means what? Are they closing down the service?
    I need a good landline phone conn
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  • Tata Docomo is stopping its services for the land line services. That is why they have sent you the notice. You can better go for BSNL landline service. BSNL is giving a good service in Bangalore. My brother is staying in Bangalore. Heis having a BSNL landline and the service is good there. But it may not be possible to get the same number. That facility is there only for mobile phones.

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  • After Jio launches Tata Docomo have to stop their services because their investment is increased. They face losses since 2013 and they provided 3G service. So Tata Docomo shut down its wireless services and all other tele services are closed. Not only Tata Docomo rest of other networking companies have come in trouble. You can go with BSNL landline. After launching of jio, every telecome company started losing their customers including Tata docomo, the main difference is they have customers but tata docomo has not.

  • 1. Tata Docomo is going to discontinue its landline service. Most probably the success of Reliance Geo is behind this decision.
    2. In any case, you have to surrender the connection. It would be better if you would opt for BSNL landline, in lieu of Tata Docomo, which is still being considered as reliable by most of the customers. I think it would be cost-effective and service will not be as poor as some (not all) private players in the field.

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  • Tata Docmo is facing serious trouble after the introduction of Jio's - service and as such Docomo is no more interested to have any operation in the business of Landline. Such decision has been taken in order to wipe out the huge losses, the company is at present facing.
    It would better for you to go in for BSNL operating in Bengaluru and their services are up to the mark and such switching from one service provider to another would certainly mean a better connectivity in terms of Land - line services.

  • Thanks for the responses.
    I have two options; either migrate to GSM service or opt for BSNL connection with new number.

  • After the aggressive introduction of high internet data per day at a nominal price by Reliance Jio, the mobile telephone market has entered a new era of cutthroat competition. It is not only Tata Docomo but many others who are feeling the heat.

    Other companies have followed the suit and have been offering comparable data plans.

    In such a situation the future of landline is also hanging in a dilemma as many customers are surrendering their landline connections. So one can think in that direction also. The Reliance Jio portable router which is very lightweight and can be kept in a pocket is already a big threat for traditional wi-fi in homes.

    Still, some of the households feel the need of landline or landline with wi-fi, they can go for BSNL or Airtel etc.

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