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    A Levels vs CBSE in 11th and 12 grades

    Confused between IGCSE and CBSE? wondering which is a better option to get into a top medical college in the country? Check out this Ask Expert page and get guidance and advice for the bet option.

    My son is in 9th grade studying IGCSE syllabus and his goal is to appear for AIIMS entrance. He is foreign national studying in Hyderabad, India.
    We as parents are confused to let him choose CBSE or IGCSE A levels in 11th and 12th grades to secure a seat in top medical colleges.
    Any guidance is very much appreciated.
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  • Among IGCSE and CBSE, CBSE would be a better option if he aims for AIIMS entrance exams. As the syllabus for entrance exam is mostly based on NCERT book.

    The approach of IGCSE is more of practical than theoretical which might not help him to solve the AIIMS entrance exam.

  • If I have to decide I will decide on CBSE syllabus. CBSE is giving more importance to science subjects and they will give you more subject which will be more useful for AIIMA entrance test. Another advantage is you will have a little more time to study the entrance related subject than in IGCSE. The subject-oriented syllabus is more useful for entrance tests.

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  • If we compared both board then I think CBSE(Central board of secondary education) Board would be better if your child wants to appear for AIIMS entrance exam. In IGCSE Board, exam papers have been made completely on practical application questions pertaining to their subject. CBSE follow NCERT Textbooks. Most competition exams match CBSE syllabaus. Choose CBSE board when your child wants to be an engineer or doctor. When your area or place of living is frequently change. CBSE is exteremly focused on science and mathematics with a lot of attention paid to the application of knowledge. The syllabaus prepared by CBSE is more suitable for qualifiying in entrance examinations.

  • While comparing the standard of syllabus of IGSE and CBSE, the later one would help you in the smooth preparation for the upcoming of the medical test since NCERT books being followed in the CBSE pattern covers the questions set in the medical test. May be the exactly the same questions are not being dealt with but the aspirants would accumulate sufficient ideas to tackle the problems set in the Medical - tests.
    IGSE do have a rich syllabus especially in English and Social - science but the way Physics and Chemistry are dealt with, the aspirants would require additional supplements to crack out the medical - test.

  • Nowadays whether a student opts for CBSE or IGCSE may make a slight difference as regards to the closeness of the questions in medical or engineering exam with that of CBSE but the fact is that the student who is actually preparing for that angle will be consulting many guidebooks and question papers and eventually will have to cover all sort of questions. He can not rely on his CBSE or IGCSE syllabus only as the case may be.

    So whatever stream he chooses, he will have to cover all sort of possible questions available in question banks and guide books. As the competition is very high one cannot depend on the particular syllabus and feel privileged.

    I think instead of getting confused over the two options available it will be better to prepare covering both the syllabus and that will definitely increase his chances for selection.

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  • Thank you very much for your valuable suggestions and time taken to respond. Now I got more insight on this subJect and I will leave it up to my kid with my guidance to decide because he is the who has to prepare for it.

  • In CBSE, stress is given on NCERT textbooks, whereas in IGCSE, the textbooks are different. There is a difference in syllabus also. AIIMS Entrance examinations and NEET basically follow the CBSE syllabus and the questions are mainly from NCERT textbooks. So, CBSE students enjoy a marginal difference over IGCSE and other State Boards.

    Keeping in view the above, it would be advisable to shift your son from IGCSE to CBSE in Claxx XIth.

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  • If your son want to do MBBS in India,CBSE is best as entrance exam syllabus will be based on CBSE syllabus.Most of the entrance questions will be from CBSE syllabus and most of the entrance coaching centers will offer coaching based on CBSE syllabus
    IGCSE is suitable in case your son want to study in abroad for any courses.

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