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    What are the advantages and disadvantages of multi niche YouTube channel?

    Having a query about multi niche youtube channel? Searching for understanding the advantages and disadvantages of such a channel? Find answers to yuor query here.

    I own a YouTube channel with my name i.e. Paresh Gujarati. I make the video on any topic which is worth making and worth watching. The topic list includes engineering tips, everyday tips, current affairs tips, mobile and computer tips, regional or spirituals etc.

    I want to know, What are the advantages and disadvantages of multi-niche YouTube channel?
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  • Recently I came to know once a YouTube get some amount of subscriber on their channel all this multi niche YouTube channels start contacting them for making videos on their channel.

    Firstly, let me tell you advantages. So the thing is this channels already have good audience so basic thing is you will be having easy access to that audience. Do in future they will start knowing you and that will be useful for your channel. Isn't it great. Second basic steady income you can start getting is you collaborate with a good channel.

    Disadvantage is some time this people don't pay you on time, they put contract where you can't make videos for your own channel and they take fruit of your handwork. So if you are very much confident about your channel don't tie up with them until and unless you know they are very good for future of your channel.

  • It is advisable to have one channel in which you can post your videos. All related topic videos can be posted on the same channel which will have some connection somewhere. For example, you can post videos related to travel, cinemas and music in one youtube as they have some relation. Once the audience increases to 10K or more you can go to another channel. Even though it appears as a single channel you will have multiple niches and you have more audience. Then more advertisements and more financial realisation. It is advantageous to multiple niche youtube channel.But the subjects should have some remote connection somewhere.

    always confident

  • It is like a blogspot where blogger make other pages for writing a content on another topic. Similarly in youtube, other youtube channel for making videos on different topic. Its good but there are many biggest disavantages of that. You don't need to create adsense account for each youtube channel. Your earnings of other youtube channel will be added to your single google adsense account. You don't need to associate each channel with google adsense. The thing you need to do is just monetize your second channel. In this situation of having 2 youtube channel linked with one adsense account. There is a biggest risk is if any one of your youtube channel recieves either community guidelines strike or copyright strike then all the youtube channel connected to that adsense account will be effected, if one channel get monetization disabled then all channel linked to same adsense account will be also be demonetize.

  • Having multiple niche videos in a single channel is different from having multiple channels which cover different niches. The former one is not suggestable as it can perform poorly. But having multiple channels which cover different topics is a good idea. But not everything is a cakewalk. You must put a lot of effort to improve your ranking in YouTube searches. There will be many users like you who upload videos every day and every minute. Sometimes no matter how good your videos are, you might not get subscribes or visitors that you have expected.

    I would suggest you make quality videos which will be engaging and intriguing. Also either post videos on a single channel with niche or multiple channels with different niches. You must put a lot of effort and you must upload at least one video per day to stay in the competition. With recent update from Google (Maccabees), the search engine algorithm has changed a lot. Although this update has affected websites/blogs than YouTube channels, you must be aware of it.

    Make a good intro video. Organize your videos into playlists. Find the competitors in your niche and try to make videos which can compete with them or even perform better than others.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • With my personal experience, multi niche channel might grow gradually. People have different interests in particular niche. If you're a geek then find something new or trending on the Web to create a content for YouTube. I would not recommend posting videos randomly in different niches. People might watch videos but won't visit or subscribe.

    It's true, collaborating with other channels have higher chances of growing a channel but multi niche channel are rare and wouldn't fetch an average amount of viewers from the first place. If you're planning to start a multi niche channel, first start targeting to post content in single niche and let your channel grow.

    It's a bad idea to start a multi niche from the first place.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

  • Multi niche channels in Youtube are basically for those people who have a large number of material ready to upload category wise and they are having or expecting a good volume of traffic to visit them.

    For the beginners and always short of quality material it may not fetch good returns either for popularity or financial angle.

    The aspect from Google Adsense revenue earning is also to be kept in mind as for one person only one association for revenue sharing will be allowed.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Since multi niche channels in UTube are for those people having sufficient times to upload the materials in different topics and since the competition now a days is fierce, your posting in multi niche should be in such a manner to attract audience of larger crowd. This becomes unpredictable in nature. The other disadvantage is that you may not fetch good traffic initially and in such cases patience would be required to stay in multi niche channels.
    The best idea would be to start single niche channels initially and effort has to be made to attract crowd with the quality - content. Initially there would not be much acceptance but your perseverance would pay you dividend later on. Once the traffic is not nfluenced with your relevant postings in different fields, you may enter into multi niche channels.

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