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    What is normal size in length of appendix in 7 year kids?Is any one expert here to advice?

    Have a query about appendix in seven year old? Searching for medical advice for resolving confusion between surgery or medicine? find advice here.

    What is normal size in length of appendix in 7 year kids?Is any one expert here to advice?
    One of my friends kid is suffering from pain but now it is in control by medicine.

    What do you advice? If you want I can share report copy here to get more details. I have taken doctors advice and 'the advice ratio is more to go for appendix surgery. Is that the last option or is there any medicine which can control this?
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  • The human appendix averages 9 cm in length but can range from 2 to 20 cm. The diameter of the appendix is usually between 7 and 8 mm. When the patient is suffering from acute and severe appendicitis the surgery will be performed. If surgery can't be done immediately the doctors use some intravenous antibiotics to delay or avoid the starting of infection.

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  • On an average, the appendix measures about 6-8 cms. The size of the appendix or the ratio is not the deciding factor for surgery in acute conditions.

    The decision for surgery is guided by the

    1.Patient's general condition
    2.The clinical signs ellicted on examing the patient
    3.the results of blood tests(white cell count, differential count)
    4.the results of the imaging (USG or CT scan if done)

    It is everything put together that decides the timing of surgery. Often in children, a condition called ' Mesenteric Adenitis' confuses the picture as it can mimic appendicitis.

    My suggestion is get your friend's son to see a good paediatrician and a paediatric surgeon in a good hospital who can assess him, if in doubt they would do the scans.

    Rarely, if everything is stable and well, some mild cases would settle with antibiotics and other general measures.

    Complicated appendicitis is the term used for presence of pus or perforation (a hole in the inflammed appendix).

  • It is scientifically believed that appendix is a useless part and is the reminiscent sign of the past species from where humans are evolved. In case it goes inflated and starts painful condition, it is to be operated and removed.

    The size of appendix is normally in the range 8-10 cm. Though antibiotics and pain relievers can give symptomatic reliefs but in case of acute appendicitis, doctors generally suggest for operation.

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  • The appendix is a vestigial organ in humans. What does it mean? It means that the organ has no function in human body. So, if it is operated, there is absolutely no problem, The human appendix is generally 9-10 centimeter in length and 7-8 millimeter in diameter.

    Appendicitis is a medical emergency that requires prompt surgery to remove the appendix. If left untreated, an inflamed appendix will eventually burst, or perforate, spilling infectious materials into the abdominal cavity. It may also cause death of patients.

    So, the doctors always advise surgery in case of appendicitis to avoid future complications. Your friend must contact an experienced doctor or renowned hospital, and follow the advice given by the doctor/hospital.

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  • Thanks for all your advice. Finally he is going for surgery because pain happen every month so it can be danger in future. Currently pain is ok but he can not wait for next attack better to do operation and finish the issue because no harm on donning operation too.

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  • The appendix is the extension of cecum of the large intestine. It is in the shape of worm and hence it is also called as vermiform appendix. For many years appendix is thought to harbor intestinal flora and friendly bacteria which will help in normal activities of the digestive system. The tissue around the appendix is also called as 'gut-associated lymphoid tissue'. It is also credited that it plays an important role in Immunity and lymphatic system maintenance. These functions are present in all mammals except humans. In humans, the appendix has lost most of its functions and there no side effects after the surgical removal. Hence appendix is called as the vestigial organ of human body.

    The normal size of the appendix in children is 8 - 10 cm but it can range between 2 - 20 cm. The normal appendix consists of 5 distinct layers:
    1. Echogenic layer - innermost layer.
    2. Hypoechoic mucosal layer
    3. Echogenic submucosal layer
    4. Hypoechoic muscularis propria layer
    5. Echogenic serosal layer - Outermost layer
    Normal appendix in children has an inner hypoechoic band without folding and it is the most distinctive feature in diagnosing the normal appendix from an abnormal one.

    Normally appendix is subjective to wear and tear. It heals itself periodically. But when there is an obstruction to appendix normal flow, there will be bacterial infestation resulting in mucus accumulation. Furthermore, this obstruction will result in the formation of blood clots (thrombosis), blockage of blood vessels (occlusion) and impaired function of the lymphatic system around it. This is where the acute pain is observed and needs immediate medical assistance. Recovery is also very rare. The tissue is deprived of blood vessels (ischemia) and progressively it becomes necrotic. At this stage surgical removal is the done. The condition of the appendix is normally diagnosed by Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technique. But if MRI is not available, Computed tomography (CT) scan is done.

    Surgery is done by a technique called Laparoscopic appendectomy which requires fewer and smaller incisions. The recovery period ranges from 2 - 6 days depending on the severity of appendicitis.

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  • On an average appendix measures 6-10 cm. Sometimes it gets inflammation and creates a painful condition (appendicitis). Depending upon the results of various medical tests doctors will suggest the remedial measures.

    In some cases proper antibiotics and analgesics will be sufficient to suppress it. If it is not controlled then doctors can go for surgery which is called appendectomy.

    In most of the cases removal of appendix is the remedy for acute appendicitis.

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  • The average length of the appendix varies from 7 to 10 cm but its presence is not at all felt in normal condition. Any inflammation in that region can be located by means of MRI or CT scan.
    What is needed at this juncture is to have a consultation with a renowned paediatrician who will assess the the symptoms of the child and may advise some blood test or any CT scan.
    On administration with some suitable antibiotics to be decided by the doctor will heal up the infection and in that way, the chances of surgery can be averted.
    However, the recurrent infection on that part will call for a surgery to avoid any future complication but in that case, you need to ensure that surgery is done by an eminent surgeon.

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