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    Planning to study a foreign language? Wondering if there is scope for a job abroad after this study? Find advice from experts here.

    I have done my graduation in commerce and am thinking of doing a post gradate diploma in Korean language. Will the diploma help me with getting a job outside India? And what are the post in a company that I can apply for with this qualification?
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  • Basically, you are a commerce graduate. You want to go for a postgraduate diploma in the Korean language. Your additional qualification in the Korean language may get you a job in Korea.
    Your B.Com. will fetch you a job in accounts department, stores, purchase or marketing departments as an assistant. But your PG Diploma in a Foreign Language will not give you any additional advantage in getting a job. Instead of doing PG Diploma in a language go for new accounting software like SAP etc. They will give you an added advantage in getting a good job in the country or abroad. Afterwards, if you are interested you can go for language diploma. You can also think of doing a PG Diploma in management so that you will get better jobs.

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  • Learning a foreign language is basically a skill which opens a scope in accessing career in certain types of jobs like translator, interpreter, international conference facilitator etc.

    There are many countries like France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Russia which are carrying out lot of business activities in their own language which is not English. These countries as well as our Govt departments dealing with them in matters of trade, business and diplomatic ties require interpreters or translators on many occasions.

    B. Com has already equipped you with commercial and financial knowledge and the jargon used there. The learning of a language as a full fledged diploma level will definitely create an opportunity to look for jobs in this specialised area.

    Please be in touch with job portals and newspapers and watch for the frequencies of these jobs so that you can have a feel of demand in this particular arena.

    You can consider Arabic or French or Chinese or German also in place of Korean as the former also have potential in terms of getting a job.

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  • With the back ground in commerce, ( being a commerce - graduate), you are interested to have a post graduate diploma in the Korean language. The choice may prove fruitful in case, you could make a contact with the local embassy and you may make an enquiry how this post graduate diploma can land you a job in Korea. The other option would be to have a interaction with your friend circles who could dwell on light on this issue.
    However, a post graduate diploma with an established institute having AICTE approval for the Korean language can certainly enhance your job prospects. You may refer to classified advertisements appearing in the leading news paper. In the mean while you may learn different tools related accounts such as SAP, Oracle, etc in order to have better prospects in accounting job prevailing in our country and later with the Post - graduate diploma in the Korean Languge, you can shift your job as an interpreter in the Hotel - industries or even your u can look forward to the jobs of central government and for that you need to face UPSC for the recruitment - purpose.

  • So far as the Korean language is concerned, I must say that this language has little in use outside North Korea and South Korea. So, after learning the Korean language, you can expect job only in South Korea, because there is not much hope of getting employment in North Korea.

    If you are interested to get employment in South Asian countries, I would suggest going for Chinese (Mandarin) language, which has much wider acceptability, particularly in this region.

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  • In the present scenario of global trade and business there definitely seems a scope for the learning a foreign language after which one can search the job portals for such jobs where the knowledge of the language is required.

    Normally, these jobs will have interpretation work in one to one diplomatic or high-level talks or in international conferences for on the spot translations.

    Apparently, job potential appears but the volume of such vacancies will be limited and generally translators and interpreters are hired by the company on as and when required basis.

    I suggest looking for these details in the consulate or embassy sites of these countries like Korea, Russia, Japan so that the basic picture regarding job opportunities can be ascertained.

    The knowledge gained through commerce graduation degree will be useful when a language interpreter job in a business environment is obtained.

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  • Your a commerce graduate. Now if your planning to study Korean language. Its a good choice but before you confirm your decision's its better you think of advantages and disadvantages of studying Korean language because learn new language is a tough job. Suppose if you had opted Korean language before and know the basics then no problem to continue with post graduation. This point was not mentioned in the query. Now jobs based on your query. If you complete your post graduation in Korean language then you can apply for teaching post in graduation college's, that can be even outside India. Where as MNC company don't require such specific qualifications. They recruit based on their set of interview levels where your commerce nor Korean language is used in particularly. They just check for personality development of an candidate to recruit in their company.
    Suppose if your fixed up to make your career in Korean language then you can complete your post graduation in Korean language and then apply for job's in college's where recruitment is done for teaching Korean language's.
    Query on getting a job is entirely based on your performance and your interest towards that particular post.
    All the Best.

  • Korean language knowledge will help in getting the job provided you have working experience from well known companies.Many Korean companies prefer people with Masters degree
    To get job in South Korea you shall gave good experience from well known company and language knowledge alone wont help.

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