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    Composite Transfer Grant Allowance on transfer

    Have a query about composite transfer grant allowance? Looking out for detailed norms and clarification? Find suggestions from experts here.

    It appears that the expression 'change of residence' should mean only physical relocation from old station to new station for assuming work responsibility. It should be immaterial where the officer at new location stays at government accomodation, or rented accomodation (be it guesthouse, lodge or hotel, by whatever name). CGTA should also be admissible irrespective of family shifting or not.
    However, payment towards household goods'transportation be on actual movement of goods to new location.

    Provide any clarification issued to this effect.
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  • When an employee gets transfer to a place more than 20 km from his present place and his change of residence is required due to this transfer then he will get all the applicable transfer allowances like one month basic salary, travel ticket for self and family as per class of entitlement or road mileage if journey done via car/taxi, transportation of household goods etc.

    If the change of residence is not their and distance between the two stations is less then 20 km, still he will get 1/3rd of one month basic salary as composite grant.

    If distance is less than 20 km but change of residence is consequential of transfer he will in addition to 1/3rd grant get other charges like transportation etc .

    So change in residence and distance are the crucial factors for determining the grants.

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  • The rule position regarding grant of transfer allowance in Government is very clear. Transfer allowance is granted to such employee who has been transferred from his/her place of posting to another place/office in public interest.

    If the family of an employee relocates and not the employee, then transfer allowance is not admissible because of the simple reason that the place of posting of the employee hasn't changed. Transfer allowance can't be granted if the son of an employee goes from Delhi to Chennai to study or the wife of another employee goes back to their native place for some other reasons.

    The author has opined: ''However, payment towards household goods'transportation be on actual movement of goods to new location.'' How is it possible for the office (Government) to check/note the actual movement of goods to a new location? So, a uniform regulation has been developed for payment for transportation of goods.

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