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    Campus Recruitment eligibility criteria

    Have a query about the eligibility criteria of campus recruitment? Searching for the criteria of mass recruiters and others? On this Ask Expert page you can read all the advice provided by experts.

    I am currently pursuing B.Tech(Information Technology) from SRM University. Currently I am in 3rd year. Actually, I am very worried about my campus placement only due to my class 12th marks.
    In class 10 my CGPA was 7.8
    In Class 12 my percentile was 59.98%(all subjects) and since I am from a CBSE board, where best of 5 subjects are considered, then it is coming to 63%.
    In college, till my 5th sem my CGPA is 8.01
    Will I be eligible for any mass recruiting companies or any other company ?
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  • The eligibility criteria for campus recruitment depends upon the company. Different companies will have different criteria. In your case, you are having good percentage in 10th and 12th You will get qualified for attending the campus interview, provided you don't have any backlogs in your graduation. In your 12th class, you got second class marks. But that is not a problem. Your selection will be on the basis of the performance of the individual in the written test, group discussion and then orals. Some companies ask for above 60% marks in all the examinations but some companies ask the only second class in all exams. So chances for you to be allowed for campus selection are good. Don't worry about that. Concentrate on the studies and get good grades and marks.

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  • Each company will have their own eligibility criteria. Some companies consider only degree marks while others consider even 10th and put marks along with the degree marks. Also for some companies, 55% will be the eligibility criteria. So you will get to attend campus interviews of companies who expect minimum 55% throughout.
    Also, my suggestion based on what I have seen is, even though if companies ask for 60% or 70% throughout your academics, please attend the interview. You will be evaluated based on your knowledge and communication and not on the marks you have scored. Cut off marks are set by the companies so that the screening becomes easier.

  • You should not get disappointed at this stage. Your task should be to complete the present assignment with a respectable score with a minimum CGPA 8.5. The employers do employ certain criterias to screen out candidates so as to make the selection process somewhat easier. So there would be little variation in the criterias set by them. So far your aggregate is not that much discouraging.
    You should make every attempt to understand the concepts prescribed in your present course - structure with an emphasis of developing your communication- skill. Go through a leading news paper daily so as to be acquainted with the latest developments since the board of interview will judge you in different angles.
    In case, you lack in communication skill in English, you may undertake a course from any renowned institute. SIde by side strengthen your basics.

  • The cut off marks selected by the companies are different from each other and are based on their individual campus recruitment experiences.

    As per your marks in 10 and 12 class you may get chance to appear in some of the companies, if not all, for these tests.

    Based on your test performances and overall impression of your personality for the requirement of the company, these selections are made. So you have to focus more to excel in these tests or group discussions etc.

    Please remember that you have to tell your answers in a direct and understandable mode. Do not give jumbled or confused statements. In group discussion you have to firmly and clearly put forth your argument points with examples wherever you can find to quote in. Company will be interested in assessing your knowledge but at the same time they will like to hire a person having positive and futuristic approach for their business.

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  • I have read the question in details. First and foremost, different companies have different eligibility criteria. However, generally speaking, if your percentage in B.Tech is excellent and your performance in GD/Interview is impressive, your average performance in CBSE XIIth wouldn't cause any problem in your placement in a good company.

    So, without pondering over your past performance which you won't be able to change, please give stress on your B.Tech Third Year and Fourth Year performance and start preparing for the campus interviews.

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  • Your absolutely eligible for the Campus Recruitment.Most of the companies look for candidates with good communication skills and with average score in their academics.You should not create a barrier on your own and please do give a try. You would understand what the procedure is like and that would help you face interviews in your future. Just be yourself and think before you answer or act. Don't be too conscious as that would make you nervous. Be confident and don't say anything built up as that would merely impress the interviewer.

    Try to attend interviews for the jobs where your educational background will act as a good base. For example, if you are a commerce graduate you can try in field of accounts, management, clerical,human resource,admin,stores, sales or purchase department.This would help you to fetch a job in related domain quickly.

    Never forget that learning is a continuous process which has no end and is like a ocean.If your keen to learn and execute the job then just go for it.

  • You are eligible for campus interviews in most of the companies.Only few companies are strict on the percentage in 10th and 12th.
    Prepare for campus interview.
    Learn your subjects/courses in Engineering thoroughly and get good practical knowledge.
    In campus interview the recruiters will look into your communication skills and knowledge/understanding in courses/subjects.

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