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    How to become a biology teacher

    Aspiring to become a college teacher? Searching for teaching options in the biotechnology domain? Find advice and suggestions from experts here.

    I have completed my in Biotechnology. Now I want to pursue my career as a biology teacher. But I don't know how and where to enrol and what are the different fields where I can teach. What education qualifications and experience is required for these. I am unable to find the sources from which I can get help. Is there any other good option to go for in Biotechnology?
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  • You have completed you M.Tech Bio-Technology. You want to become a biology teacher.
    If you want to be a lecturer in Bio-Technology immediately you can try in any private college. They will appoint you as a lecturer. But many private colleges will not give full scales for their lecturers. If we want to get the UGC scales and become a lecturer in government colleges or aided colleges, you have to appear for the NET examination conducted by CBSE on behalf of UGC and CSIR. Recently they notification has come. I am giving below the URL for the same. Still, time is there I think.
    You please go through the advertisement and apply for the same. There will be a written test followed by an interview. You can try for both scholarship and lecturership. Once you are qualified you will get lecturer post.
    Another way is to join in a private college as a lecturer and simultaneously work for your doctorate. Once you get your PhD and by the time the experience you put up will make you eligible for University Professor, Assistant Professor or Associate Professor.
    If you want to become a teacher of biology in a High School, you have to get admitted into B.Ed course of any recognised course and they apply for teacher posts against the advertisement by the government or Zills Parishats or Municipalities.
    As you are M.Tech I suggest you should opt for a teaching post in a college or university.

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  • CSIR conducts National Eligibility Test (NET) in Biotechnology. It is held twice in a year. You can appear in NET, qualify it and become eligible for Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) and/or lectureship. You can also join any private college/university as a lecturer of Biotechnology, but in that case, getting UGC scale for lecturer would be very slim.

    If you want to become a teacher in school, you are required to pursue B.Ed, and after completion of the same, you can become a teacher. Nowadays, in some schools, Biotechnology is being taught as a full-fledged subject at X+II level.

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  • If you want to become a biology teacher or lecturer in a higher secondary school then there are some eligibility and criteria for it. I have written an article about it. Please read my article how to become an excellent teacher which will help you to get achieve your goal.

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  • For becoming a teacher in school, especially Govt school, one has to acquire B Ed degree. That may sound a difficult proposition for you after completing M Tech in biotechnology which is an emerging area and job opportunities are being created in the industry and academy.

    You can try to get lecturer job in some private college and meanwhile can also prepare for NET after which you have ample opportunity to get a job of lecturer ship in Govt college or university.

    You can also consider option for doing PhD in your core area which will eventually enable you to apply for lecturer ship without qualifying NET.

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  • I read your question. You did not mention whether you want to become a school teacher or college teacher. Here are some points which I feel you should know while applying as a teaching faculty.
    1. Private college teachers-If you wish to become a Biology teacher at a private college or a Biotechnology professor at a private engineering college, then you can directly apply. There is no restriction regarding having a NET or SLET qualification. Nonetheless, candidates with PhD. degrees in Biology will be preferred more than you.
    2. Government college teachers-If you are aiming for government engineering or science colleges, then having a NET or SLET score is important. Along with this you must clear the interview in both private or government colleges.
    3. School teachers-If you wish to become a school teacher in Biology subject, you should clear the school service commission examination. There is another alternative to this. You can complete a 1 year B.Ed. in Biology. If you have a B.Ed. degree you can apply in both government and private schools.
    4. Research scholars-You can think of first completing your PhD. in Biotechnology. For this, you should apply for research scholarships in either India or Europe. In fact, there is a European organization that works in collaboration with Indian institutes and disburses Biology projects. The name of this organization is Euraxess. You can log onto their official website and find out the details.
    5. Corporate jobs-You can also apply for corporate jobs such as Food Analyst, Data Analyst, Project Intern, Medical Coding Specialists and others.

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  • You have completed M.Tech in Biotechnology and of course it is a prestigious qualification. Now with this qualification there are different avenues of further proceedings. You may have a glimpse over it.
    1) To start with, you can join a college with this existing qualification but in this case, you may not get salary as recommend by UGC but even then it would be better on your part for the continuation of such a job in order to meet financial obligations and at least you are not likely to tagged as unemployed. Side by side, start preparations for the NEET test conducted by CBSC held normally twice a year. By clearing this test, you will be eligible for the post of Lecturership in Biotechnology in a Government- college with a UGC scale. Later you can undertake a Doctorate degree in your relevant subject and in that way, your prospects may further widen.
    2) The other areas are the research fields where you may get gainful employment like Glaxo, Hindustan- liver and other Government - organisations where you will work as Research - scientist and with enough exposure in this field, your growth - potential will tremendously enhance.
    3) With reference to Biology teacher in a high school, I would not recommend because of the two factors - firstly, you need a B.Ed degree of a recognised university thus consuming your substantial time and secondly, your promotion - prospects in this job would not be that much rosy as compared to the posts mentioned in the earlier ones.

  • Biotechnology is an emerging discipline and has a good potential for career growth in research and technology side. You can consider that as an option.

    Regarding biology teaching job in Govt schools and colleges, one has to go for BEd or for lecturership get qualified in NET. If you are not considering them at the present juncture then the only option left is to try to get a teaching job in a private school or college. The remuneration may not be high but you can gain the experience which will help you from switching to better jobs in private sector.

    Biotechnology is an offshoot of Biology only and while you are teaching them you can very well register for research also and can pursue that in part-time and if you are successful in that endeavour you can apply directly for lecturership without bothering for NET.

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