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    Which type of battery cell is used in Dell Precision T7400 workstation?

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    I am using a workstation of Dell make with its model named Dell Precision T7400. I have a query. The voltage of the battery is low now and I want to replace it with a new one. Can you tell me which type of battery cell will be best suitable for this computer?
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  • A 3-V CR2032 lithium coin cell is to be used. This battery will be available at any Radio Shop or WalMarts Before changing the battery, you are advised to make a note of the system setup settings for ready reference in case of any problem.

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  • A coin cell battery is generally used in computers for maintaining the date, time and computer configuration etc. This battery lasts for a long time typically a few years.

    The battery used in Dell Precision T7400 workstation is 3-V CR 3032. The battery is available in the electronic parts as well as general electronic item shops. System set up information is to be noted down so that same can be selected after changing the battery. Please remember the battery is to be changed when the computer is powered off and disconnected from mains.

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