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    Which are the top five best apps for note and reminder?

    Are you searching for best app for getting notes and setting reminders? Check out this page for suggestions from experts.

    I am using many applications on my Android LeEco Le 1s. I want to install the best app for getting notes and setting reminders for increasing my productivity. Which are the top five best apps for note and reminder?

    Also, give your review and personal experience of using that application so that I can believe it.
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  • There are so many numbers of apps for the purpose. I am giving the 5 apps which I feel are the best for this purpose.

    1. It is a free app. It is a simple and easy to use to do list app.The productivity will increase.
    2. Google keep: It is a free app. It is also a simple to use app.
    3.evernote: Limited free version. After limited time free the charges will be around 35 dollars per year.
    4.simplenote: It is a free app. This is a very well used to app and productivity will get enhanced. It is slick and minimum approach to talking the note. The very well used app. It is very useful for increasing the productivity.
    you can choose from the above five as per your interest.

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  • There are many such apps available for Android. Below are the details of some of them which are worth mentioning.

    (1) - This is a popular one and has many facilities like reminders based on time and location, task customization, syncing between devices etc.
    (2) BZ Reminders - It is a simple app but comes with limited features. Still, it is robust and very good for recurring or periodic tasks. One can colour notes for easy recognition also.
    (3) Google Keep - It is one of the best note-taking apps and one can share them with others also. One can also take text, photo, video notes also.
    (4) GTasks - It is really a unique app. Nice features and it also syncs with Google tasks well.

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  • There are many Apps available for notes and alarms. Some of these are:-
    (a) Note Daily
    (b) Lyria
    (c) Evernote
    (d) Googe Keep

    All these are excellent Apps and many Android phone users use these Apps.

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  • Here is the list below of few apps which would help you to stick to your schedules

    1. To Do Reminder With Alaram App

    This application can help you remember Daily Tasks, Homeworks, Assignments , Meetings, Client Appointments, Policy Renewals, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Paying Bills and Taking Pills. .

    Its easy and quick to set reminder in this application and you can customize as per your needs. You can also set reminders as notification or alaram

    It has got rating of 4.4 in Google Play Store

    2. Any Do App

    Its a all in one application having provisions for calendar, reminder and planner It has got rating of 4.5 in Google Play Store.

    3. Reminder with Alaram ,To do list,Daliy Reminder App

    Its a free reminder application. You can set your deadline to complete a particular task, Schedule meetings.

    It has got rating of 4.6 in Google Play Store

    Other popular apps are:
    1. Google Keep which is by Google
    2. Google App
    3. Ever Note

    Its even better if you can install each of them and check on your own which one is more comfortable for you

  • Here is the list of all the best apps suitable for your needs.

    1. Journey--Journal, Reminders and Notes

    With this app if you want you can embark on the journey of self-improvement towards better qualities of love, life and health.

    You can also Record your daily events, bullet journal (bujo), track your mood, secret, gratitude, and relive those moments in Journey.

    2. Google Keep

    This is a simple notes to write save with images etc. Good for people who are reluctant.

    3. Reminder Pro

    This is a paid app and you can buy it for 140 Rupees. It is really a great app to set a reminder that will save you on being getting late.

    There are also apps but these are the best of all.

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