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    Draft for complaint in Banking Ombudsman

    Worried of extra charges and debit for non-drawl of amount from ATM? Please check this page to know fromour experts as to how to register a complaint to the concerned authorities.

    Used credit card at ATM, Cash was not dispenses and I am being charged for that. Please help me in drafting a complaint in Banking Ombudsman . By mistake I opted for withdrawal of cash through credit card at ATM of 5000. Cash was not dispensed. I am being charged approx 24000 as an interest. Sbi is not able to provide CCTV footage.
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  • Few company's credit cards can be used to withdraw money from ATM. Anyhow you can write a formal letter to the Branch Manager in the branch where you hold the account with subject of the line regarding the issue concerned. Explain the issue and ask them for necessary corrections and wavier of the interest. Every ATM withdrawal can be traced and you need to pressurize them to figure out the issue.

    Below is the sample letter format

    ..........................................(Write your complete Address)


    The Branch Manager
    --------------------------(Write the complete address of your bank branch)

    Subject: Regarding inappropriate interest charges
    Reference: (Mention your credit card number)

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    With reference to the above subject, I would like to bring to you kind notice that, I have been charged interest for the amount of Rs.5000/- which I was trying to draw from my credit card in (write here the ATM Branch from where you tired the withdrawal) on (mention the date here in proper format) but the amount was not at all dispensed from the ATM machine.

    I request you to kindly verify the same and do the needful to waive of such inappropriate interest charges at the earliest.

    Thanking you,

    Yours Faithfully,

    (Mention your name here and sign above)

  • There must be a phone number of customer care centre or call centre either in the back of your credit card or internet site of your credit card issuer.

    You can lodge your complaint to them with all the details and location of the ATM so that they can check and reverse the charges.

    Did you get any transaction slip from the ATM? If yes, it will have all the details of your transactions.

    In case your issue is not resolved then you can think of going to bank ombudsman.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • I hope yu would have followed all the preliminary procedure in this matter.
    When you did not get the cash, you should have immediately contacted:(1) the card issuing bank and informed them (2)You should have contacted the ATM owning bank/ institution .

    Sometimes the cash would have come out and the machine records will show that cash is successfully dispensed. Then the bank/card issuing institution has to be properly convinced about your claim. In such circumstances an immediate complaint will give strength to your claim.
    Have you got any receipt for the transaction? That will show the ATM identification number.

    Now, in your case, preserve all the copies of your complaints and replies you received.

    The first and best persons to solve your problem is the card issuing bank/institution and the ATM owning institution. On your complaint they will make the necessary enquiry and verification of records and may also verify the cctv records. They may know if the macine was faulty or the cash was retained in the machine. But i case of any mischief or someone others getting the money, it may need proper convincing and their acceptance for getting your money back.

    However if the bank does not settle your claim, then , with all records and proofs you may approach the Ombudsman and seek redress of your grievance.

  • When did this incident take place? Did you contact your bank immediately and informed the incident?
    It is to be informed immediately to the bank to which ATM belongs and your bank also so that they can investigate and get it rectified. Without information to the concerned bank you can to go to further steps.
    Even now immediately you contact the bank and inform what happened and give them the complaint in writing.
    Did you get the receipt for the transaction so that that can be used as a proof? If you have reported and the bank has not taken any action then your case will become strong. If you have not complained they will be strong.
    Send a detailed complaint in person to the bank with all the transaction details and ask them to take appropriate action immediately. Wait for their response and if there is no response go for the ombudsman with a written complaint

    always confident

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