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    What are the differences between Kathakali and Mohiniyattam?

    wondering to know about the difference between the two great dances Kathakali and Mohiniyattam? let us have a look here to know about this from our ISC experts.

    Although I don't get enough chance, whenever I see various classical and folk dance forms of India, I become spell-bound by the movements of hands and feet and the facial and eye expressions of the artists. Since my childhood, I have heard that Kathakali and Mohiniyattam are two classical dance forms originated from Kerala. Now I would like to know the following:-

    (a) What are the major differences between Kathakali and Mohiniyattam? One is that the Kathakali dancers use masks, but there is no concept of masks in Mohiniyattam. What are the other differences?

    (b) Are there reputed and trusted dance institutes/teacher of these two dance forms in Delhi? Do these institutes/teachers teach these dance forms to non-Malayali students?
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  • The Kathakali is performed by an artist after a lot of make up as well as wearing big and round garments. It is a stylized form of Indian classical dance and the movements of artist's body part are in tandem with the music played. Generally in Kathakali there will be a fight shown between good and evil. It is believed that Kathakali is emerged from the life and activity of Lord Krishna.

    On the other hand Mohiniyattam is not focussed on make ups or attires. It is based on the swaying of body from side to side while legs are firmly on ground though a bit apart. The erect body swaying from one side to other feels like swaying of a tree.

    There are many schools for learning these in Delhi. Some of the sort listed are -
    1. Centre for Mohiniyattam, Greater Kailash, Delhi.
    2. Aamad dance centre, Laxminagar, Delhi.
    3. M S Study point, Kondli, Delhi.
    4. Tansen Sangeet, Vasant Kunj, Delhi.
    5. Music Art Galaxy, Mayur Vihar, Delhi.

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  • Kathakali is a form of classical dance which is famous in kerala. In this, the performer plays usually wears heavy makeup, costumes. Its a form of story play. The themes of the play are derived from Hindu Mythology and Epics.a

    Mohiniattam is a rhytmic and unbroken flow of body movements. This form of classical dance is also famous in kerala and is developed in devadasi tradition.

    You can approach below listed institutions in Delhi for learning Kathakali /Mohiniattam

    1. Kathak Dance Academy, Rithala Extension,Rithala,Rohini, Delhi 110085
    Contact No: +91 9811233748

    2.Kathak Kendra, 2,San Martin Marg,Chanakyapuri,New Delhi 110021
    Contact No: 011 26874251

    3.Satrang Kala Foundation, Near Saraswati Model School,Sector - 10 , Dwarka,New Delhi 110075
    Contact No: 09911742608

    4. Devi Durga Kathak Sansthan, 366, K P , Thakkar Block, Asaid Village, New Delhi 110049
    Contact No: 09810482891

    5. Manjari Odissi Nrityalaya, D 100, Block D, Ganesh Nagar, New Delhi
    Contact No: 09999432103

    6. Nrityanjali, Near Art Gallery,Deer Park,Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110016
    Contact No: 08800965303

  • Kathakali is a dance form with heavy garments and has heavy makeup! Performed mainly by male dancers! The theme is fighting between good and evil
    Mohiniattam is a sister dance form of Bharatnatyam. Performed by women only. No importance for costumes and make up. Again the main theme is a fight between good and evil.
    There are many schools in New Delhi. They teach for non-Malayalam people also. Some details are given below.
    1. Music & Dance Academy, Pitampura, Delhi.
    2. 4G Global Performers, Dwarka, Delhi,
    3.Smarten School, Najafgarh, New Delhi,
    4.Zenith Dance Institute Pvt.Ltd., South Moti Bagh, New Delhi,
    5.Shrestha Play School, Pales colony, New Delhi
    6.Dance Era, Sec,24, Rohini, New Delhi.

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  • Kathakali is generally a play based on a story generally taken from Puranas such as Mahabharata, Ramayana, etc. Lots of make up is required for each character. Generally it takes more than a couple of hours. Most of the male characters will have a large or medium sized head wear called 'kireedam'. Female characters come with simple but posh looking dresses, head being covered with a cloth. The kireedam for male characters will vary according to the characters. The play will be supported by two musicians and drum bearers.
    Actually this fo of art was developed in Kerala and even now majority of artists are from this part of the country. There is a University in Kerala where the art forms like Katjakali and related ones are taught. It is Kerala Kala Mandalam University, Cheruthuruthy near Shoranur.
    Mohiniyattam, a dance form, is also trained there.


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