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    What is the fastest time recorded for solving 3x3 Rubik cube officially at world level?

    Want to know the minimum time taken to solve Rubik cube? Searching for the fastest solution? Check out this page for answers from experts for your queries.

    Solving Rubik's cube is a difficult task for all who have never solved it before. A solution of Rubik cube requires the algorithm to be followed. Most widely solved Rubik cube is 3x3. What is the fastest time recorded for solving 3x3 Rubik cube officially at world level or Guinness World Records?
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  • To complete rubik's cube in minimum time and set a new record has been the endeavour of many contenders.

    It is very interesting to note that in the year 1982 the official record of completing this interesting 3 x 3 cube was 19 seconds which is quite good an achievement but today the latest record is 4.59 seconds achieved last year by Seung Beom Cho of South Korea in Chica Ghost 2017 contest.

    It is really amazing that there are people who can complete this challenging cube in such a short time.

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  • Contestants are eagerly trying to reduce the time while completing Rubik's cube and as such there has been considerable reduction of time in solving the said problem. As going to the past way back to 1982, the effective time to work out the problem consumed 18.8 secs roughly but the latest record for solving the same is 4.59 secs.
    Next record would definitely show remarkable improvements. Let us hope so.

  • The world record for average time taken for each solution is an astonishing 6.54 second! This record was set by Feliks Zemdegs in 2013.

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  • A person by name Patrick Ponce belonging to the United States of America completed the task of solving the 3X3X3 Rubik's Cube in just 4.69 secs. This happened on 2nd September of 2017 in a valley competition in Middletown, Virginia, USA. This is the latest Gunnies Book record in this competition.

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