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    How to shape a career as a civil engineer

    Not satisfied with how your career is shaping up as a civil engineer? Get expert advice & best tips to becoming a successful civil engineer.

    I am a newly graduated civil engineer and have just started working as a site supervisor in one of the reputed construction companies in Kerala. It's been 5 months. I have been working on site and it seems to be very difficult working under a scorching sun. I have also studied civil related software and wish to do design work after gaining some site experience.

    So I wish to know expert suggestions on how to mould my career. Is design field better or site work for the development of one's future? Hoping for some relevant advice and suggestions from experienced people.
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  • As a Civil Engineer working in the field as well as planning and designing the construction are very attractive. Initially, in the beginning of your career, you require some practical experience in the construction. In any subject, there will be always some difference between the theory and actual happenings. So to understand the actual problems that will be there in the field and how they can be overcome while taking precautions while planning and designing will make you a very good Civil Engineer. As you are very young now you put up 2 or 3 years experience on the construction site and simultaneously try to acquire some additionals skills like CAD and other related software. While working here try to interact with the people in your Organisation who are involved in designing and try to get some inputs from them for your doubts. That will make you have a logical thinking on all aspects of construction designing and planning. Once you are confident with these systems you try shifting to the designing area. The Architects and landscape designers are very much in demand these days.
    This is the best way to follow for a better career.

    always confident

  • Though job position in our country is becoming tough day by day but with efforts and hard work one can get success in any field.

    Civil engineering is a very important degree in the sense that in view of ever-increasing construction and building activities the scope for career growth is there.

    In the beginning, it is always better to go for field work as it will make you the hardcore person to take up any challenging work in extreme working conditions. The experience gained in such situations will always be guiding you in your future assignments.

    Working in the field does not mean that you disconnect with academics. You must join some part-time advanced design course in CAD or other such software so that you are able to work on big projects also.

    Remember, nothing works like experience and we only acquire it after a lot of hard work.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • According to me the career development can be obtained through gaining practical experience only. Many people expecting higher post immediately on passing out as an engineer but blinking or unable to cope up later. your step is right and you should wait for a promotion or atleast for one year complete experience. Your knowledge whatever gained in this period will be an asset to you. Some may be small matter to you now but a great matter to you later.

  • After doing mechanical engineering one can try to appear for executive posts in PSUs or Railway or public works departments in state Govt. These organizations have their own entrance tests and selection procedures.

    A lot of candidates appear for these coveted posts and tough competition is there. With hard work and focused approach, one can prepare for these attractive jobs.

    Your present job is in construction industry and being an outdoor job appears as exerting one but do not bother as in the learning phase one should take up all sort of challenges and should not be disappointed by these factors.

    If you are interested in design side and office job then you will have to complete diploma in more skills like CAD, solid work etc.

    Knowledge is power.

  • In my opinion, both field experience and planning are important for a Civil Engineer. You must work on site though summer season is coming you have to work hard to make a golden career. In free time you should do planning and designing of the building . There is a good scope in this field also. You can make your company for designing and planning. Blueprint of the building is necessary for the people nowadays. so, you can make your career in this field. After getting experience in the field you would be able to make your own construction company in future.

    Honesty is the best policy.

  • No doubt, the job of the civil - engineer is really tough since it is amalgamation of a number of techniques being employed in this field ie surveying, involvement in the constructional activities such as building, road, bridge construction etc. and each area needs sufficient exposure so that you will have clarities in relation to the activities of the job of civil - engineers. Then there are CAD and design - activities which too are included as the job of Civil - engineering.
    At this stage, you have not think over your exhaustion which you are currently facing and go in depth of such skills with which you are coming across. Better discuss with your Boss and sort out your work related problems.
    With an average experience of three years covering different areas, you will have abundant confidence in the job. Later, you can apply Railways, Central Government - jobs, Public undertaking Organisations and R&D areas. Your future seems to be bright provided you maintain consistency in your job learning process.

  • Work pressure is very high in site or construction work. I think design field is better than site work if you wants to work peacefully. As you said that you learn software of design and analysis then its good to enhance knowledge about those designing tools and formulas. Softwares which is used for designing and analysis purpose are Staad Pro, Strud, SAP, XSteel, Ansys,, etc. There are lots of jobs in design and construction. In Design, you can work as a Revit Architecture, CAD. CAD tools and formula help in making drawings and layout for example : AutoCad which is widely used in industries. You can learn courses including software tools online through coursera, lynda and edx. Later on, you can apply on Maharatna companies for design and site work whatever job you wants to do because there are many advantages employee get such as allowances, slightly higher salary compared to other companies and health facilities are also very good. So Supose your parents require money for treatment then it will be provide by the corporation definitely. So get practial knowledge about software tools and formulas through lynda and coursera for analyzing and designing so you can get job with high salary and allowances.

  • Design field is better in terms of opportunities and salary.
    Please do short term courses on CAD ,structural deign,building design and architecture courses and it will enhance your career prospects.
    CADD Center offers many courses for Civil Engineers.
    It is also good to do M.E/M.Tech in Structural Engineering/Architecture or Construction Engineering.This will enhance your career prospects and you can jet job in MNCs,

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