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    What assignments do I need to write for supplementary exams in ANU distance education?

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    I didn't write 1st year main exams and assignments in December 2017.. A new batch is going to write exams in May 2018. They told me to write supplementary exams with May- 2018 batch and there is supple notification to pay supplementary fees separately.
    What assignments should I need to write for supplementary exams: December - 2017 assignments or May - 2018 assignments or any supple assignments which will be announced later with supple exam notification?
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  • Please consult your study centre they will provide you proper guidance about the assignment. The assignment is subject to the study centre. In my opinion, you have to submit the assignment of 2017 but it would be better to consult study centre before making the assignment. The marks of the assignments are also given by study centre. So, go ahead as per the advice of study centre.

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  • You will have to follow the instructions of the study - centre with which you are attached. The new batch of May 2018 are to appear for the first semester and as such you,too, are being allowed to write the examination with the same batch but your assignment does not fit with them. So, in your case, you need to submit assignment of 2017. So the advice needs to be followed as per their instructions.

  • The assignments related to the year of examination is to be written. This is the general practice. So you should get ready for submitting assignments related to May 2018. But the policy of the institution is to be known from your study centre. If you have already submitted your assignments for Dec 2017 you need not worry. Otherwise you should submit fresh assignments related to May 2018 only. Please take necessary action immediately.

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  • You need to contact your study center immediately and find our what is the procedure if you missed out the previous examinations. They are the best guides as they would be framing the policies. If you have someone known who was pursuing their education from the same university, you can try finding out from them too if they have any similar experience.

  • University will be giving assignments on a semester basis in a regular way and if a student has skipped a particular assignment he will be required to write the next one whatever is communicated to him as a supplementary.

    This is a continuous process and new assignments will be available to the students.

    In distance education, as the student is not aware what assignments the other students are getting the university may send the same one to him in supplementary which he skipped in the main exam.

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