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    My sisters WhatsApp status profile picture is what we chatted

    Have a query about whatsapp profile picture? Upset about how the chat can become a profile picture? Find ample advice from experts on this page.

    I messaged my sister but to my surprise those messages in the way of a screen shot has become her status in profile photo. This was read by many and was really an embarrassment. How this could have happened? It is a serious privacy issue.
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  • Your sister might have taken the screenshot of your chats and posted the same as Profile Picture.You can ask her to remove it and change her DP

  • It generally not happens automatically. Your sister or any other members have taken the screenshot and has made it profile picture of WhatsApp. There is no any setting in WhatsApp to set an image as profile picture automatically. Ask your sister to change profile picture as soon as possible.

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  • First things first, you can delete it immediately if your sister is with you now or ask her to change the picture.

    These days, many people ( family members or friends) know the password or lock pattern that is set on the mobile. So, someone known to your sister or someone who can access her phone physically should have done.

    Check whether a child or an elder who is not familiar with the content have tried and changed the DP picture themselves

    It is uncommon but a possibility that people while changing the DP picture upload something else by mistake. Check with your sister.

    It may be for fun by someone to pull a joke on you or intentionally embrass you both.

  • Thanks for the response but she didn't do anything she was driving when I messaged her by the time she reached home she started getting calls from others bout it that's when she knew ! also she doesn't use any status or have a habit of changing profile picture often . Of course it's deleted immediately but the damage is done !

  • If you and your sister are so confident about no mischief being done by the people around you, I would suggest that you report the matter to WhatsApp. It is quite possible that it could also be a bug specific to the device. I tried to google if anyone else has reported similar matter but could find none.

    But do ensure that the mischief was not done by people around you!

  • WhatsApp is a free and easily approachable place in the net and there is always a possibility of a bug or coockie reaching a mobile handset to create such mischief.

    Your sister should immediately report it to WhatsApp so that they can search the possible cause from their side.

    Ask her to do it again with some unimportant text and if it repeats then certainly some malicious software program is implanted there in her mobile.

    If it is not due to own fault please populate this query in other popular forum sites also which may accelerate the process of resolution and you may get some speedy answer or solution.

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  • There is no way that automatically some post in the whatApp will get into status. There are only two ways.
    1. Without knowing while accidentally she might have posted the chat as status photo. Because while driving she saw you message. These days touch screen mobiles are giving such problem. Sometimes without our knowledge some calls will go because of pressing some buttons unknowingly. This may be an accidental one. Just immediately ask her to remove that status.
    Another reason may be a malfunction of certain software pertaining to her mobile. Let her show the mobile to the supplier and let her confirm that the system is not mal functioning. Once it is also confirmed that there is no problem in the system. It will be the unknowingly something has been done by her.
    If you still feel that there is no accidental pressing or related issues inform the same to WharsApp for checking from their side.

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  • The problem with whatsapp is- a whatsapp camera necessary means your gallery.
    And your gallery, if not chosen otherwise, saves stuff according to date and time.

    Taking a screenshot in a smart phone is an easy but a tricky manuever. You cannot even take it with one hand. You definitely need two hands for precision (avoiding hitting other buttons). In Samsung phones for example, you take a screenshot using both power button and home button.
    I need to catch my phone with my left and do the manuever with right.
    In phones like Redmi, mostly there's a screenshot tab giving on the "slide bar".
    In most Android phones it is using lower volume and power buttons.
    You might have understood by now that accidental screenshots are a rarity.
    But if you somehow accept that the screenshot was accidental, it ended up the first in her gallery.
    After a time, she might have thought of changing her dp, which according to you didn't go well for you.
    We can only guess that she blindly tapped the first pic,I.e..; the screenshot , and ended up as a dp (profile picture).

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    there is no way that Whatsapp put a picture of your comment as a profile picture. you have to manually select it. now WhatsApp has even updated on privacy as well. if you comment on her WhatsApp status then it goes directly into her messages. meanwhile a few weeks back when I comment on her status it shows to everyone and it's like a chat box there but now it won't it will just personally message him/her to what I have commented about and you can start a conversation in private chat. you need to follow tech blogs like Online Logo Design by Logo Nexus it will keep you updated of new tech.

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  • Note that WhatsApp chats are end-to-end encrypted. If one purposely put or upload a profile picture, media's or any files, there is no way WhatsApp or any other person could access and upload any kind of stuff from your account since they have two steps authentication by sending an verification sms from the first place during registration.

    In short, there's no way Hackers could hack or someone might have accessed your account through online activities. If that happened then I am pretty sure that the person has put the chat conversation screenshots as his or her profile picture purposely. On the contrary, he or she might have accidently chose the wrong picture and even that person has no idea.

    You can change your picture anytime or can ask her to remove. That's the reason why everybody should protect their privacy by hiding the profile picture, last seen, and chats. You can configure this from the settings menu on WhatsApp manually.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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