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    Name In 10 th Certificate and aadhar is different

    Is there a mismatch in certificates/ documents/ marksheets? Worried if this will create an issue in document verification for government job? Here, find advice from experts for all your worries.

    My name In 10th marksheet does not match with that in aadhar, PAN card, voter id etc. Will there be any problem in govt job at the time of document verification? If it will be a problem then how can I correct it? Can you provide a solution.
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  • Different name in 10 mark sheet and documents can create a big problem for you. But don't worry every problem has a solution. As per your choice, you can change your name in 10 mark sheet and also in documents. I would recommend not to alter your real name.
    Matching your 10 and 12 mark sheet is a must. If both contain the same name then alter your documents. Nowadays importance of voter card is not as much as of aadhar card. It should be correct. You can alter it from enrollment centres.

  • If your SSC(10th Class) certificate name is the correct name means you don't worry about changing in this certificate. Go for changing in your Aadhaar card, PAN card by producing your SSC certificate as proof. Aadhar card correction can be done in the banks nearby your lace. All banks won't do it. Only some banks and some Eseva centres will do this. You can search for the nearest centre through the website and you can get it changed. For a change of name in PAN card, you have to apply online. You can see the details on their website.
    But having the same name in all documents is very important. After SSC if you have studied any other course and those certificates also should contain the same name as in SSC certificate. Ensure this and any difference you have to contact the educational institution where you have studied that course and as per their suggestion, you have to get the name changed.

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  • First, you have to see which document is bearing your correct name and which is bearing incorrect name.

    If name in high school mark sheet is incorrect and in all other documents is ok then you have to apply to high school board office for this correction and they will issue you the corrected mark sheet. You will have to provide them a copy of the document where your correct name is reflecting.

    If problem is in Aadhar card, PAN card and Voter card then you will have to apply for change in name in all those documents by applying in the respected office or centre. They may charge some nominal fees also for issuing a new card.

    These actions are essential to avoid any inconvenience or embarrassment at the time of the document verification in future.

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  • Yes, certainly it will create problems everywhere. You have the same name in all documents. I will suggest you change your name or spelling according to your 10th mark sheet. As you cannot change the name in scholar register of the school. First, change the name in your adhaar card on the basis of your school certificate. Once your adhaar updated you would be able to change the name in other documents like PAN, Voter ID, etc easily.

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  • 1. First check in which document the name is mentioned correctly.

    2. If the name is mentioned correctly in AADHAR and mentioned wrongly in Xth Board documents, you are required to write a letter to the concerned Board to correct the name. You are also required to submit a copy of AADHAR and a certificate from the Principal of your school (if you are a regular student).

    3. If the name mentioned in your AADHAR Card is incorrect, you are required to apply for correction with supporting documents like Class Xth certificate, ration card, passport, etc.

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  • Yes, there would be a problem if you apply for a Government job. Please check your correct name and initials etc in the documents that you have mentioned.

    Then you would be able to decide which of the dcouments need to be changed

    10th marksheet

    Please get an affidavit done from a Notary regarding your correct name. Then publish this name in two local newspapers,one vernacular language and one English. The keep both originals in hand.
    Once you have done this have two self attested copies of ID with your correct name. Please draft a letter to the 10th board requesting a change in the name, the service you want and then forward it via your school prinicipal to the 10th state board. There would be a fee to be paid for this name change service.

    If you find that your ohter IDs have the wrong name, then you need to get it corrected individually.
    Most of these can be done online or the major government citizen help offices in your town or city.

    Aadhar card name change
    This link (perviate) give you the process about the name change
    This link is the government site

    PAN card name change
    This is the government site link for the pan card name change
    The instructinos to fill the form -

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