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    How to use marine technology for producing light source?

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    The question is about Marine technology.
    How to use marine technology for producing light sources?
    Why do we use bioluminescence character to produce light source? Why do we use bioluminescence character to produce light artificially?
    The enzyme luciferase are used for the production of luciferin. It is produces artificially for getting light source.
    I had a big doubt about it. If we produce luciferase and luciferin artificially it is easy to produce light source. Then the electricity production may be saved by this research.
    Also some genetic research also leads to the production of bioluminescence organisms.
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  • Bioluminescence is a type of chemiluminescence. This will produce light in the visible range by a chemical reaction. The process of Bioluminescence is chemical reaction occurring in a living organism to produce visible light. We see many fireflies glowing. The light in these flies will be generating by the same chemical reaction. This Bioluminescence is very common in underwater systems than on the earth. Bioluminescence may be generated by symbiotic organisms carried within a larger organism. It is generated by a reaction, wherein the pigment luciferin is oxidised by the enzyme luciferase. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is involved in most instances. The chemical reaction can occur either within or outside of the cell. If this reaction can be carried out without the presence of water in any artificial body then we may be able to see that enough light will come to use by us.

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