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    What course to take in post graduation for E&C?

    Confused about various options in PG E&C? Looking out for suggestions from experts? Find out the various options and the difference between doing PG in India or abroad on this page.

    I'm confused about what field to choose after my BE in Electronics and Communication? I have no idea how many PG course are available or suitable for E&C.
    Can you suggest which is the better PG course to take.
    I would like to do my PG abroad. Is there any difference if I do my PG in India or abroad?
    How will this PG help in my career?
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  • PG in Digital Electronics, Wireless communication, VLSI & Embedded systems, Power Electronics and further inter-disciplinary ones like Mechatronics are very good courses for getting a better job with good salary and growth.
    There are MBA courses in few Electronic branches like MBA in Power Electronics Management. This will help you in improving your technical skills as well as management skills which will help you in getting good managerial jobs.

    If you can improve your coding skills will help you in obtaining good jobs in both Hardware and Software fields.
    Coming to studying abroad, it is good if you get a seat in very good University where you will have very good placement chances. Otherwise, a good university in India is also Ok. If you are getting a seat in IITs your chances of getting a good job abroad also will be very high.

    always confident

  • Thanks for your suggestions sir.

  • You can try for Master in Electronics and Communications . Its of no concern from where you get your degree and what matters is you level of interest. Electronics and Communication is a wide subject, you can approach few institutes and find out if you can opt for any specialization from various Electronics and Communication topics.

    You can try to get your PG from below institutes which are considered best in India

    1. Birla Institute of Technology and Science
    2. Indian Institute of Technology , Khargpur
    3. Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Mesra
    4. Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Punjab
    5. National Institute of Technology, Rourkela
    6. National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur
    7. Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology
    8. PES University,Bangalore
    9. National Institute of Technology, Raipur

    You can try for all the Indian institutes of technology branches across India.

    Ensure the projects you undertake in your final year should be either from the below listed as most of the industries look for candidates with some sort of experience or knowledge in these domains

    1. Networking
    2.Circuit Designing
    3. Processors and Chips
    4. Wireless Communication
    5. RF Active Components

    You can opt for MBA while your on job after completing the Masters in Electronics as companies won't consider you as Manager for other engineers without you having required experience to guide or train them

  • After doing your BE you have to see what is the main area where you have more interest and aptitude so that you can excel there. If you are interested in hardware or serious programming side then the corresponding PG courses will be a better option but if you have an inclination towards managerial courses then I will advise you to go for MBA course.

    If you can get admission in IIT for your PG then your chances of getting jobs abroad will be more.

    Please remember the basic premises to make a career in this line is to get experience in the line of your interest and then switch your organisation for better pastures elsewhere.

    Knowledge is power.

  • The field of PG course depends on your interest,career goal and knowledge.

    If you want to work in Electronics Product Design/Embedded Hardware consider below specializations .
    - Electronics Product Design
    - Electronics Instrumentation
    - Applied Electronics
    - VLSI and Embedded Systems
    -Embedded Systems

    If you want to work in Embedded Software/Signal processing consider below specializations

    - Embedded System
    -Signal Processing
    -Communication Systems
    -Computer Science

    PG in India is good.Consider institutes like IIT,IISc,NIT,NIELT and other major Engineering colleges.

    PG in abroad will help you to get job in abroad and you will have better research facilities ( for PhD) compared to many of the Indian universities.

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