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    Information about value added courses

    Interested in opting for a value added course along with graduation? Searching for advice from experts here? On this page, you can read the advice and suggestions provided by experts and resolve your concerns.

    I wanted to know which value added course will be helpful for 2nd grade PU commerce student in regard to better career and job opportunity.
    Will learning SAP or TALLY course at the age of 17 help in anyway?
    Or should the course be learnt during degree?
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  • It is good to complete degree instead of going for a value-added course after PUC. Basing on your interest join in any degree course and simultaneously you can do some add-on courses which will make your profile much better and chances of getting a job will increase. SAP, ERP and TALLY are very good courses which are useful for getting a job. But without having a basic degree you may not be able to get a good job and have a better career. So try to finish a degree and simultaneously additional diploma or certificate courses in computer-based accounts and financial field.

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  • First, you have to decide in which subject you have interest. Degree course in always better than any diploma or value-added courses. Tally is the main programming for the account and in the present scenario, it is a good course for making a better career. Afte implementation of GST the demand for accounting packages has been increased and there are good opportunities for accounting for accounting persons.

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  • It is too early to go for any special course at this juncture. These courses are useful when you start applying for jobs.

    Once you complete your degree then you can select some financial package or commercial software to add to your academic background.

    There are many certificate or diploma courses in Business Accounting and Taxation, Cost Accounting, Financial Risk Management and Personal Insurance. Depending on one's aptitude and interest one can choose from them.

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  • It would be better on your part to concentrate the present course and later acquire the the graduation degree in commerce. Such aquistion of a degree will open the flood gates for a number of careers including your continuation of Post - graduate studies.
    On completion of your degree in commerce, you may take up short diplomas in Financial - accounting, Financial - risk management, Advanced methods of computation of tax, SAP etc.
    Any diversion from the main stream will result in a great set- back in terms of your career.

  • To get job you need to have atleast Bachelor Degree.After your 12th you can join for B.Com.Doing courses during 12th wont help you.
    During Second/Third year of your B.Com you can do TALLY,ERP,SAP or Tax or accounting diploma courses.
    To get better career opportunities you can do CA/ICWA/MBA after graduation

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