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    Can I give me relieving letter instead of NOC?

    Wondering whether relieving letter can be accepted in a government job instead of NOC? Searching for information about the recruitment norms? On this page, go through the answers by experts for your questions.

    I have been working in a PSU for 5 years now. Since last one and half years I feel distraught. I want to write SSC CGL.
    I feel that I will not be given NOC by the present organization (reason being that I have written SSC CGL 2017 which has gone for CBI enquiry). Then I took 6 months leave showing to be medically unfit,which they may not be sanctioned soon and things may go awry.
    I know its wrong but I am distraught in current job. The mere thought of working in this job for my entire life is enough to give me sleepless nights,but I don't have the cushion of age to leave it either.
    Can I write SSC CGL 2018 without informing my current employer? Even after declaration of results by SSC it takes months for joining process to begin. Meanwhile if I am selected I can resign from my current job and show relieving letter instead.
    Will be asked for NOC by the new employer?
    Can it lead to any other problem?
    Will relieving letter be accepted in place of NOC?
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  • If you resign before you apply for the post they may accept your relieving letter instead of NOC. When you get a job in government organisation there will be a medical examination and a police enquiry also before offering the employment letter. So you should not give any wrong or false information. Even they appoint now without knowing if they come to know that there are some discrepancies in your application they can again investigate and make you resign from the job. So you should declare correctly what happened and you have to take the NOC from the present Organisation. Without telling them that you got a job you can resign and get relieved and join in the new job. But for the new job application, you have to be very correct and no false information can be given,
    So please think on these lines and try to get NOC from your present employer

    always confident

  • SSC CGL takes quite a long time in finalization as you have to go through stages of tests.

    Please try to understand that NOC will be a requirement at the time of joining and if you are not able to produce it the appointment will be held suspended. If you are sure that you do not want to continue in your present job then better resign and focus in your SSC CGL exams or any other line where you feel you have core strength.

    If you resign then the problem of NOC is itself resolved.

    In Govt/ PSU job there are certain rules, regulations and procedures to be followed and those who do not adhere to them will have difficulties in smooth sailing. So still you can take corrective actions and can get all support from your present department. The only suggestion I will like to give is detach from your false ego and be honest to your present organisation.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Please do not tie yourself in unnecessary and avoidable knots.
    Your case is a common one,where people feel dissatisfied over their current job and yearn to quit it as s fast as possible. No one is against anyone's better prospects.
    As you admit,you are well aware of your situation. You have some limitations now in searching for new jobs, considering age limitations and other necessities.
    So it is just prudent that you should continue in this job until you get a(better) another job. The best and proper way is to apply through proper channel.
    You need not be afraid of applying by proper channel or applying for NOC. In your application for NOC/ proper channel routing, you can state that you are applying second time because of the uncertainties of the legal cases on the previous exam you appeared. You may even personally apprise your immediate /higher boss in this matter and seek their help and favour.

    You had applied for NOC and got it in the earlier case. Right thing. Apply for NOC this time also. Your employer will not object, because you did not get selected/appointed from the earlier one.

    In the worst case of their objecting and not giving NOC, forget it and go ahead by stating the fact in your SSC interview and tell them that you need time to resign the job and join, in case selected. Preserve the records of your applying and their rejection.(It will not happen so. Be positive and everything will happen positive)

    Present fears are less than horrible imaginations. You are having exaggerated fears. Just convince yourself that you are in better position than many, feel fully involved and work sincerely until you get another better job. Be confident, prepare well for the next exam/job.

  • In your query there is solution and questions. One thing I wish to say don't mis use any legal procedure. Be loyal to the company where your working. In this matter I would like to say first give preference to your examination and clear it. Suppose if your current employer doesn't allow then take legal permission by putting all your claws. Because travelling in two boats together is always difficult and definite to sink.
    I would suggest you to either leave your current job by resigning if they are not permitting for exam . If they had mentioned about notice period then you have to follow it and if it comes in your way of exam then you have to follow their rule and complete your exam next year or else convince the present employer about the truth and attend the exam. As per my knowledge nobody will raise objection provided you have to be truthful and loyal.

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