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    How to improve myself to enhance the subject knowledge in students?

    Have a query about teaching skills? Wondering how to improve student engagement in the classroom? Check out this page for advice from experts.

    I am working as a computer science faculty in degree college. Many times students are not showing interest to listen in my class.
    What can I do? How will they improve in this subject. They don't even have a basic knowledge. Many times I repeat the same class and then only students can understand the class but they are not able to express it in words. Finally, on the result day many of my students in class have failed. What should I do to improve my students subject knowledge in this subject?
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  • You may have to start from basics and should go very slow. Try to give more practical examples wherever possible. You should go down to the level of the students and teach them in a language which can be easily followed by them. Give some assignments and see that they will do those assignments on their own. Don't be very serious with the students. Try to be as good as possible. Solve the problems on your own for each model at least one and see that they will do similar problems more than one and as many as possible. Your teaching should be in such a way that the students will get more interest in the subject. After you teach ask them the questions and see how many of them understood the lesson. If many students couldn't understand try to repeat the same with more examples and easy language. I feel once you can create interest in the students they will do a good job definitely.

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  • If you want to improve students, then the first task you should do is to develop students interest in a particular subject. Then only they can perform as per your expectations. If a student has interest in your subject, he will understand the concepts and perform better in the exam. Earlier I don't like maths and I was not able to grab the basic concept but when I felt maths interesting, I started grabbing concepts and passed my 12th class with commerce with maths.
    Try to teach in the way they can understand. Teach in a practical way and try to make them feel the subject interesting. Take the help of technology. Best of luck.

  • This needs an overhaul introspection from your end. Not is it applicable the subject matter you are dealing with but the way how you are representing the subject matter is equally important. You can make an experiment before the mirror in your home or any convenient location where a mirror is provided and mark the posture of yourself. I mean how serious you look during the session while delivering your lecture in the class room. The pronunciation used by you, if not eligible to them would make the subject less interesting. If you are, too, fast in the session where the letters are overlapping to each other making the lecture inaudible to the pupil, you need to change such shortcomings.
    Now let me deal with the practical problems while dealing with the subject matter. Start the topic in a lucid way giving sufficient examples how these elements are relevant in the ongoing topic. You need to ask the pupils if they have any serious doubt in the subject - matter being dealt with presently. In each session of the lecture, allocate some time where you can answer the queries made by the students. Such initiatives taken by you would have a favourable impact on the minds of the students and the result would be beyond your expectations.

  • You are a teacher or professor so you must be professional in your work. The present generation is very smart they want to learn but when they will be provided with some extra which they do not know. If you are teaching them the topics which they already know, they will not give full attention. I will suggest you the following things:
    1. Prepare lesson plan before going to class. It is very necessary or a must thing for a teacher.
    2. Try to add some interesting fact, examples, presentation which can attract students.
    3. Make every student active in the class by questioning between your lecture.
    4. Use digital medium or smart class to give your lectures.
    5. Give them projects after the lecture which should be related to their main subject. By this way, they will take the interest. For example, if you have taught them power points then give them the project of physics, chemistry or any other main subject to present using power points slides.
    6. Always try to make a friendly relation with the students so that they can talk you without any hesitation. By this tactics, you would be able to understand the problems which they are facing.
    7. The theory portion of the computer is not interesting and most of the time student get bored by theory. So, try to concentrate on practical more. If you want to give theoretical lecture give it in between the practicals. You can give the topic of theory to them for typing.
    8. Studnet generally needs email and internet in present days. So, start with these interesting subject why making their emails and other interesting things. Try to start HTML and then tell them that they have to know basic computer knowledge before HTML. By this tactics, you would be able to teach them basic computer knowledge.
    9. Try to make your lecture as much interesting as possible.
    By following above tips you would be able to become a good teacher and student will certainly concentrate in your class. These are my personal experience as a popular teacher.

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  • The task of the teacher is very demanding and requires a lot of precision and care in teaching.

    The teacher has to go by the average quality of students in the class. You can not go fast with the front benches neither you can be stuck with the dullards.

    The most interesting and important point in teaching is interaction. Are you interacting with your students or just making a monologue standing in front of the blackboard. You must ensure that each of the students should be involved in the lecture and everyone in the class should be attentive in what you are teaching. This can only be possible when you cross-question them more often in a random way so that all of them will be alert and will not ignore you.

    Teaching is an art. It is a combination of award and punishment which can make your students alert and fearful in the class. You must consider giving weekly assignments to the students and checking whether they have done it or not. Encouraging good students is also required to motivate them.

    If the average level of students is very low you can also consider arranging tutorials for them in small batches in spare time at least once a week. This will make a personal rapport and they will also feel and realize your sincerity to teach them.

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  • Its surprising that in degree college children are not aware of basic knowledge of computer's, because now in primary class only computer subject is opted as compulsory. But in your query you have not mentioned what are the topics your handling in computer's whether its only basic or computer programming or DOS commands. I would assist you generally how can you teach them better so that they are performance improves
    1) As you mentioned in query that they have difficulty in basics, then its better you give them practicals than theory knowledge. Give an general assignment as practical to the students like typing one paragraph and mentioning them to try all the formatting tools by selecting the text.
    Everyday tell them to try one option that is one menu bar options and let them make a note of their own.
    2) When you handling theory class its better you show them as ppt presentation because computer subjects can be understood only by practicals. Basically its not a theory subject.
    3) Every week take surprise test about the portion you have covered. Its better if it is in practicals.
    4) Find the most common mistakes done by students and stress in that point particularly for a more number of time and repeatedly test them with those mistakes.
    5) Suppose if you have less number of systems in practical room then make batches or see that two students share one system at a time and both do the practical's individually.
    6) Don't give them lengthy notes in this subject only main function of that command and where and when it is used.
    I hope these methods will help your students to improve in your subject and score well in the coming exam's.

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