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    Is there is any problem if wrong name is printed in my graduation marksheet

    Is there a mane mismatch in any marksheets? worried about document verification? Find advice from experts on this page.

    My mother's name does not tally in my 10,12th marksheet with that in my graduation marksheet.
    Will I have to face any problem in my job verification and my future?
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  • If your mother's name is not tallying on your certificates, you have to get it changes. When there is a problem in 10th mark sheet why you have not taken immediate action for correction. Now first you have to apply for correction is your 10th mark sheet through the school in which you have studied. You can produce your mother's Aadhaar Card as proof of her name. You have to produce your birth certificate where in your mother's name is correctly printed. With these enclosures, you have to apply the board through your school. Then they will do the needful and send the corrected marks list to the school and you can collect it. With this 10th class mark sheer where your mother's name is correctly mentioned you have to apply through the school where you have studied for 12th class and through the college, you have completed your graduation to the university. Then they will send the corrected lists to the respective organisations and you can collect it from there. Some Universities sent these corrected marks sheet to your residential address if yoou provide that.

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  • You have not mentioned which type of mistake is there in the mark sheet. In my opinion, it would be typing mistake and would not cause any type of big problem to you in the job verification. But it is advisable to go to change or correct the name of mother in graduation's mark sheet to avoid further problem.

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  • Sir
    In 10,12th marksheet my mother name is written "Rekha".
    But in the graduation marksheet my mother name written "Rekha Devi".

  • I think it will not create any problem but better to go for correction in eighter in 10/12 mark sheet or in graduation mark sheet.

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  • Some would ignore this as a minor issue but if you are applying for a Government job, this mistake should not be a reason to delay your verification or appointment. Usually, there would be an issue if you apply for jobs wherein you are eligible on a reservation quota, as you would be needed to produce the caste certificate. Most of the Government jobs are now applied via the online mode and such errors, although minor this would be flagged up.
    So, please use this opporutinty to check your other documents(Aadhaar,Voters,PAN,DL etc) for other spelling and numerical mistakes.

    Once you find that everything is in order, have at least two IDs ( Aadhar or PAN) for mother to state her correct full name. Then meet a Notary who would format a name change affidavit that will have your Mother's correct name. Once, the affidavit is made, please contact two local newspaper offices (one English and one Vernacular language) and publish the corrrected name.

    The draft an request letter regarding the need for name change on your 10th and 12th marks card. This would be forwarded through your school and college principal to the respective boards. There would be a small fee to be paid for the services.

  • Thanku sir

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