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    How to reduce the shutdown time of Windows 7 OS?

    Wondering how to reduce shutdown time of Windows OS? Looking out for settings to reduce the shutdown time? Check out this page for advice from experts.

    The waiting time for the restart, starting or shutdown is very time boresome. Is there any setting that can be done or method to reduce the time for shutting down the Windows 7 OS? What steps must be followed to ensure the proper setting of reducing the shutdown time?
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  • If your computer responds slowly, hold the power button for several seconds and Windows will shut down immediately. This method may spoil the hardware if you use very frequently. It should not be used as a routine way of shutting down your computer. You can use this only once in a while when you are in a hurry. The time required for this may be about 5 seconds.

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  • There are several reasons why this could happen. Less RAM space because of many apps running in background.
    Updating of software occurs during the shutdown. Low memory on Local disks.

    Almost all the reasons revolve around softwares. Clear cache. Keep a good space and RAM by closing tabs after use. Delete temporary data. Keep all applications updated.
    That is a more than enough precaution.

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