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    Pregnancy side effects and growth of foetus development and disorders

    Have a query pertaining to pregnancy and growth of foetus? Searching for information about impact of eating slate pencils on the foetus? Read the advice from experts here and resolve yuor concerns.

    I am 24 year old and 6 weeks pregnant. Actually I have a habit of eating slate pencils from my childhood. Does this in any way affect the growth of the child during its development and will the baby have any disorders? I am really tensed.
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  • Eating non-food substances is potentially harmful to both you and your baby. Eating non-food substances may interfere with the nutrient absorption of healthy food substances and actually cause a deficiency. You please stop consuming further. There are good medicines to stop this habit in homoeopathy. You can contact any good homoeopathy doctor who will help you in treating you in this respect. There will not be a serious problem but consuming further is not advisable. You may have some iron deficiency. For this also you can good medicines in homoeopathy. Please consult a good doctor.
    My mother used to have this problem. But there is no health problem to the baby. My mother used Homeo Medicine to come out of this problem.

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  • If you have a habit to eat slat pencil from childhood, it means there is a lack of calcium in your body. Though there is not a big problem of eating slat pencil but consult your doctor. He / She will provide you with the tablets of calcium. By taking these tablets, your habit will be reduced and you will be able to stop eating slat pencil completely.

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  • Consuming any material other than food can play havoc on the functioning of liver and that can be gauged through the liver function test where you could see the elevation of the liver engymes especially SGOT and SGPT. The other health issues may be noticeable especially low presence of Calcium and Iron. Low iron presence will cause you to be Aneamatic.
    You have to understand the situation especially when you are carrying a baby in your womb. The baby needs nutrients from the nutritious food consumed by you so that you can deliver a healthy child later on in normal course.
    Consuming a slate - pencil or otherwise would cause serious injury to the foetus and you should stop this bad habit immediately keeping in consideration of healthy baby delivery. The easiest way to relinquish such habit is to have a consultation with an experienced Homoeopath who would prescribe a right medicine enabling you to come out of the problem.

  • Slate pencil has mud with a variable levels of minerals that we see in clay. Among the slate pencils we see most are clay based or soapstone based. In contrast Chalk piece the thick white crumbing one is made up of calcium salts ( calcium carbonate) that are found in our body. So, slate pencils are more harmful than Chalk pieces.

    PICA is the general term used for people who eat abnormal things that are inappropriate. It could also be enhanced due to the pregnancy status. Often PICA is associated with low levels of Iron and Zinc in the body, please meet the doctors and get it checked.

    Altough what you ingest ( the minerals) will be small quantities, this can lead to having stomach upsets, acidity, nausea and vomiting. It would confuse the normal symptoms of your pregnancy. It is better to avoid this as the baby is in the developmental phase. IF needed have a chat with your obstetrician.

    The simple things you can do is , try substituting with sticks of chewing gum, candy, jelly sticks or vegetable sticks (carrot, celery etc) to help you overcome the habit. Homeopathic medicines are available ( Calcera Carb and calcarea phosphorica are used), please consult your obstetrician and check whether these are safe to be take during pregnancy.

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