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    Career options in BMM course for my son

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    My son is currently in class 12. He wants to opt for BMM course. He is creative, skilful, and he also writes and reads stories. He also remains updated with current facts and figures. In which field does he deserve to be placed?
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  • After BMM an internship in Digital Magnetizing is recommended as it is one of the most upcoming fields in today's digital world., Internships can be done while he is doing his BMM. Later he can look for a job.
    Completing a Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM) course will give him scope in various fields. These include television & films, journalism, public relations, event management & advertising. There are many job avenues for this course.
    However you please ask the interest of your son and put him in that field so that he will flourish if he is having interest in that subject. But I advise not to force him to your interests and Ideas.

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  • He is finding interest in movie direction. Will it be suitable for him?

  • If your son is interested for BMM course, he may be allowed to continue the same but ensure that the institution opted by him must be premiur one since they maintain quality teaching essential to learn different management - skill.
    It appears from his attitude that he would succeed definitely with Personnel - management course. This course will further strengthen his skill in the development of human - resources. He can better tap essential potential from the employees in order to maximise production.
    The stream of Mass- media in BMM course can also enhance his skill in the field of Journlism, advertisements and event management.
    However, prior to selection of any stream, he must be given an autonomy to select the course of his choice and for that it would be better for him to have interaction with the concerned staff of the institute who could discuss the appropriate stream matching his temperament.

  • Is personnel management course an extension of BMM ?
    Is this a costly course ?

  • Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM) would open various new options before a student of the stream. Students of BMM can further study mass media, radio journalism, print journalism, television journalism, photography (both steel and movie), editing, film direction, etc. It is a very useful course which hones the technical competence of such students who wants to pursue careers in various branches of mass media.

    If your son has the inclination to go for film direction, this course would be very useful for him. However, I feel that only BMM would not be sufficient, he will have to go for study at Masters level with optional paper in film direction. You must make serious attempt to get him admitted in a reputed institute in this field. Please avoid the little-known institutes mushrooming in every city or town of India.

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  • BMM (Bachelor of Mass Media) is the basic degree for the people interested in making their career in the line of media and journalism. This has emerged as a very big field and still developing ahead. Job opportunities are mainly in private sector.

    There are many branches in this area of career making and you have to find out in which particular segment the boy is having interest and inclination so that he can go for specialized courses in that line.

    This line has a lot of branching ahead and some of the prominent lines are Journalism, Multimedia, Advertising and Public Relations,
    Film & TV production, Mass Communication, Media & Communication, Digital marketing, Animation and animation products etc.

    So after doing BMM one can pursue diploma course or even Masters degree in the selected line as per one's aptitude. In this field, people gain experience by taking up an internship in commercial institutions or learning through working with teams deputed to different places by the respective media houses or agencies.

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  • Is personnel management course enough to get a good job ?
    What can be the other courses that can be carry on ?

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