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    Confused over my career option

    Confused about your career? confused if NEET and medicine is the best option? Find guidance from counsellors on this page.

    As I have completed my 10+2 and I am confused about choosing my career. I have joined entrance coaching classes for NEET but am not getting interest in it. I don't what to do. I am confused. My parents want me to be a doctor.
    Can you help?
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  • If you are not interested in becoming a doctor there is no point in worrying in that course. You please clearly tell your parents about your interest and tell them what is your interest. Without interest, if you study and write the entrance you may not get a good rank also. Please tell this fact to your parents and convince them.
    After completing 10 +2 there are many options for you. As you are a Biology student you can concentrate more on B.Sc Science and then Post graduation. You can choose the subjects based on your interest.
    Even you can think of going for B.V.Sc or Ag B.Sc. For which you have to attend the entrance test.
    So choose from these options. After completing your B.Sc or any other graduation if you are interested in teaching line you can opt for B.Ed course. With this qualification, you will have many chances to get teacher post in the government schools.

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  • Don't start any course half- heartedly since in that case, you may not get the desired result. In fact, preparation for the NEET test is time consuming since it is exhaustive in nature. The same has to be intimated to your parents so that they may not remain in dark of your non - acceptance of the same course.
    There are a lot of courses and you may choose any one of these courses such as BBA, degree course in Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Agriculture, X- Ray technician etc. So you need t choose a course for which you have enough passion. Once you choose the course, the line of preparation would be different and each course has its own entrance test to select the right candidates. Hence you need to prepare the test of your chosen field with a deep involvement so as to achieve success.
    The other way would be secure admission in B.Sc having Biology one of your combination and later you can appear for number of competitive test such as IAS, Bank PO of leading Nationlised Banks, probationary officers of LIC etc. If interested, you can acquire a Management degree from a reputed Institutions.
    The possibilities are endless. Even you can persue B.Ed after your graduation so as to choose the job in a High - school.

  • First of all make your choice then go ahead. If you have already joined a coaching institute it means you have paid a good sum of the amount which should not be returned by any means. Are you really not interested to be a doctor or there is some types of hesitation? Think again before taking any decision. There are some courses which you can do including doctor:
    1. MBBS
    2. BAMS
    3. BHMS
    4. BDS
    5. Physiotherapist
    6. Pathologist
    7. Medical representative
    8. B. Pharma
    9. D. Pharma
    10. B.Sc. Nursing
    If you are not interested in NEET exam, I will suggest you do B.Sc. nursing which is a good course and there is a good opportunity for the job. B. Pharma and D. Pharma are also good courses which have demand in the market. After B. Pharma or D. Pharma, you can open your medical shop or can be hired by a good company for preparing the medicine.
    Let decide in which field you have interest and go ahead with your interest.

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  • In your query you have not mentioned about the subjects you have opted in 12th. This is a common matter with all students who have completed 12th examination and its even common with parents. This is the time where your future shapes and even its commonly called as BOTTLE OF THE NECK. Now what decision you take is very important and decides your future.
    I would like to suggest you some important tips which will help you take firm decision.
    1) Suppose if you have opted PCMB in 12th and if interested in those subjects and based on your marks then for your future Medical is better.
    2) Yo can attend NEET and CET exams. Then decide which line you wish to go based on your ranking list.
    3) If your planning to teaching line then complete your graduation and post graduation, Then your eligible to write NET exam where you can qualify for university level teaching and then continue as professor and even qualify for Ph.d degree.
    4) If your keen in serving poor people or the needy people then you can join jobs which serve the nation like navy officer, medical, IAS etc.
    5) If your interested working in any MNC company then you can go for engineer with your preferred subject.
    These are the options you can think for. Now parents forcing you to write NEET is also fine because right from childhood they will have seen your interest and talent in which your well versed some times we change our thoughts along with our friends. Suppose if our friend is joining engineering then even if we don't like we pressure at home to go for engineering for the sake of our friend. By thinking all this our parents suggest us.
    In this matter I would only wish to tell you that always think what you wish to become and whether there is scope in that line and suppose if you opt your parents choice then also whether there is a scope. Suppose if your not strongly willing to write NEET then convince your parents with your wishes and future plans. Definitely they will understand more.
    Finally I would like to tell you THINK BEFORE YOU ACT. All The Best.

  • 1. As you are preparing for NEET, it is very well understood that you are a student of Bio-Science. So, even if you don't want to be a doctor, there are plenty of alternatives available to you. If you are interested in Chemistry your can study B.Sc (Chemistry) and then M.Sc.(Chemistry) or M.Tech in various branches of Chemistry.
    2. You can study Physics at the higher level also. However, you should have Mathematics for studying Physics at the higher level.
    3. You can study Biotechnology which is a very flourishing subject. You can study Zoology and Botany in Graduation and Post-Graduation. You can also study Marine Zoology, Marine Botany.
    4. Further, you can opt for Agriculture or Veterinary Science. You can also study Paramedical courses.
    5. From above, it is clearly understood that there are plenty of opportunities before you. Chose any one of the alternatives prudently after discussing with your parents and as per your own inclination.

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  • Interest and aptitude in one's life are the crucial factors in shaping one's career.

    Anything which we do without interest will not yield good results. It is very necessary to know in what line one is interested otherwise all the career lanes will be a blind ally for such a person.

    NEET is not the only career line in this world. One can try for graduation and post graduation in science or even in humanities and try to become a lecturer or teacher in colleges. For doing research work also there are many opportunities and scholarships available after completing post graduation.

    I have seen examples where people left science after class 12 and joined BA followed by MA in history or political science or geography and subjects like that and well settled in life teaching in colleges.

    So do not unnecessary stick to science if it is not your cup of tea.

    If you have an inclination in management side why not to consider BBA or MBA which are the basic qualification to enter the organisations in the industrial or commercial arena.

    So identify your interest and work hard in that area. Make that a passion of your life. There is no doubt why you will not get success.

    There are ample examples of people who graduated from science and thereafter joined a bank as a clerk and again left that job to work in a multinational company and then pursued part-time MBA and left the job to join another multinational company dealing in medical software. Can you visualize the zigzag career line? It is what you want to do that matters not what your parents want you to become.

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  • There are many options in making a career after class 12 and if you have interest in non-science subjects like economics or history you can very well switch to BA rather then pursuing science.

    Have you got an inclination for bank job or teaching career? If yes you can make the strategy in that direction.

    Nowadays there are so many academic streams and one can select the one which interests him. The only thing to be understood is that every line requires dedication, hard work and determination to get success.

    Are you interested in media and journalism?

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Many students face a similar situation after 12th year/std. Seeking career guidance is good at this point of time. Please continue your attendance of the NEET coaching classes.

    First let's assess what your passion and preferences are. Do you aim to become anything other than a doctor? A research scientist with the core being physics/mathematics/biology? You intend to become an Engineer or a Executive in a MNC? We need to know what your choices to advise you specifically.

    Coming back to MBBS, most students have the concept that a doctor's life is 24/7, will always have to be treating patients or operating. Yes, but this is only part of the truth. You can tailor your career after completing MBBS based on your aptitude and plan of work life balance.

    Having a MBBS degrees opens up so many avenues in healthcare sector

    1.Clinician: Physician, Surgeon, Dermatologist,Radiologist etc ( majority ofthe time will be spent with patients)

    2.Lab based work: Pathologist, Microbiologist ( your interaction with patient is very less)

    3. Runing a hospital: you can do your MBA in Hospital Administration from a reputed center and join any of the corporate or Government sectors. Often doctors are employed as CMS (chief of medical services), Gm(General manager of the hospital etc)

    4.Becoming an expert in a niche field: Forensic Physcologist, Industrial Helath advisor, Genetics expert.

    So, there are so many ways to chart your career. It would need commitment, patienence and time for graudation, post graduation etc. It also opens up doors to USA,UK,Australia and Middle East based on your qualification and job needs. Abroad, the work life balance is good and even job share or partime work is also feasible ( most women doctors choose this abroad to have a career and meet the family needs).

    Nothing comes easy, competition is tough, you have to be focussed, plan and move on. I would suggest keep your options open.I say this because many cadidates underestimate their aptitude and ability to crack entrance exams.

    If I were in your position, I would prepare whole heartedly for the NEET, write the exams and then re-visit the career decision. If you qualify, then very good move on with your career of MBBS and further studies. If you don't qualify, all is not lost, you can apply for B.Sc based on your core subjects and then consider the options once you have a basic bachelor's degree.

    I would also suggest that you get in touch with a relative or a family doctor to spend a week in one of the major hospitals as an observer to actually get a feel of the work life of a physician, surgeon, pathologist, hospital manger or Chief of medical services etc. This would give you a better insight.

  • If you are not interested to do MBBS consider below courses

    B.Sc Chemistry,Physics,Biotechnology,Zoology,Botony,Biochemistry
    B.Tech Biotechnology,Biomedical Engg
    B.Sc Agriculture etc

    All these courses are good and will help you to get jobs.
    If you are interested to do PG you can select lot of specializations in the above courses.

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