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    Value added course after MSW HR

    Planning an additional course in HR field? Looking out for suggestions here? Check out this page and decide your plan ahead.

    I have completed my MSW HR and I possess close to 3.5yrs of experience in HR field. Right now I would like to pursue an added course which would help me to get a job abroad or I would like to something related to government sector.
    Kindly provide me suggestions.
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  • There are many short-term courses after completing MSW. One such course is the Certificate course in Social Work offered by Tata Institute of Social Sciences in Mumbai. This is a part-time course of one-year duration. The other short-term courses which may be helpful to you are
    Certificate in Therapeutic Skills for Helping Professions (Counseling)
    Certificate Course in Advanced Social Research Methodology
    Certificate Course in Social Perspective in Disaster Management

    The courses will surely give you additional points to get a good job and advance in your career either in India or abroad also.

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  • There are various certificate and diploma courses offered by some institutions for specialized learning in the field of social work.

    Those who have done their Masters in Social Work can opt for these courses depending on one's focus area.

    As social work encompasses many activities one has to choose the specific branch of one's interest.

    Some of the areas in which one can try to specialize are -
    1. Community organisation and development.
    2. Human Resource management and labour relations.
    3. Social Entrepreneurship.
    4. Disaster Management.
    5. Water policy and governance.
    6. Criminology and justice.
    7. Community Service.

    Some of the reputed institutes to pursue these diploma/ certificate courses are - Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, Indira Gandhi National Open University, Delhi, Ambition Point Academy, Calcutta and Andhra University, Vishakhapatnam.

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  • On completion of MSW itself you are fit enough for running a HR/Personnel department. If you want to do further studies you can do DPM in National INstitute of Personnel Management,Calcutta or Diploma in Labour Law from Annamalai University or Madurai Kamaraj University through Distance Education. Or if you are having enough time you can do BL or LLB in evening college of your own city.

  • You have MSW HR degree and 3.5 years of experience in HR section. Why are you looking for an added course. Have to tried to apply for any overseas jobs? Have you worked with any Indian NGOs like HelpAge India, CRY etc?

    There are many courses that you can do but it would be better to focus on a further niche area so that it would be useful for your overseas career plans.

    Select a country and choose a sub-specaility field in MSW like de-addiction program management, mental health sector, rehabilition programs, support programs for abused children or adults. There are many international charity organisation with a global presence. Choose one of them like, OXfam,Amnesty international, Care international, Doctors without border etc.

    Once you slect the country, then check what you have and what additional criteria that you need to meet.

    For instance, this link gives you information about social work jobs in Canada (

    If you choose MSW HR jobs in Australia, this link gives you an idea of what is needed (

    If you choose to work in UK then choose a course that would enable you to get into the management and logistics or community/social work
    2.You can choose one of the international diplomas in Humanitarian Assistance.

    Tata institute of social studies offers short term programs
    IFRC-TISS Certificate Program in Disater Management
    Poverty and Migration related courses.

    I would suggest, draw up a good CV of yours focusing on the core skills and experience, the niche areas of social work that you have handled and start applying for posts overseas. Then you will get an idea of the relevance of a short addition course and if yes, what would be it. You can even choose to study overseas and have an intership or observership that would hopefully lead on to your dream job.

  • You can do Diploma or PG Diploma courses in HR Management.Labour Relations etc.
    Another option is to do PhD in Human Resource Management.Many institutes offer part time PhD while working.You could discuss with your management on sponsoring for PhD

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