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    I am interested to study higher level (engineering)

    Interested in studying engineering? Searching for information about correspondence engineering course? Find suggestions from experts here.

    I am 25 years old and my home town is Pondicherry. I am interested in higher studies. Now I have completed DME. I want to study engineering in correspondence. But I feel shy to discuss about this. What should I do for studying engineering in correspondence?
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  • These days BE of correspondence course are not recommended. Some employers and university will not encourage the people who obtained BE by correspondence course. So it is not the best option. There are three options for you.
    1. After DME you can join in BE three years course. The universities will conduct entrance for DME people and offer seats in ENgineering college based on the rank you obtained in the entrance test. My brother studied BE like this after his DCE.
    2. You can join in any job and do BE in night college. It is also by entrance test. You have to attend classes in the evening and sometimes they will have classes on Sundays also. This is also a good option.
    3. The other chance is to study AMIE. The candidates who completer their Diploma in Engineering can join in the job and while working there you can Apply for this AMIE. AMIE is equivalent to BE/BTech for all practical purposes. Institute of Engineers of India is offering this course. The details regarding the course will be known through their website It is a very good course and you can try that.

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  • Any engineering degree done through distance education may enhance your knowledge but such addition of qualification may not offer you substantial gain in terms of employment- prospects. You need to change your steps so that your qualification is recognised by your employer.
    1) After the diploma, you can join an evening college so as to sustain the three year degree course offered by the institute and this will have AICTE approval and such qualification will be recognised by the employers and even by this qualification, you can persue higher studies in your selected branch.
    2) You can opt for AMIE where in you can clear the papers part by part and the course can be persued in your convenient timing. By clearing Sec A and Sec B, your AMIIE degree will be treated at par with the degree offered by a recognised Enginnering - college.
    3) The other option would be to take admission in the second year of four year degree course of some established engineering college where there is provision for intake of diploma holders. You will have to clear the Entrance - test conducted by them in order to secure admission.
    The draw - back of this course is that you have to be a regular student of the college depriving you of chances of employment during such session.

  • Doing engineering by correspondence or PhD by correspondence has always been a matter of controversy in employment circles and UGC has been critical of them in its various observations about this mode so it is better to avoid this. There is nothing to shy about this. We have to perceive things in consonance with our career.

    The best course will be to join some part-time or late evening engineering college so that you can pursue it alongside your job.

    If you are not in dire need of a job due to financial reasons you can try to get admission in 3 year regular BE course for diploma holders.

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  • Correspondence in Engineering is not recognized by AICTE.Industry or Academics does not recruit people with correspondence degree.
    Please do part time degree courses while working

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